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Who is Stevie Wonder?

Stevie Wonder whose real name is Stevland Hardaway Morris is an American singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. A prominent discern infamous track at some point in the second half of the 20th century, wonder is one of the maximum successful songwriters and musicians. A digital one-man band, his use of synthesizers and similarly electronic musical instruments during the Seventies reshaped the conventions of R&B.

He additionally helped power the style into the album technology, crafting his LPs as cohesive, steady socially aware statements with complicated compositions. wonder is regularly hailed as a “genius” and has been credited as a pioneer and affect to musicians of various genres which include rhythm and blues, pop, soul, gospel, funk, and jazz. Blind since quickly after his delivery, wonder become an infant prodigy known as Little Stevie surprise, leading him to signal with Motown’s Tamla label at the age of 11. In 1963, the single “Fingertips” was a range of-one hit on the Billboard warm a hundred while surprise turned into 13, making him the youngest artist ever to pinnacle the chart.

A photo of Stevie Wonder
A photo of Stevie Wonder

wonder’s important fulfilment changed into its height within the Seventies. His “classic period” began in 1972 with the releases of tune of My mind and speaking ebook, the latter providing “Superstition”, which is one of the maximum one-of-a-kind and well-known examples of the sound of the Hohner Clavinet keyboard. His works Innervisions (1973), Fulfillingness’ First Finale (1974) and Songs inside the Key of lifestyles (1976) all gained the Grammy Award for Album of the year, making him the tied-file holder for the maximum Album of the yr wins, with three. He is also the handiest artist to have received the award with 3 consecutive album releases.

Stevie wonder’s profession
1960s singles

In 1961, while aged eleven, surprise sang his very own composition, “Lonely Boy”, to Ronnie White of the Miracles; White then took Wonder and his mom to an audition at Motown, in which CEO Berry Gordy signed surprise to Motown’s Tamla label. before signing, producer Clarence Paul gave him the call Little Stevie wonder. Because of wonder’s age, the label drew up a rolling five-12 months contract wherein royalties could be held in trust until wonder changed into 21.

wonder turned into positioned in the care of manufacturer and songwriter Clarence Paul, and for a year they worked collectively on two albums. Tribute to Uncle Ray became recorded first whilst surprise turned into nonetheless eleven years vintage. Mainly covers of Ray Charles’s songs, the album included a surprise and Paul composition, “sundown”. The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie changed into recorded next, an instrumental album consisting specifically of Paul’s compositions, of which, “questioning” and “consultation variety 112”, had been co-written with wonder.

1970s albums and a traditional length

In September 1970, at the age of 20, wonder married Syreeta Wright, a songwriter and former Motown secretary. Wright and surprise worked together on the next album, in which I’m Coming From (1971), wonder writing the track, and Wright helping with the lyrics. around this time, wonder has become interested in making use of synthesizers after hearing albums by way of electronic group Tonto’s Expanding Head Band. Surprise and Wright wanted to “contact on the social problems of the world”, and for the lyrics “to mean something”.

As each album had similar goals and topics, they were as compared; in a contemporaneous evaluation with the aid of Vince Aletti in Rolling Stone, Gaye’s changed into visible as a hit, even as surprises was seen as failing because of “self-indulgent and cluttered” production, “undistinguished” and “pretentious” lyrics, and a basic loss of harmony and flow. Additionally, in 1970, wonder co-wrote and played numerous contraptions on the hit “it is a shame” for fellow Motown act the Spinners. His contribution turned into meant to be an exhibit of his skills and for that reason a weapon in his ongoing negotiations with Gordy about creative autonomy.


Often labelled as a genius through critics, wonder is one of the maximum super famous track figures of the second half of the twentieth century. He is one of the most a success songwriters and musicians. actually, a one-guy band in the course of his eight years, his use of synthesizers and in addition electronic musical instruments throughout the Nineteen Seventies helped increase the sound of R&B. He is likewise credited as one of the few artists who helped force R&B into the album era, with the aid of crafting his LPs as cohesive, regular statements with complicated sounds.

Wonder recorded numerous seriously acclaimed albums and hit singles, and additionally writes and produces songs for a lot of his label associates and outdoor artists as properly. In his adolescence, he was high-quality recognised for his harmonica paintings, however, these days he’s higher recognised for his keyboard talents and vocal potential. He also plays the piano, synthesizer, harmonica, congas, drums, bongos, organ, melodica and Clavinet. Surprise has been credited as a pioneer and affects musicians of diverse genres along with pop, rhythm and blues, soul, funk and rock.

Awards and popularity
Grammy Awards

wonder has gained 25 Grammy Awards, as well as a Grammy Lifetime fulfilment Award in 1996. he is one of every most effective two artists and organizations who’ve won the Grammy for Album of the year 3 times as the primary credited artist, along with Frank Sinatra. wonder is the only artist to have received the award with 3 consecutive album releases.

How Old is Stevie Wonder?

Wonder was born on May 13, 1950, in Saginaw, Michigan, U.S. He is currently 71 years old.

Stevie Wonder‘s Family

Who are Stevie Wonder’s parents?

Wonder’s parents were named Calvin Judkins and Lula Mae Hardaway.

Does Stevie Wonder have siblings?

Wonder has an older brother Calvin and a younger brother Larry, who passed away in 2002.

Stevie Wonder‘s Education

Wonder studied at Fitzgerald Elementary School. After doing his first album, The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie was released in 1962, he enrolled in Michigan School for the Blind.

Stevie Wonder‘s wife

Surprise first married Motown singer-songwriter and common collaborator, Syreeta Wright, from 1970 till their amicable divorce in 1972. From 2001 until 2012 he became married to style dressmaker Kai Millard. In October 2009, marvel and Millard separated; marvel filed for divorce in August 2012. In 2017 he married Tomeeka Bracy.

Stevie Wonder‘s Children – Kids

Wonder actually has nine children by five different women.

Stevie Wonder’s Net Worth

Wonder has an estimated net worth of $110 million.


Wonder has a height of 6 ft.

Stevie Wonder’s Twitter Account

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