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Who is Sonny Chiba?

Sonny Chiba was a Japanese actor and martial artist. Chiba was one of the first actors to attain stardom via his talents in martial arts, to start within Japan and later earlier than an international target market.

Sonny Chiba’s career

Born Sadaho Maeda, he used the stage name Chiba Shinichi all through his expert career. While New Line Cinema launched the movie Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken within America in 1974, they retitled it the street Fighter and billed its big name as Sonny Chiba.

Later, Chiba changed the call to JJ Sonny Chiba, in which the initials stood for “Justice Japan.” After appearing within the taiga drama Fūrin Kazan in November 2007, he announced the retirement of the degree called “Shinichi Chiba”; henceforth he changed into billed “JJ Sonny Chiba” as an actor and Rindō Wachinaga as a movie director.

A photo of Sonny Chiba
A photo of Sonny Chiba

Martial Arts

Someday around 1960, he became discovered in a talent search (known as “New Face”) via the Toei film studio, and he began his screen profession soon after. The CEO of Toei on the time bestowed him with the stage called “Shinichi Chiba.” His performing profession started out on television, starring in tokusatsu superhero indicates, first changing Susumu Wajima as the main individual okōtarō Ran/ Seven shade masks in Seven color mask (Nana-iro kamen) in the 2nd half of the collection, then starred as Gorō Narumi/Messenger of Allah in Messenger of Allah (Allah no Shisha).

His movie debut and first starring movie position became the 1961 technology fiction film Invasion of the Neptune men. Later that yr, Chiba appeared inside the first Kinji Fukasaku movie, Drifting Detective: Tragedy inside the red Valley, which marked the beginning of a long collection of collaborations for the 2. Over the following decade, he changed into forged generally in crime thrillers. By 1970, Chiba had began his own training school for aspiring martial arts movie actors and stunt performers referred to as JAC (Japan movement membership) [ja], which will develop the extent of martial arts strategies and sequences used in eastern film and tv.

How Old is Sonny Chiba?

Chiba was born on 22 January 1939, in Fukuoka, Empire of Japan. He died on 19 August 2021, in Kimitsu, Japan at the age of 82 years.

Sonny Chiba‘s Family

Who are Sonny Chiba’s parents?

Chiba’s father was a pilot for the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service; his mother, originally from Kumamoto Prefecture, had competed in track and field in her youth. When he was four years old, his father was transferred to Kisarazu, Chiba, and the family moved to Kimitsu, Chiba Prefecture.


In early August 2021, Chiba became ill with COVID-19. Initially, he was treated at home, but was hospitalized a few days later on 8 August when he developed pneumonia; he died from complications on 19 August 2021, aged 82. Chiba had not been vaccinated, according to his publicist.

Does Sonny Chiba have siblings?

Chiba’s younger brother, Jirō Yabuki who was also known as Jiro Chiba, was also an actor.

Sonny Chiba‘s Education

Chiba attended the Nippon Sport Science University in 1957.

Sonny Chiba‘s Wife and Kids

Chiba divorced his first wife, actress Yōko Nogiwa, with whom he had a daughter, Juri Manase, who is also an actress. He had two sons from his second marriage to Tamami Chiba. Their children Mackenyu Arata and Gordon are actors.

Japan movement business enterprise

These days the enterprise is known as the Japan movement business enterprise (JAE). He starred within the Karate Kiba (Bodyguard Kiba), after acting on the Battles without Honor and Humanity: lethal combat in Hiroshima in 1973.

Karate Kiba turned into the first movie for him about martial arts. Chiba’s leap forward international hit changed into the road Fighter (1974) which changed into delivered to Western audiences (dubbed in English) with the aid of New Line Cinema.

The film and its sequels set up him because of the reigning Japanese martial arts actor in international cinema for the subsequent two many years. It became New Line Cinema founder Robert Shaye who gave Chiba the English call “Sonny”, which Chiba would adopt as his personal (usually for non-jap projects) from that point on.

Message From space

His subsequent tasks protected such pix as The Bullet train (1975), Karate Warriors (1976), Doberman Cop (1977), Golgo thirteen: assignment Kowloon (1977), and The assassin (1977). He also now and again lower back to the science fiction genre, in films together with Message from the area (1978).  He started out as to superstar also on a few jidaigekis including Shogun’s Samurai (1978), the fall of Ako fortress (1978), G.I. Samurai (1979), Shadow Warriors (1980), Samurai Reincarnation (1981).

He became not most effective actor but also stunt coordinator for G.I. Samurai, Burning courageous (1981), and Shogun’s Shadow (1989). He turned into a government manufacturer and director for Yellow Fangs (1990) and also directed and starred in Oyaji (2007). Chiba portrayed Yagyū Jyubei in a couple of instances, first inside the 1978 film Shogun’s Samurai.

Sonny Chiba’s Net Worth

Chiba had an estimated net worth of about $ 1 million.


Chiba stood at a height of 1.79 m tall.

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