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Who Is Sam Liccardo?

Sam Liccardo is an American lawyer and politician from California. Currently, he is serving as Mayor of San Jose, California. In addition, he is a member of the Democratic Party.

He was elected mayor in November 2014. Moreover, he was reelected in 2018 with 75.8% of the vote. As one of the leaders of the California Big City Mayors Coalition, Liccardo has advocated on statewide issues including homelessness and COVID-19 response.


San Jose City Councilman

Liccardo campaigned for San Jose’s District 3 Council seat in 2006. After finishing first in an eight-candidate June primary with 43% of the vote, Liccardo went on to win the November runoff election with 61.3%. He was re-elected to the City Council in June 2010 with 80.16% of the primary vote.

Liccardo campaigned for San Jose’s District 3 Council seat in 2006. After finishing first in an eight-candidate June primary with 43% of the vote, Liccardo went on to win the November runoff election with 61.3%. He was re-elected to the City Council in June 2010 with 80.16% of the primary vote.

A Photo of Sam Liccardo
A Photo of Sam Liccardo

The statewide homebuilding industry was vocally opposed to the measure. This was because it would make San Jose the largest city in the United States with a citywide inclusionary requirement, and sued after its passage; subsequent litigation prevented its implementation. This was until the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of the City of San Jose in 2015.

Furthermore, he endorsed more high-rise housing in San Jose’s downtown, including the construction of the $135 million, 23-story high rise at one South Market.

How Old Is Sam Liccardo?

He was born on April 16, 1970 currently, she is aged 51 years old.

Sam Liccardo Family

 Who Are His Parents?

She was born in Saratoga, California as the daughter of Salvador and Laura Liccardo. He was raised in Saratoga, California.

Does He Have Siblings?

He has four siblings in a family of five children

Sam Liccardo Education

He attended Bellarmine College Preparatory where he graduated in 1987. After that, he received a bachelor’s degree in government from Georgetown University, where he graduated. He later earned his Juris Doctor and Master of Public Policy at Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School.

Sam Liccardo Wife

He is happily married to Jessica Garcia-Kohl. The two got married in 2013.

Sam Liccardo Kids

He has not yet disclosed any information about his kids, in case of any information, we will update it as soon as possible.

Mayor of San Jose

2014 election

In 2014, Liccardo ran for Mayor of San Jose to replace Mayor Chuck Reed. In the primary, he was in second place and behind County Supervisor Dave Cortese in a five-candidate June primary with 25.7% of the vote. However, during the November runoff, he received 50.8% of the vote and he was the first one.

Moreover, the run-off election emphasized the City’s chronic budget challenges, as well as Liccardo’s support for pension reforms sponsored by Mayor Reed. The reforms had City employee unions and their supporters largely supporting Cortese. Furthermore, most of his financial support was highly contributed by the tech industry community, but he also received the backing of many environmental organizations.



During his first year in office, he assisted in negotiating an agreement with all 11 of the city’s employee unions that closed the retiree healthcare plan to new workers. This move could save the city $3 billion in employee retirement expenses over the next three decades.

Furthermore, in the 2016 elections, voters supported the agreement by approving Measure F with more than 61% of the vote. In addition, this bill replaced a more controversial pension reform proposal that had been the subject of a slew of court challenges since its enactment in 2012.


As Mayor, Liccardo has advocated for public transportation, cycling, and other alternatives to driving in San Jose. During his tenure as Mayor and City Councilmember, he sat on the boards of the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) (which he led twice) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

In order to achieve this, he has been advocating for the establishment of a bike-share program, the expansion of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to San Jose. Moreover, he has also advocated for the establishment of the region’s first bus-rapid-transit line. Furthermore, Sam was an outspoken supporter and fundraiser for many ballot initiatives to fund transit upgrades.

Furthermore, being a cyclist, he really advocated bike lanes. In his term, “Better Bikeways” was the slogan. He was advocating for a network of bike lanes separated from vehicular traffic by the buffer. As a result, low-cost bollards have emerged throughout Downtown, and increasingly in the surrounding neighborhood.

2017 Coyote Creek Flood

On February 21–22, 2017, Anderson Dam overflowed following a month of severe rain, flooding Coyote Creek in downtown San Jose and displacing 14,000 residents. Moreover, according to the residents they claimed that the city had neglected to safeguard and notify its citizen.

Together with other city officials accepted responsibility for failing to notify residents during their emergency response, but they also pointed to very inaccurate flood projections and warnings from the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the regional agency responsible for flood protection in the County.

Environment and energy

Moreover, his environmental initiatives have emphasized on preserving open space, halting sprawling development, launching a community choice energy program, and reducing GHG emissions in energy consumption, building design, and transportation. Furthermore, in 2015, Liccardo publicly showed a desire to halt plans for large-scale development in Coyote Valley–an environmentally sensitive, little-developed area south of San Jose–instead preserving it as a wildlife habitat and open space for future generations.

In addition, in 2018, he created and led initiative T, a bond measure. The bond was going to allow the spending of $50 million for the acquisition of open land in Coyote Valley at risk of flooding and wildfires. Furthermore, he also sought and received voter support for Measure C, which severely limits development in the city’s slopes and rural outskirts.

Moreover, as the mayor of San Jose, he has spearheaded efforts to decarbonize the city’s power infrastructure and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. With a few exceptions, the city became the biggest in the United States to embrace all-electric new construction standards for all new structures. San Jose Clean Energy supplies virtually every San Jose household and company with power that is 86 percent carbon-free.

Sam Liccardo Height

He has not yet disclosed any information about his actual height, weight, and body measurement.

Sam Liccardo Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $5million.

Sam Liccardo Twitter


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