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Who is Van Jones?

Van Jones ( Anthony Kapel Jones ) is a political commentator, author, and Attorney from America. He is also an Emmy Award Winner, Furthermore, he is the co-founder of several non-profitable organizations. In addition, he is a three-time New York Times bestselling author and a CNN host and contributor.


Van joined CNN in June 2013 as a co-host of a re-boot of the CNN political debates shows Crossfire, together with Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter, and S.E.Cupp. The new version of his show Crossfire begun on September 16, 2013, however, the show was later canceled in October 2014.

He has also hosted other shows such as The Messy Truth, The Van Jones Show, and the Redemption Project with Van Jones. He is also a regular CNN political commentator. The Messy Truth was launched in 2016, then The Messy Truth with Van Jones which aired in early 2017.

After that, he launched The Van Jones Show in 2018 where his first guest was Jay-Z. He went ahead and launched The Redemption Project with Van Jones. The main aim of the show was to bring close the offenders face to face with people who are most affected by their violent crimes.

Furthermore, Van is also the author of The Green Collar Economy, Rebuild the Dream, and Beyond the Messy Truth; all three books rank as New York Times bestsellers. In addition, he is the co-founder of Magic Labs Media LLC and a producer of the WEBBY Award-winning Messy Truth digital series and Emmy Award-winning The Messy Truth VR Experience with a Van Jones.

A Photo of Van Jones
A Photo of Van Jones

In 2009 he was working at White House as President Barack Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs. He is also a distinguished fellow at Princeton University, his co-owned non-profit organizations include the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Color of Change, and the Dream Corps. In 2018, he met with other #cut50 met with Jared Kushner together with President Donald Trump at the White House to discuss a criminal justice reform bill.

During the Trump administration, he was a member of Congress from both parties who passed a criminal justice reform known as the First Step Act. At the moment Van is the CEO of the REFORM Alliance. The initiative was founded by a prominent musician by the name of JAY-Z together with Meek Mill with its aim of transforming the criminal justice system. Moreover, Van is a longtime advisor of the musician Prince.

Van Jones’s Age

He was born on September 20, 1968, currently, he is 52 years old.

Van Jones’s Family


He was born in Jackson Tennesse to Loretta Jean and Willie Anthony Jones. His mother was a high school teacher while his father was a middle school principal.


He has a twin sister by the name of Angeles Jone who is the Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management in the Howard University School of Business.

Van Jones’s Education

He attended Jackson Central -Merry HIGH School, which was a public High School in their home town, he graduated in 1986. After that, he joined the University of Tennesse at Martin, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in communication and political science. He then went ahead to study Law at the Yale Law School and in1992 he was one of the lucky students to be selected by the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights and graduated with a Jd degree in 1993.

Van Jones’s Spouse

Currently, there is no match information about his love life.


Jones married Jana Carter in 2005, however, after 14 years the couple decided to divorce in 2019.

Van Jones’s Kids

The couple was blessed with two years

Van Jones’s Height

He stands at 6ft and 2inch

Van Jones’s Net Worth

He has a net worth of $5 million

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