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Who is Oscar Leeser?

Oscar Leeser is an American politician and a car dealer, currently, he is serving as the mayor of El Paso, Texas since 2021. Previously, he served as the mayor from 2013 to 2017. Moreover, he is a member of the Democratic party.


Business and Philanthropy

After he graduated from high school he began his venture in the auto industry, working with several dealerships in El Paso for over three decades. Oscar was given a career opportunity in 2001 after he became the president of and dealer operator of Hyundai of El Paso. He managed to turn a store that was only selling 15 cars a month into a number of stores in El Paso. Moreover, his store also became the number one Hyundai seller in the South Central Region and ninth in the United State for Hyundai dealers.

Furthermore, Oscar is a member of the El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation. In addition, he is also the head of Hyundai’s South Central Region. Oscar is also a member of the National Dealer Council, the National Parts and Service Committee, and the Hyundai Advertising Committee. He has also been involved in a number of local charities and youth groups.

A Photo of Oscar Leeser
A Photo of Oscar Leeser

Mayor of El Paso

2013 election

Scott was elected mayor on May 14, 2013, after beating Steve Ortega, a member of the city council. Moreover, according to local election law, both Leeser and Ortega ran as nonpartisan candidates. Ortega and Leeser finished first and second, with 47 percent and 21 percent of the vote, respectively, and because no candidate obtained a majority, a runoff election was held on June 15th, which Leeser won. In addition, he took office on 24th, June 2013.

2017 election

Oscar was qualified to seek reelection, however, he announced in July 2016 that he would not seek a second term in the 2017 election. As a result, many assumed it was because Oscar underwent cancer-related surgery in 2016, but he emphasized that his choice was not motivated by his health. Instead, it is because he “runs to accomplish things I believed were extremely essential for our community, and I did that.” Leeser was succeeded by Republican Dee Margo, whom he backed in the runoff race.


2020 election

After skipping the 2017 election, he came back in 2020 and run as mayor. Oscar received the largest share of the votes and he entered for a second term after defeating Margo in the December runoff election.

How Old Is  Oscar Leeser?

He was born on 7th July 1958 and currently 63 years.

Oscar Leeser Family

Who Are Leesers Parents?

He was born in Chihuahua, Mexico to Rhorberta Leese and Arthur Leeser. However, both of his parents are deceased.

Does He Have Siblings?

There is no information about his siblings but we will update it as soon as possible.

Oscar Leeser Education

He attended Coronado High School.

Oscar Leeser’s Wife

He is happily married to his wife Lisa

Oscar Leeser’s Kids

Leeser has been blessed with four adult children.

Oscar Leeser Height

His height, weight, and body measurement are not available at the moment but we will be updated sooner.

Oscar Leeser’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $ 10 million.