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Who is Vernon Jones?

Vernon Jones is an American politician who served in the Georgia House of Representatives as a state Representative from 2017 to 2021. He also completed a term on the seat from 1993 to 2001.

Jones is also previously a member of the Democratic Party and was as well Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Georgia’s DeKalb County from 2001 to 2009.

Vernon Jone’s Career

Business Career

Jones started his career working in the telecommunications industry where he began a job in MCI Communications which is now known as MCI Inc. He later started working for BellSouth Corporation. Jones was part of a team working for BellSouth Corporation that set up wireless communication networks in Montevideo, Uruguay. Jones has also served on the Atlanta Regional Commission, the DeKalb Pension Board, the DeKalb Board of Health. He has also served on the board of visitors for North Carolina Central University and Emory University.

Political Career

House of Representatives of Georgia

In 1992, Jones joined Georgia House of Representatives via election where he represented District SH 071 and replaced Sidney Pope Jones, Jr. He served on the seat from 1993 to 2001. During his tenure, he was a member of the Insurance Committee, the Health and Ecology Committee, the Appropriations Committee as well as the Banking Committee. He was also a member of a special Judiciary Committee. Jones was also the chairman of the Health Professions Subcommittee. He also took part in either sponsoring or co-sponsoring bill proposals in the Georgia House. This includes the bill to eliminate the Confederate battle flag emblem from the state flag of Georgia and a bill that aimed at banning minors from buying music with explicit lyrics.

CEO of Dekalb County

A Photo of Vernon Jones
A Photo of Vernon Jones

In 2000, Jones got elected as chief executive officer of Georgia’s DeKalb County. He won the elections with 64% of the votes and was later reelected in 2004 with 54% of the votes. He became the first African American to become the CEO of DeKalb County as well as the youngest to be elected for the position in the county. In April 2001, along with five other county Commissioners in DeKalb voted to allow life and health insurance benefits to the domestic partners of gay and unmarried employees in the county. DeKalb also became the first county to give such benefits.


Jones also enabled DeKalb County to approve the creation of a new senior centre, increase funding for libraries, roads and park improvements. This was all while maintaining a steady budget as well as increasing the credit rating of the county to AAA. Jones also expanded the county’s green space and parks by 70% by securing a $125 million bond referendum that enabled the acquisition of 2,735 acres expansion. He also facilitated the Arabian Mountains to be designated by the congress as a National Heritage. In addition, he led the establishment of the County’s first economic development department which raised new investments worth $4 billion.


Jones received criticism for vetoing police officers’ pay rise. He also went back on his pledge during his campaign to maintain the homestead sales tax. Later in January 2005, Jones received a sanction from the Georgia State Ethics Commission for violating the campaign contributions limit during the reelection campaign in 2004. Jones returned all the excess contributions under a consent order and also paid a civil penalty worth $7500. Jones initially got accusations for illegally funding the bond referendum of 2005 but the State Ethics Committee found no reasonable grounds for the accusation.

U.S Senate Campaign in 2008

In 2008, Jones ran for a seat in the U.S Senate but lost in the Democratic U.S Senate of Georgia primary elections. Later Jones announced on March 23, 2007, that he would be running for the U.S Senate against incumbent Saxby Chambliss of the Republican Party. He received criticism for having the taglines on tickets stating to vote for Jones for Senate which was produced using county funds and were meant for DeKalb County’s Blues and a Jazz festival.

Jones won the Democratic Party primary elections held on July 15, 2008, but lacked a majority of votes which meant a runoff election had to be held. Jones lost the runoff election which was held on August 5, 2008, to Jim Martin. In March 2016, after Dee Dawkins vacated his seat, Jones decided to run for the Georgia House of Representatives. The primary elections were held in May 2016 where Jones emerged victoriously but lacked a majority leading him to a runoff against Rhonda Taylor. He however won and proceeded to November 2016 general elections where he won defeating Republican Carl Anuszczyk.

How Old is Vernon Jones?

Jones was born on October 31, 1960, in Laurel Hill, North Carolina making him currently 60 years old.

Vernon Jones’s Family

Who are Vernon Jones’s parents?

Jones’s father was a world war II veteran who worked in a mill. His mother and siblings worked on the family farm.

Does Vernon Jones have siblings?

Jones was the fifth-born of six siblings.

Vernon Jones’s Education

Jones studied in North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina where he graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

Vernon Jones’s Wife

Jone’s has kept his relationship status private for now but in case of a change, we will update it here.

Vernon Jones’s Children – Kids

Jones has not revealed any information about his children or if he has any.

Vernon Jones’s Net Worth

Jones has a net worth of about $2 million dollars.


Jones is approximately 6 feet tall.

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