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Who is Timnit Gebru?

Timnit Gebru is a computer scientist who works on algorithmic bias and data mining from America. In addition, she is also an advocate for diversity in technology and co-founder of black in Al, a community researcher working in artificial intelligence.


Gebru worked at Google, where she and Margaret Mitchell co-led a project, where we’re focused on artificial intelligence ethics. She looked at the ramifications of artificial intelligence in order to boost technology’s potential to do good in the world.

She has also worked for the Gender Shades study group at MIT. Gebru investigated facial recognition technologies with Joy Buolamwini and discovering that black women were less than 35 percent likely to be recognized than white males. In 2016, Gebru found that she was the only black woman among 8,500 attendees at an Artificial Intelligence meeting.

Which she created Black in AI, a group of black researchers working in artificial intelligence, with her colleague Rediet Abebe. Gebru was also a member of Microsoft’s AI unit, whereby she focused on Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, as well as Ethics.

A Photo of Timnit Gebru

A Photo of Timnit Gebru

In 2017, Gebru spoke at the Fairness and Transparency summit, where she was asked by MIT Technology Review about biases in AI systems and how implementing diversity within AI teams would help solve the problem.

Gebru and other artificial intelligence experts signed a letter outlining Amazon’s facial recognition software’s structural flaws. According to an MIT report, Amazon’s facial recognition technology has a more hard time recognizing darker-skinned females than any other technology company’s facial recognition program.

Gebru also stated in a New York Times interview that she believes facial recognition is also too unsafe to be used for law enforcement and security purpose. In December 2020, Gebru stopped working with Google. The reasons for her departure remain unclear. According to Gebru and some of her colleagues, she was fired from Google.Google executives Jeff Dean and Megan Kacholia said that she agreed to quit and that Google accepted her resignation. but she denied that, She denied that she never decided to resign, only threatened to do so.

Gebru co-authored a paper on the dangers of very large language models, including their environmental and financial impacts, inscrutability leading to unexplained risky prejudices, the models’ failure to grasp the principles behind what they read, and the capacity for deception.

Timnit explains how she was called to a conference at short notice where she was ordered to remove the article and shows how her subsequent questions into the names of the reviewers and how or why the decision was made were ignored in an email addressed to an internal coordination list.

She requested that such demands be fulfilled in order to keep her job, but Google’s AI team refused to satisfy them and approved her resignation on the same day. Dean, Google’s head of AI science, responded with an email explaining that the decision was taken because the paper was neglected so much new research on ways to alleviate some of the challenges that were identified, such as environmental effects and model bias. Following the uproar, Google CEO Sundar Pichai pleaded however he did not admit any wrongdoing. A letter criticizing Gebru’s suspected dismissal was signed by nearly 2700 Google staff, as well as over 4300 scholars and civil society backers. Following the incident, two Google employees withdrew from their posts.

Google’s Ethical AI analysis unit recommended Vice President Megan Kacholia be expelled from the team’s management chain on December 16, 2020.Dr. Gebru’s direct boss, Dr. Samy Bengio, was reportedly sacked by Kacholia without prior notice. Megan Kacholia and Google’s boss of AI, Jeff Dean, were both asked to apologize for how Dr. Gebru was handled by Google’s Ethical AI staff. Nine members of Congress have written to Google, inquiring about Timnit Gebru’s departure. An online hate campaign was launched against Gebru and her followers as a result of the crisis. On Twitter, she threatened and harassed the Google management team.

Timnit’s Age

information about her date of birth is still unknown, however, we will update it as soon as possible.

Timnit Gebru’s Family


Gebru has managed to keep information about her parent’s names. However, both of her parents were Eritrean, where her father was an electrical engineer but he died while she was 5years old.


she has two sisters who are both electrical engineers by profession.

Timnit Gebru’s Education

She attended Stanford University where she graduated with a B.S and M.S in electrical engineering. She went ahead and acquired her Ph.D. from Stanford ArtificialIntelligence laboratory, where majored in computer vision, under Fei-Fei Li.

Timnit Gebru’s Spouse

She has managed to keep her love life private.

Timnit Gebru’s Height

Adding to her black hair, her measurement is still unknown

Timnit Gebru’s Net Worth

Her Net worth is still undisclosed but we will update it as soon as possible.

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