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Who is Phil Margera?

Phil Margera is an American reality television personality. He is best known for appearing on Viva La Bam, the CKY Videos, and the Jackass television series and movies.

Phil first appeared on film in the CKY series of films, and it was these appearances that later got featured on Jackass. Phil was also in the main cast of Viva la Bam.

On television, he is depicted as kind, gentle, easy-going, and quiet, whereas his brother Vincent “Don Vito” Margera was portrayed as loud and obnoxious.

Who is Phil Margera?

Phil is 64 years old as of 2021. He was born on July 13, 1957, in Concordville, Pennsylvania, U.S. Margera shares his birthday with other famous people such as Cameron Crowe, Cheech Marin, Colton Haynes, Deborah Cox, Fran Kranz, Gil Birmingham, Harrison Ford, Hayley Erin, Ken Jeong, Leon Bridges, Patrick Stewart, Roger McGuinn, among others.

A photo of Phil Margera
A photo of Phil Margera

Phil Margera Family

Who are Phil Margera’s Parents?

Phil was born in Concordville, Pennsylvania, where he was raised. He was born the second of seven children of Phillip and Darlene Margera.  His mother passed away on June 16, 2007. He has Italian ancestry and worked as a baker prior to his career in television.

Does Phil Margera have Siblings?

Phil has six siblings namely Vincent Margera, Darlene Orange, Belinda O’Donnell, Kevin Margera, Patrick Margera, and Ruth Clark. His brother Vincent died on November 15, 2015, from kidney and liver failure at the age of 59. This was despite his initial improvements in the weeks before his death.

Phil Margera Wife

After Phil moved to West Chester, he met April Cole better known as April Margera and they got married in 1976. They have two sons. April is also a television personality. She has also appeared on MTV’s Viva La Bam, Jackass, the CKY videos, Minghags: The Movie, and Bam’s Unholy Union.

Phil Margera Children

Phil is the father of Bam Margera and Jess Margera. Jess is a CKY drummer and Bam is a Jackass star and professional skateboarder.

Phil Margera Celebrity Fit Club | Weight Loss

Phil appeared in the second season of Celebrity Fit Club on VH1. When Celebrity Fit Club 2 began, Margera weighed in at 353 pounds (160 kg). He lost the most weight on the show where he lost a total of 41 pounds (18 kg), down to 312 pounds (142 kg).

In season 4, both BoneCrusher and Tina Yothers beat his record, losing 51 and 42 lbs (23 and 19 kg) respectively. During a weigh-in on the show, Phil stated his reason for losing weight was to extend his life in order to spend more time with his granddaughter, Ava. Margera also appeared in the video game Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, in the game, he joins Tony and Bam’s crew on the World Destruction Tour wearing nothing but underwear and dress socks.

Phil Margera Net Worth

Phil and his wife April have an estimated net worth of $5 million.