Russ Ptacek Biography, Age, ASMR, Salary and Net Worth

Russ Ptacek Biography

Russ Ptacek is an American investigative journalist, ASMR researcher, documentary filmmaker, businessperson, social media, and television personality.

He is best known for his role as an investigative reporter at USA Today Network, Tegna National Investigations, WUSA in Washington, D.C., KSHB in Kansas City, and also WIBW in Topeka. Ptacek is the president of VNI Television and has traveled for VNI Television to more than 40 countries.

He also founded NewsTV Corporation, (which he sold in 2001)to provide field producers, photographers, and camera rentals to US networks and international news organizations. He is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, the National Press Club, and the National Press Photographers Association. Ptacek attended the University of Kansas.

Russ Ptacek Age

He was born Russell Ray Ptacek on September 5, 1963, in Great Bend, KS, US. She is 55 years old as of 2018.

Russ Ptacek ASMR

He began investigating the explosion of new media forms on YouTube which led to the creation of the ASMR Foundation, where he serves as a director in 2019.

The definition of ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response includes soothing, satisfying, and comforting emotional and/or physical responses to audio and/or visual triggers. Anecdotal and scientific studies indicate most people are ASMR responsive with many users reporting sleep, and physical and emotional relief.

He compares the ASMR feeling to “the way you would feel listening to the rain pitter-patter down as you’re comfortable beneath your covers” and “as though there’s this strong hand giving me a massage pushing up and down my spine in a way that’s almost too much but is actually perfect.”

The foundation focuses on the neurological draw of ASMR and how it may manage anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and more.

Russ Ptacek Salary

Ptacek is a veteran investigative reporter and with his remarkable work, he is believed to receive quite a good amount as his annual salary but the exact amount is not yet revealed.

Russ Ptacek’s Net Worth

Ptacek’s net worth is not yet revealed,