Who is Raymond Gantt from Love Island? Bio, Age, Family, Love Island

Raymond Gantt Biography

Raymond Gantt is an American student and promoter from Lakewood, New Jersey. He came to the lime-light as a contestant and finalist on the first season of the American dating reality television series Love Island USA.

Gantt studies biology and sociology and he has an outgoing personality. He is described as an adventurous daredevil who loves cliff-diving. Raymond’s other passions include: traveling, making music, playing flag football, and photography.

Raymond Gantt Age

Gantt is 22 years old as of 2019.

Raymond Gantt Dating

Since going through a break-up, it had been hard for Gantt to be himself vulnerable again, but he finally felt it was time to get back out there hence joining the show. A best friend in a lover is the best fit for him.

Raymond Gantt Love Island

Gantt entered the villa on day 12 alongside other five islanders: Eric, George, Kelsey, Marli, and Aissata. The show brings a group of single contestants, known as “Islanders,” together in a villa in Fiji. They pair up every few days and complete challenges. Those who are not coupled are at risk of being dumped from the island.

Raymond Gantt
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The show is presented by Arielle Vandenberg, an actress and model. The original cast of the show include:

Caroline “Caro” Viehweg
Alexandra Stewart
Kyra Green
Weston Richey
Yamen Sanders
Cashel Barnett
Alana Morrison
Mallory Santic
Zac Mirabelli
Michael Yi

Other Islanders were revealed as the series progressed. They include:

Dylan Curry, and Cormac Murphy entered the villa on Day 4
Katrina Dimaranan and Christen McAllister entered the villa on day 7
Winston Hines entered the villa on day 9
Aissata Diallo, Eric Hall, Marlisse “Marli” Tyndall, George Johnson, Kelsey Jurewicz, and Raymond “Ray” Gantt entered the villa on Day 12
Anton Morrow, Emily Salch, Jered Youngblood entered the villa halfway the show on day 18.

Michael Yi was dumped and exited on day 5. Alana and Mallory were dumped and exited the show on Day 9. On Day 11, Christen and Cormac were dumped, exiting the show. Marlisse “Marli” Tyndall, Winston Hines, and George Johnson were and dumped and exited the show on day 25. Katrina Dimaranan and Cashel Barnett were dumped and exited the show on day 17.
Kelsey Jurewicz walked on day 20 during the re-coupling ceremony, meaning she decided to not couple up with anyone.
Morrow, and Hall were dumped on day 20.
Diallo and Yamen were dumped and exited the vila on day 22.
Kyra and Jered were dumped on day 22 exiting the villa.

The finalist couples were; Caro and Ray, Zac and Elizabeth, Dylan and Alexandra, and Emily and Weston. America to votes for which couple they think think should win Love Island. The couple with the least number of votes receives fourth place, the couple with the third most amount of votes receives third place, the couple with the second most amount of votes were declared the runner–up, and the couple with the most amount of votes  declared the winners of Love Island.

The winning couple walks away with love and a grand prize of $100,000.

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