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Who is Ron Nirenberg?

Ron Nirenberg (Ronald Adrian Nirenberg) is an Ameican politician and a mayor of San Antonio , Texas. Moreover, he was elected for the first time in 2017, after he defeated incumbent mayor Ivy Tylor in the run-off election.

Moreover, before he was elected he was serving as a member of the San Antonio City Council for District 8. He served as a member for two terms. After he won the election, he was sworn into office on June 21, 2017.


Soon after college, he worked as a director for the Annenberg Public Policy Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

2017 election

Ron was the first candidate to challenge incumbent Ivy Taylor for mayor of San Antonio on December 10, 2016. Moreover, after the first round of voting, which was held on May 6, 2017. Both candidates did not receive the requisite majority of 50% of the vote.

Nirenberg and Taylor received the most votes and progressed to a runoff election on June 10, 2017. In the run-off election, Ron defeated Tylor with 54.59% of the votes while Tylor received 45.41% of the votes. However, during the primary, Ron was defeated by Tylor.

As a result, of his win, he became the first person to defeat the incumbent mayor in twenty years of San Antonio who sought re-election.

A Photo of Ron Nirenberg
A Photo of Ron Nirenberg

2019 election

During the 2019 mayoral election, he declared his candidacy to seek reelection as mayor of San Antonio on January 29, 2019. In addition, in the primary, he was going to face Greg Brockhouse. Greg was a member of the San Antonio City Council and he also took office in 2017 and he has often objected to Ron’s platform.

The election was planned for May 4, 2019. However, non of the candidates received the majority, and as a result, a runoff election was scheduled for June 8. After the voting process, Ron was elected to a second term in the runoff, defeating Brockhouse by a total vote of 51.11% to 48.89%.

How Ols Is Ron Nirenberg?

He was born on April 11, 1977, he is 44 years old.

Ron Nirenberg Family

Who are His Parents?

He was born in Boston Massachusetts, his parents met while they were serving with the Peace Corps in Malaysia. His mother is a half Filipino she was born Penang Malysia.

Doe He Have Siblings?

Ron does not have any known siblings, but incase of any details we will update it as soon as possible.

Ron Nirenberg Education

He attended Trinity University in San Antonio where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. After that, he attended University of Pennsylvania where he earned his Masters Art in Commuications.

Ron Nirenberg Wife

He is married happily married to Erika, a Prosper director of customer insight for HEB.

Ron Nirenberg Kids

The couple share a son, Jonah

2021 Election

In 2021, he announced his bid to seek reelection for a third term on January 22, 2021. In addition, the election was scheduled for May 1, 2021. As a result of the tight runoff between Nirenberg and Brockhouse in 2019, political observers regarded them to be the two primary candidates in the election.

However, this time round they did not go for a run-off. Nirenberg won the election receiving 64.89% of the votes while his opponent received 31.26% of the votes.


Despite him being identified as an Independent and run for office as a nonpartisan politician. Although all municipal election in Texas are nonpartisan, he was considered to run on a more progressive platform.

Nirenberg voted in favor of a city ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation in 2013. Taylor, who was a city council member at the time, opposed the ordinance.

Furthermore, Taylor also opposed the city’s filing of a lawsuit against new state legislation. The law was going to make it a criminal violation for local officials to refuse to cooperate with federal authorities attempting to stop illegal immigration. The bill was signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and it is aimed at the sanctuary city movement. However, Ron on the other hand endoses the bill.

As Mayor, he urged all city to endorse the Paris climate accord despite Trump announcing the plan to eliminate the United State from the agreement. Moreover, the following day after Nirenberg’s election, the San Antonio City Council approved a resolution to sign the Paris Climate Accord, In addition, in November 2017, the City Council authorized the establishment of a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. This was plan was going to lead San Antonio to be one of 25 cities awarded the American Cities Climate Challenge grant in 2019 by Michael Bloomberg.

In 2019, Nirenberg spearheaded the effort to have a Chick-fil-A restaurant removed from the San Antonio International Airport concessions contract. Ron alleged a contradiction with the company’s objection to same-sex marriage. Councilman Greg Brockhouse was opposed to the ruling and sought a re-vote, but it was lost.

Moreover, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton later launched an inquiry against Nirenberg and the San Antonio City Council’s conduct. Ken said the decision violated current Texas statutes, the United States Constitution, and even San Antonio’s own ethics code. Furthermore, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has also launched an inquiry into the incident.

On June 10, 2019, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 1978, commonly known as the “Save Chick-fil-A Bill,” into law. Where Local governments are prohibited by law from discriminating against businesses or persons based on their religious views. Furthermore, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has also launched an inquiry into this incident.

Ron Nirenberg Height

His height, weight, and body measurement are not available at the moment but will update it as soon as possible.

Ron Nirenberg Net Worth

As a successful politician, his net worth is estimated to be over $ 5million

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