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Who is Rachael Martins?

Rachael Martins is an American journalist. She is also the co-host of NPR’s Morning Edition. Before hosting Morning Edition, she was hosting Weekend Edition Sunday where she served in that position for four years. Rachael has worked as National Security Correspondent for NPR. While working as National Security Correspondent she different stories including defense and intelligence issues.

She also traveled frequently to the middle east countries especially Iraq and Afghanistan alongside the Secretary of Defence reported on the U.S war and the effectiveness of the Pentagon’s counterinsurgency strategy. Moreover, she covered the demographic change of the US military. She went ahead with her reporting on the military changing to the U.S Air Force base in Mexico for a rare look at how the military trains drone pilots.

She also took part in the team that launched NPR’s experimental morning news show, The Bryant Park Project, which was based in New York. The program was a two-hour daily show which was co-hosted with Alison Stewart and Mike Pesca.


She began her career at public local radio station KQED in San Francisco as a producer and a reporter. Her reporting career went ahead of Europe and she started reporting in Afghanistan. During the 2003 summer, she started reporting as a freelance reporter, where she was covering the reconstruction effort in the wake of the U.S invasion.

In 2004, she returned to Afghanistan to cover the first democratic presidential election. While in Afghanistan most of her reports focussed more on women issues, the fledgling political and governance system, and also the U.S.- Nato fight against the insurgency and the planned  alliance between Sunni sheiks and the U.S military in Anbar Province

In 2005, she was based in Berlin, Germany, where she served as an NPR foreign correspondent. While in Europe, she reported the London terrorist attacks, the 2006 World Cup. She also covered the federal elections in Germany and problems surrounding immigration and shifting cultural identities in Europe. She worked as a foreign correspondent until 2006.

In 2006, she became a religion correspondent. In 2007, the Religion News Writers Association awarded her for an article on Islam in America. She was one of the reporters who were assigned to cover the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007.

She was at the school campus within the hours of the shooting. In addition, she was also on the ground covering the Blacksburg investigation and also the emotional aftermath in the coming days. In 2016 she was announced as the new host of Morning Editio show and also the NPR’s morning news podcast Up First.

A Photo of Rachael Martins
A Photo of Rachael Martins

Rachael Martin’s Age

She was born in Idaho Falls U.S however she has managed to keep information about her birth date private.

Rachael Martin’s Family

Due to her secretive nature, she has managed to keep information about her family background very private.

Rachael Martin’s Education.

She attended the Idaho Falls High School. After that, she joined the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in politics and government in 1996.

She went ahead and joined the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in New York where she attained a master’s degree in international affairs in 2003.

Rachael Martin’s Spouse

She is married to Luke, however, there is no much information about her marriage but we will update it as soon as possible

Rachael Martin’s Kids

The couple has two kids at the moment.

Rachael Martin’s Height

At the moment the actual height of Martin’s has not been shared with the public but we will update it as soon as possible

Rachael Martin’s Net Worth

She has a net worth of $600k and in addition, she receives a salary of $128, 569 yearly.