Who is Zac Mirabelli From Love Island? Bio, Age, Family, Football

Zac Mirabelli Biography

Zac Mirabelli is a 22 year old Grocery store cashier from Chicago who emerged as a winner the inaugural season of Love Island USA. It is the American version of the British series Love Island. Zac and his partner Elizabeth Weber were crowned the winners of the Show’s first season.

Mirabelli attended Aurora University from 2015 to 2018. There, he was on the college football team.

Zac Mirabelli Football

He was a kicker and had 33 kickoffs for 1,756 yards and five touchbacks during his college career which started after graduating from Mt. Carmel High School. Mirabelli’s best stats came in a 2018 game against Central Washington University, where he made two field goals, one of which 47 metres.

Zac Mirabelli Age

Mirabelli is 22 years old and he is from Chicago, Illinois. He has not shared any information about his date of birth or when he celebrates his birthday.

Zac Mirabelli Family

Zac’s mother is Gina Mirabelli and his father Tony Mirabelli. He has three sisters: Gianna, Lexi and Nikki. Mirabelli’s hobbies include: skateboarding, acting, playing video games, snowboarding, and watching movies.

Zac Mirabelli
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Zac Mirabelli Love Island

Zac joined Love Island’s Villa on its premiere date on 9 July 2019 with other 10 singles on a mission to find their soulmates. Being a self-proclaimed relationship kinda guy, Zac also describes himself as a family man who is looking for his future wife. He says, “The best part about being in a relationship is having someone by your side you can count on. Having experiences in life are always enjoyable, but it is even more enjoyable with a counterpart.” “I have always enjoyed being in a relationship more than a random hookups. It is a deep desire of mine to find a loving wife and build a family of my own.”

Mirabelli is looking for someone he can trust hoping to find someone who supports his passions and brings out the best in him.

Zac Mirabelli Love Island Contestants

Her other contestants on the show include;

Kyra Green

Caroline Viehweg

Alana Morrison

Weston Richey

Yamen Sanders

Mollory Santic

Alexandra Stewart

Cashel Barnett

Elizabeth Weber

Michael Yi

After the the first five girls entered the villa, they were given time to meet each other. They then moved to the pool where they picked the couples. The guys then picked the girl they wanted to be paired with one at a time.
Cashel picked Caro, Yamen picked Alana, Zac picked Elizabeth, Weston picked Mallory, and Michael picked Alexandra. Kyra walked in immediately after and was told that she could steal one of the guys in 24 hours. After creating the couples, the contestants were able to mingle until they eventually went to bed.

Kyra tried to make connections with the guys on day 2 and she admitted to the girls that she felt attracted to three of them: Weston, Yamen, and Cashel. Kyra then received a text saying it was time for her to choose and that all of the islanders had to move to the fire pit.

On the second episode, Kyra picked Cashel at the re-coupling. Caro was now left single. After receiving a text, it was then revealed that at the end of the week, someone would be left single and would be dumped. It was also revealed that Kyra and Cashel would go on their first date.

While at the date, Caro told Alexandra how Kyra should’ve talked with her before. She also asked Alexandra if she would talk to Michael to which she said it was fine. The same nght there was a challenge that one at a time, a piece of luggage comes down and lands on a girl. The girl has to open the suitcase and read a secret and they have to guess which guy the secret belongs to by kissing them.

After the girls round, it was the boys turn to guess the girls’ secrets. They all tied with two points each.

On Night 3, they played spin the bottle with a pineapple, when it landed on someone, they asked them a question to get to know them better. Two new Islanders Cormac and Dylan entered the villa on day 4. America could vote on which two girls the two new Islanders should go on dates with. America decided Dylan should go on date with Alexandra and Cormac with Caro. After the dates, both guys received a text telling them to choose another girl to go on a date with. Dylan chose Mallory and Cormac chose Elizabeth.

Zac Mirabelli Model

Zac’s Instagram is full of modelling shots which he obviously does part-time. He has a YouTube channel that he features reviews of designer clothing as well as tips for how to pull off certain looks. His most popular video features him showcasing various ways to incorporate Vans Sk8-hi shoes into an outfit, has over 200,000 views.

Zac Mirabelli Instagram