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Who is Quinton Lucas?

Quinton Lucas is an American politician currently, serving as the 55th mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. He was elected in 2019, and he was the third black man to be elected in the city as the mayor. Moreover, prior to becoming a politician, he was working as a law professor, community leader, and city council member.


Political Career

His political career started in 2015 when he won a city council seat representing the Third District -at-Large. Moreover, he managed to gain over 70% of the vote. Furthermore, his message was concerned with bridging the gaps between east and west in a divided city.

Lucas was asked about the biggest challenge they face in Kansas City. While responding to the questions he said ” How do we get people jobs in my part of the city, the east side of Kansas City, off  into other parts of the city or even to Kansas?”

Furthermore, when he was elected to the city council, housing policy became a top priority. His housing strategy was focusing on the symmetrical growth of new housing supply as well as the repair of existing ones. Moreover, Lucas was instrumental in creating a 2018 rule that defined affordable rent as 30 percent or less of the city’s median income, which was $1,100 a month at the time.

During an interview with the Kansas City Business Journal, he said that he still thinks that $ 1000 was still high for a lot of people, however, they were trying not to give incentives based on affordability standards for units that are north of that figure.

Furthermore, in a debate on the financing and building of a new airport in August 2017, Lucas emerged as a strong supporter, siding with Mayor Sly James. “My issue is that I feel we continue to misuse closed sessions,” Lucas told The Kansas City Star. “I believe the intent of the Sunshine Law is not for the council to secretly debate on a plethora of public policy issues.”

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Lucas proposed five main targets in January of 2018, which strategies are for reducing crimes including,

  • Funding social workers in every police patrol division
  • Deploying officers to economically distressed areas and not just entertaining districts
  • Recruiting diverse candidates for the police force
  • Challenging the necessity of incarcerating citizens for municipal offenses
  • To appeal to the state of Missouri to adequately fund Kansas City’s criminal justice system to lighten the load of public defender cases and improve overall pay.

2019 Mayoral Election

During the 2019 mayoral election, 11 people participate in order to replace sitting mayor Sly James whose term had expired. However, the field later narrowed to Lucas and Fellow city council member Jolie Justus. Lucas managed to win the election where he received about 59% of the votes.

Lucas intended to vote in the Missouri Democratic presidential primary on March 10, 2020. However, he has turned away because a poll worker mistyped his name as “Lucas Quinton.” The mayor utilized the event to emphasize the significance of voting, and his tweet about it earned over 13,000 likes. He then returned to the polls and voted successfully.

At the end of August 2020, citizens formed a petition to eliminate Lucas from the office, but they were unsuccessful. According to the petitioners, they criticized Lucas’s response to the COViD-19 pandemic and said that his mask regulation was harming the city’s small businesses.

How Old is Quinton Lucas?

He was born on August 19, 1984, and currently, he is 36 years.

Quinton Lucas Family

Who are His Parents?

He was born in Kansas City, Missouri to Quincy Bennett Johnson. He was raised by a single mother, thus much is not known about his father.

Does he Have Siblings?

She doesn’t have any known siblings

Quinton Lucas Education

He attended the Barstow School,  where he was elected as the school president. After that, he joined Washington University, where he studied political science, he also studied in South Africa.

Quinton Lucas Wife

He is happily married to his longtime girlfriend Katherine Carttar. The two tie the knot on April 2021.

Quinton LucasKids

The two welcomed their firstborn son, Bennett the same year they got married in 2021.

Quinton Lucas Height

Lucas has not yet disclosed his height, weight, and body measurements.

Quinton Lucas Net Worth

His net worth is still undisclosed but we will update it as soon as possible.

Quinton Lucas Twitter

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