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  9. What is Mitt Romney’s net worth?

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Who is Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney is an American businessman, politician and former presidential candidate who was Utah’s junior United States senator since January 2019. From 2003 to 2007, he was 70th governor of Massachusetts.

Romney was raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and from 1966, he served as a Mormon missionary in France for over 2 years. He was also the chief executive officer of Bain and Company where he was credited for leading the company out of a financial crisis. He also served as a bishop in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Romney was also a stake president for Boston and its suburbs.

Mitt Romney’s Career

Business Career

Management Consultant

Romney wanted to work as a management consultant hence joining the Boston Consulting Group with an to prepare for a chief executive position in the future. He also made applications for Boston Consulting Group(BCG) Principles including the growth-share matrix. Executives viewed Romney as someone who had a bright future considering his brilliant management decisions in the company. Then in 1977, Bain and Company hired Romney. Bain & Company was a management consulting firm situated in Boston and was established by Bill Bain and other previous Boston Consulting Group employees.

A Photo of Mitt Romney
A Photo of Mitt Romney

Bain actually defined Romney to have the confidence of someone ten years older than he was which was 30 years then. Bain & Company was different from other firms in that it walked with the businesses it served until they experienced a change. This was unlike other firms that gave offered their consulting services but left the businesses. In 1978, Romney became the vice-president. Bain & Company considered Romney as one of its best consultants.

Private Equity

In 1984, Romney stepped out of Bill & Company to co-found and lead Bain Capital which is a private equity investment firm. In partnership with Bain, Romney raised $37 million which was the number of funds they required to start the new establishment which then had seven employees. Romney ran for the United States Senate thus taking a leave of absence from Bain Capital. In 1991, Romney was recalled to Bain & Company to be its CEO after facing a financial crisis. By 1999, Romney’s firm, Bain Capital was gaining recognition as one of the most forward driven private firms in the nation. Later in February 1999, after taking a paid leave of absence from the firm, he joined Salt Lake City Olympic Games Organizing Committee in 2002 to serve as the CEO.

Romney made an announcement that he would not return to Bain Capital in August 2001 with his separation from the company ending in 2002. He also negotiated a deal to receive a share of the firm’s profits even after retirement as well as transferring his ownership to other shareholders. The firm continued to grow which earned him millions of dollars on an annual basis.

Church Service

Even while carrying out business, Romney took part in several positions in the local lay clergy. Romney also served as a ward bishopric in the 70s. He worked as a counsellor to the Boston Stake’s president. In addition, Romney served in Massachusett’s Belmont ward as Bishop. He also became president of the Boston Stake from 1986 to 1994. Romney as well got highly involved in Boston Stake’s matters which involved visiting the sick, aiding in domestic maintenance efforts and counselling troubled church members.

U.S Senate Campaign

Romney registered himself as an Independent during the 1992 elections where he voted for the former Senator from Massachusetts, Democrat Paul Tsongas. Romney intended to join politics by 1993 wanting to follow his father’s footsteps who lost a presidential election. He ran against Ted Kennedy for the U.S Senate seat who was the seeking election for his 6th term.  In October 1993, he changed his party affiliation to Republican and officially announced his candidacy for the seat in February 1994. In 1994, Romney left his leadership position in the church. He won the primary elections defeating John Lakian in 1994 with more than 80% of the votes. However, Romney lost to Kennedy who had 58% while Romney had 41% of the votes.

Gubernatorial elections in 2002

Hours after Massachusetts Governor, Jane Swift announced that she would be seeking party nominations, Romney also declared his run to take over the seat. He ran in the primary elections which qualified him for the general elections. Romney contributed over $6 million which was part of the $10 million he raised for his campaign which became a state record. He won the general elections which were held on 5th November 2002. He defeated O’Brien with 50% of the votes while O’Brien had 45%.

How Old is Mitt Romney?

Romney was born on March 12, 1947, in Detroit, Michigan which makes him currently 73 years old.

Mitt Romney’s Family

Who are Mitt Romney’s parents?

Romney’s parents are George W. Romney who was as an automobile executive and Lenore Romney who was a homemaker. His mother had American parents who lived in a Mormon colony in Chihuahua, Mexico while his father’s native home was in Logan, Utah.

Does Mitt Romney have siblings?

Romney is the youngest of four siblings who are named Scott Romney, Margo Lynn Romney and Jane Romney.

Mitt Romney’s Education

Romney attended Cranbrook School which was an upscale boy’s preparatory school close to his home. He graduated from high school in June 1965. Romney then joined Stanford University during the 1965-1966 academic year. He then attended Brigham Young University after moving back to Utah from France. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. On the advice of his father, he enrolled in a newly formed 4-year joint Juris Master/Doctor of Business Administration program that was run by both Havard Law School and Havard Business School. He later graduated cum laude from the law school in 1975 as part of the top five members from his class. This earned him the name, Baker Scholar.

Mitt Romney’s Wife

Romney married Ann Davies on March 21, 1969, in Bloomfield Hills which was a civil ceremony. They then flew to Utah on the following day for a Mormon marriage ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple.

Mitt Romney’s Children – Kids

Romney has five children who are Taggart who was born in 1970, followed by Matthew in 1971, Joshua in 1975, Benjamin in 1978 and Craig in 1981.

Mitt Romney’s Net Worth

Romney has an estimated net worth of $250 million.


Romney is 5 feet 11.6 inches tall and weighs about 178 pounds.

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