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Who is Robert Garcia?

Robert Garcia is a Peruvian-Ameican politician currently serving as the 28th mayor of Lomg Beach California. He is a member of the Democratic Party and he was elected for the first time in 2014 and he was re-elected again in 2018.

In addition, he is also a former member of the Long Beach City Council. Moreover, in 2012, he was working as the Deputy Mayor until 2014.

Apart from being the youngest mayor to be elected, he is also a member of the LGBT. He was also the first person to be elected as a Latino American to hold the mayoral office.


Before joining politics he was a member of the public policy and communications faculty at the University of Southern California. Moreover, he was also a lecturer at the California State Univesity, where he taught Communication Studies. In addition, he also taught the same unit at Long Beach City College.

A Photo of Robert Garcia
A Photo of Robert Garcia


How Old Is Robert Garcia?

He was born on December 2nd and currently, he is aged 43 years old.

Robert Garcia Family

Who are His Parents?

He was born in Lima, to Gaby O’Donnell though they immigrated to United States with his mother while he was five years old. His mother and his aunt worked in different jobs such as housekeepers in order to support the family. However, in 2020 after the Covid-19 strike, he lost his mother and his step-father Greg O’Donnell.

Does He Have Siblings?

Currently, there is no information about his siblings, however, the details will be updated as soon as they are available.

Robert Garcia Education

He attended California State University, Long Beach, where he graduated with a degree in Communication Studies. At the University, he became President of the Associated Students. After that, he joined the University of Southern California where he graduated with a Master’s Degree and after that, he became a public information officer at Long Beach City College.

Robert graduated from the California State University, Long Beach with a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Policy.

Robert Garcia Wife/ Boyfriend

Being an openly gay member, he married his longtime boyfriend Mathew Mendez, a California State University, Long Beach Professor. The two lovebirds tied the knot on December 22, 2018.

Robert Garcia Kids

He doesn’t have any known Kids at the moment.

Serving in Long Beach City Council

After Bonnie Lowenthal was elected to the California State Assembly, Robert together with other six candidates battled in the election to replace him at the City Council. Moreover, in 2009 he defeated the other six candidates and emerge the winner. After that, he was reelected in April 2010 by a margin of more than 40% points.

In July 2012, he was overwhelmingly elected by the City Council to a two-year term as Vice Mayor, making him the first Latino Vice Mayor in Long Beach and the youngest in the city’s history.

As a councilman member, he cosponsored over 20 pieces of legislation. Some of these pieces include City First Equal Benefits Ordinance, a ban on smoking at bus stops. In addition, he also endorsed a proposal to extend increased preferences to veterans in civil services hiring. Furthermore, he also supported broad-ranging and initiatives, which will remove the restriction on street performances.

Moreover, Robert also voted in favor of Project Labor Agreements at the Long Beach Airport, Port of Long Beach, and the Gerald Desmond Bridge. In addition, he also supported the construction of the Middle Harbor Terminal and working to enhance infrastructure in commercial areas.

Robert has also supported the City Manager’s effort to consolidate departments. In addition, he has also shown interest in government reforms and fiscal accountability.

As a result, of his support of the 2010 Long Beach Downtown Community, some affordable housing advocates challenged him. They argued that the plan should be postponed while an economic analysis on affordable housing incentives is conducted. However, While responding he said that postponing the proposal would be costly to the city and that the economic assessment could be done independently.

In 2011, he led the effort to name a planned park in Long Beach’s first District after Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk was murdered and he was a Supervisor and LGBT civil rights icons. Moreover, the park was officially opened in 2013. Furthermore, he has also attracted national attention for his progressive views and the culturally diverse communities he represents.

In 2009, he was featured in CNN’s special “Latino in America”. In addition, he was also listed on the “40 under 40 list” by The Advocate,a national gay news magazine. Furthermore, in 2013 he was appointed to the California Coastal Commission.

Serving as Mayor

2014 Elections

Robert announced his interest to run for the position of mayor in 2013. This was after Bob Foster who was the mayor at that time announced that he was not going to seek reelection for the position of mayor.

During the April 8, 2014 election he received 25.4% of the votes, finishing first in a field of 10 mayors. Since he didn’t meet the required percentage of election they had to go for reelection between him and his opponent Damon Dunn who received 22.3% of the votes. On June 3rd, they went for runoff reelection and he received 52% of the votes. He took the office of mayor officially on 15th July 2014.

After, he won the first term he was then re-elected for the second term on 11th, 2018 with over 80% of the votes.


After taking the office, his first 100 days were described by his focus on education and seating commissioner to fill gaps on citizen commissions. Robert affirmed the city of Long Beach’s commitment to the Long Beach College Promise, as well as a goal of universal preschool enrollment and tripling the number of internships available in the city for local students.

He nominated over 60 commissioners, making the city’s commissions the most varied in its history. Moreover, Women made up the majority of his appointments. Furthermore, Robert’s state of the City address featured a big digital screen that displayed statistics and visuals, was praised for its visual appeal and technological innovation.

Robert has prioritized economic development, public safety, and infrastructure. In addition, he has also focused on education, technology, and home construction. Garcia has sponsored ten ballot initiatives, all of which have succeeded, including ones for public safety, infrastructure, term limits, and the creation of ethics and redistricting commissions.

Robert Garcia Height/Measurement

His height, weight, and body measurement will be updated as soon as possible.

Robert Garcia Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million and still counting.

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