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Who is Sean Hannity?

Sean Hannity (Sean Patrick Hannity) is an American conservative political commentator and a talk show host. Sean Hosts a nationally syndicated talk radio show, The Sean Hannity Show. Since 2009, he has been the host of Hannity, a commentary program on Fox News.

In 1989, Hannity volunteered as a host of a talk show at UC Santa Barbara and worked as a general contractor. He joined WVNN in Athens, Alabama, and later shifted to WGST in Atlanta. He left the post to join WABC in New York where he worked until 2013. Sean works with WOR since 2014.

Alan Colmes and Hannity co-hosted Hannity & Colmes on Fox in 1996. After Alan’s departure from the show, Sean merged the Hannity & Colmes show into Hannity.

Sean was honored with numerous awards inclusive of an honorary degree from Liberty University. He is the author of Deliver Us from Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism; Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over LiberalismThe books hit the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list.

Sean authored his third novel, Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama‘s Radical Agenda, launched by HarperCollins in March 2010. He launched his fourth novel Live Free or Die, in 2020.

A photo of Sean Hannity

A photo of Sean Hannity

How Old is Sean Hannity?

Hannity was born in New York City on 30th December 1961. He is 59 years of age as of 2020. Sean shares his birthday with celebrities like Kim Taehyung, Mackenzie Davis, Ellie Goulding, Tyrese Gibson, Patti Smith, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Andra Day, among others.

Sean Hannity Family

Who are Sean Hannity’s Parents?

Sean was born to Lillian (née Flynn) and Hugh Hannity. His mother, Lillian served as a corrections officer at a county jail and a stenographer. Hugh, his father was a family court and Second World War veteran.

Does Sean Hannity Have Siblings?

Sean was the youngest and the only boy in a family of four siblings. However, he has not disclosed much information about his siblings to the media.

Sean Hannity Education

Hannity schooled at Sacred Heart Seminary and St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary in Hempstead and Uniondale, New York respectively.
Later he went to New York University and Adelphi University, although he never graduated from both universities.

Sean Hannity Wife

Jill Rhodes and Hannity met in Huntsville, Alabama while Sean worked at WVNN in 1991. Jill served as a political columnist for the Huntsville Times. The couple dated for three years and tied knots in 1993. The couple’s marriage lasted for many years and announced their divorce in June 2020. The two announced that their divorce was finalized in 2019 although they had separated years before.

Does Sean Hannity Have Children?

Sean is a proud father of two children. He is the father of Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly.

How Tall is Sean Hannity?

Adding to his well-built body, Sean stands at a height of 1.82 meters.

Sean Hannity Career

In 1982, Hannity started a house-painting business. Years later, he served as a building contractor in Santa Barbara, California.

In 1989, Sean hosted his first talk radio show at KCSB-FM, the volunteer college station at UC Santa Barbara. During that time he still worked as a contractor. The show was broadcasted for a total of 40 hours of air time.

During Hannity’s two shows, LGBT issues were discussed in a manner considered to be contentious. His weekly show was canceled after service of fewer than 10 years after a controversy. Santa Barbara chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union conducted a campaign on Hannity’s behalf. The Union claimed that Sean was discriminated against and demanded an apology to Hannity from KCSB. Sean did not return to KCSB after it failed to apologize publicly.

Sean Hannity Outside KCSB

WVNN, a Radio station in Athens hired Hannity after his ad in radio publications. He hosted an afternoon talk show in the station. Hannity left WVNN in 1992 and joined WGST in Atlanta. He replaced Neal Boortz, who had left to join WSB. Roger Ailes, Fox News co-founder hired Hannity in September 1996 to host a television program under the working title Hannity and LTBD. Fox News hired Alan Colmes as a co-host and the show began as Hannity & Colmes.

Sean left WGST later that year for New York. WABC substituted him for their afternoon drive time host during Christmas week. WABC placed Hannity on the air full-time in January 1997 and placed him on the late-night time slot. From January 1998, Sean was on WABC’s afternoon time slot. The afternoon slot was broadcasted until December 2013. Starting from January 2014, Hannity has been the host of the 3:00–6:00 p.m. time slot on WOR.

Hannity’s  Show

Sean’s radio program is a conservative political talk show. The show features his ideologies and opinions related to politicians and current occurring issues. The Sean Hannity Show began national syndication on 10th September 2001.

Hannity signed a $25 million five-year contract extension in 2004 with ABC Radio until 2009. The show was availed through Armed Forces Radio Network in 2006. ABC Radio was sold in June 2007 to Citadel Communications. Sean was signed for a $100 million five-year contract in the Summer of 2018. The program is listened to by over 13.5 million listeners a week as of 2018. On Forbes’ “Celebrity 100” list in 2013, Sean was ranked number 72 and number 2 in the 2017 Heavy Hundred Talkers Magazine.

Clear Channel Communications signed a three-year extension groupwide with Hannity in January 2007. Some of the largest group stations include KFYI Phoenix, WREC Memphis, WPGB Pittsburgh, KTRH Houston, WKRC Cincinnati, WOOD Grand Rapids, WFLA Tampa, WOAI San Antonio, and WLAC Nashville.

In September 2013, Sean signed a long-term contract with Premiere Networks. He signed contracts at the beginning of 2014 to air on several Salem Communications stations. The stations include WWRC Washington, D.C., WDTK Detroit, KSKY Dallas, and WIND Chicago.

Sean Television

Hannity co-hosted an American political “point-counterpoint”-style television program, Hannity & Colmes, on the Fox News Channel. Sean contributed the conservative perspectives while Alan contributed the liberal perspectives.

Sean has supportively spoken about birth control. This lead to on-air clashes with guests like the president of Human Life International, Rev. Thomas Euteneuer.

Sean started Hannity’s America, a new Sunday night television show on Fox News, in January 2007. Alan announced his departure from Hannity & Colmes in November 2008. Hannity presided over the time slot with his own news show, Hannity, on 9th January 2009.

Starting from 2003 to 2010, Sean hosted Freedom Concerts, country music-themed to raise charity money.

Sean Hannity Net Worth

Hannity has generated a lot of wealth. He has accrued an estimated net worth of about $250 Million from his long-term career.