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Who is Muriel Bowser?

Muriel Bowser (Muriel Elizabeth Bowse) is an American politician serving as the eighth mayor of the District of Columbia since 2015.

She is a member of the Democratic Party and previously represented Ward 4 on the District of Columbia Council from 2007 until 2015. In addition, she is the second female mayor of the District of Columbia after Sharon Pratt, and the first woman to be re-elected.

Moreover, in 2004, she was elected to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission. After that, she was elected to the council in a special election. Muriel was elected to take over from Andrian Fenty who had just been elected Mayor in 2007.

After completing Andrian’s term, she was again reelected in 2008 and 2012. After that, she declared her bid to run for mayor in the 2014 election. In the Democratic primary, she ran against incumbent mayor Vincent C. Gray, she won the primary. She went ahead and won the general election against three independent and two minor party nominees with 55% of the vote. In addition, she was reelected in 2018, this time around with about 76% of the vote.


Political Career

Advisory Neighborhood Commission

She started her political journey in 2004, running unopposed for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). Moreover, she also represented district 4B09, which includes the neighborhood of Riggs Park. She was unopposed again in 2006 when she ran for re-election.

A Photo of Muriel Bowser
A Photo of Muriel Bowser

How Old Is Muriel Bowser?

She was born on August 2nd, 1972, and currently, she is aged 48 years old.

Muriel Bowser Family

Who are Bowser’s Parents?

She was born in Washington to Joe and Joan Bowser. In addition, she was raised in North Michigan Park.

Muriel Bowser Siblings

Does She Have Siblings?

She has five siblings and she is the last-born of the six children. However, her elder sister died recently after she succumbed to Covid-19.

Muriel Bowser Education

She attended Elizabeth Seton High School, which was a private school located in Bladensburg, Maryland. After that, she joined Chatham College, this was after she secured a scholarship as a result of her above grades. She graduated from the college with a bachelor’s degree in history. After that, she enrolled in the American University School of Public Affairs, from the university, she graduated with a Masters in Public Policy.

Muriel Bowser Husband

Bowser has never married, and she has also kept her love life a secret, in case there is any information about her love life, we will update it as soon as possible.

Muriel Bowser Kids

She announced in May 2018 that she had a daughter by the name of Mirada Elizabeth Bowser.

Council of the District of Columbia

2017 election

When Adrian Fenty, a member of the council of the district of Columbia representing ward 4, Muriel was his campaign coordinator. After Adrian was elected as the mayor in 2006, a special election was called to be able to fill in the vacancy left by Adrian. Muriel was one of those people who declared to ran for the position.

In addition, she was the only candidate present at a political discussion with 17 of the 19 council candidates who backed Fenty’s planned takeover of the District public school system. He argued that the education system needed to reform.

Furthermore, after Fenty declared his support for Bowser. Some of her opponents argued that if she were elected. She would always vote as Fenty desired, without considering the will of her people.

Moreover, other opponents argued that developers had contributed to Bowser’s campaign, suggesting that she would prioritize developers above her voters.

Bowser voted in favor of a zoning exception for a condominium complex to be developed by a developer who had given several hundred dollars to her campaign while serving on the ANC. This fact made some see it as a conflict of interest. However, Bowser insisted that she had backed the development proposal before standing for City Council.

Despite, tough battle during the campaigns she went ahead to win the election with 40% of the vote.

2008 election

Muriel announced her bid to run for reelection campaign for the council in 2008. In the race, three competitors participated in the Democratic primary. In addition, both Jahi and Mendenhall-Johnson criticized. Moreover, they alleged that Bowser was a rubber stamp for Mayor Fenty. They went ahead and said that she was not concerned about her constituents’ needs.

Moreover, there were no candidates on the ballot for the Republican or D.C. Statehood Green primaries.

Furthermore, The editorial board of the Washington Post endorsed her candidacy. In addition, during her reelection, she received endorsement from the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club. Bowser won the Democratic Party primary election with 75% of the vote.

Moreover, in 2011, she was appointed to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority board of governors. She held the position for a period of four years until 2015.

2012 election

In 2012, Mayor Muriel Bowser campaigned for reelection. This time around also received endorsements from The Washington Post and The Washington City Paper.

Moreover, Max Skolnik, her opponent, criticized her for accepting campaign money from developers, corporate bundlers, and lobbyists. She stated that she would not refuse corporate funding.

2014 elections

Bowser confirmed her interest to run for the mayoral position on March 23, 2013. In addition, she appointed William Lightfoot, a former council member to be her campaign chair.

Bowser noted that she can link with longstanding residents who are concerned about the District’s fast changes while also enjoying the changes that have happened. Bowser despised the District’s government’s “business as usual” and corruption.

Furthermore, Bowser supported free Metro fares for students. Moreover, she opposed raising the minimum wage only for employees of large retailers. However, she was criticized for being too inexperienced for the position, having too few legislative accomplishments while on the council, and having a platform that was lacking in details.

In addition, Bowser reduced the number of debates by only accepting to participate after the field of candidates had been determined, which postponed the first debate until August. Moreover, she was endorsed by EMILY’s List and the editorial board of The Washington Post. She won the Democratic mayoral primary contest with 43 percent of the vote.

During the general election she ran against Independents David Catania, Nestor Djonkam, and Carol Schwartz, D.C. Statehood Green Faith Dane, and Libertarian Bruce Majors. However, there was no Republican candidate. Bowser was elected with 80,824 votes (54.53 percent) against Catania’s 35% and Schwartz’s 7% and began office on January 2, 2015.

Muriel Bowser Height

Adding to her black hair and eyes, she stands on an average height of 5ft 6 inch and weighs 60kgs

Muriel Bowser Net Worth

Being in politics for such a long time, and having served in different departments she has an estimated net worth of more than $ 5 million and an estimated salary of $ 176, 578.

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