Sally Jessy Raphael Bio, Age, Daughter, Show, Glasses, Net Worth

Sally Jessy Raphael Biography

Sally Lowenthal professionally known as Sally Jessy Raphael is an American former talk show host known for her talk show program, Sally. It was originally titled The Sally Jessy Raphael Show.

Sally was born to Jesse Lowenthal, who was in the rum exporting business, and her mother, Zelda Lowenthal (aka Dede Lowry), who ran an art gallery. She has a younger brother Steven Lowenthal with whom he spent time with.

How Old Is Sally Jessy Raphael?

Sally Lowenthal was born on February 25, 1935, in Easton, Pennsylvania, U.S. She is 84 years old as of 2019.

Sally Jessy Raphael Husband

Sally was married for the first time in 1953, at age 18 to Andrew Vladmir. The couple divorced 5 years later and have two daughters together: Allison and Andrea. She married Karl Soderlund in 1962 and adopted a son. She resides in Dutchess County, New York.

Sally Jessy Raphael Daughter

One of her daughters Allison died on February 2, 1992. She was 33 years old, and her death was ruled an accidental overdose because of the ‘combined effects of several prescribed drugs.

Sally Jessy Raphael Show

Sally hosted the American syndicated tabloid talk show which ran in syndication until May 24, 2002, with repeats running until September 6. The show was originally a half-hour local St. Louis television program, which debuted on October 17, 1983.

The show started out it covered topics such as people with extreme religious beliefs, but in the later shows Sally and her after specialist Pat Ferrari moved on to more personal family matters such as pregnant and/or out-of-control teens.

Sally Jessy Raphael Journalism

Sally became a news correspondent, covering Central America for the Associated Press and United Press International after her graduation from Columbia University. She then got considerable experience in the media in Puerto Rico. There, she worked in both radio and television—one of her jobs was doing a TV cooking show

Sally met Karl while she was working in Puerto Rico, Karl was a general manager of a radio station that she worked with.
Her broadcasting career was not an immediate success. She has previously said that she bounced around from station to station in both Puerto Rico and the United States, working as a disc jockey, news reporter, and the host of a show where she interviewed celebrities. Sally would finally get the right opportunity when she was asked to do a call-in advice show on radio in the early 1980s. She then guest starred as herself in The Equalizer episode “Making of a Martyr” in the late 1980s.

Sally Jessy Raphael Quotes

  • You go to school, you get a master’s degree, you study Shakespeare and you wind up being famous for plastic glasses.
  • No one is going to fire me now. If and when I leave, I’ll be the one to make the decision
  • I like sweet wines. My idea has always been that when you’re young, you like sweet wines; and then you get sophisticated, and you drink dry white; and then you get knowledgeable, and you drink heavy reds; and then you get old, and you drink sweet again.
  • With an endless assortment of children and animals living under one roof, there was always some absurd crisis that gave comic relief to my problems.

Sally Jessy Raphael Glasses

Sally became known to television viewers for her oversized red-framed glasses, a trademark that began entirely by accident. The origin of her famous red-framed glasses goes all the way back to her first broadcast news job. Raphael was about to start taping on her first day of work when she tripped and broke her glasses in the process. She then raced to the nearest store to find a replacement pair.

Sally found that the only pair that matched her prescription was cheaply made, with red frames that soon became her trademark. Her audience seemed to like them so she kept wearing that style from then on though her bosses did not seem to like them.

Sally Jessy Raphael Emmy

Raphael won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show in 1989.

Sally Jessy Raphael’s Net Worth

The media personality has an estimated net worth of $40 million.