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Who is Mickey Gilley?

Mickey Leroy Gilley was a well-known American country music singer and songwriter. Although in the 1970s he started out singing straight-up country and western material, in the 1980s he moved towards a more pop-friendly sound. Thus bringing him further success not only on the country charts but also on the pop charts as well.

Among Mickey’s best hits are “Room Full of Roses”, “Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time”, and the remake of the Soul hit “Stand by Me”. Moreover, he has charted over 42 singles in the top 40 on the US Country chart. He was a cousin of Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl McVoy, and Jimmy Swaggart.

How Old Is Mickey Gilley?

He was 86 years at the time of his death on May 7, 2022. Having been born on March 9, 1936, in Natchez, Mississippi, U.S. Mickey shared his birthdate with celebrities such as; Suga, Khaby Lame, Charly Jordan, Matthew Gray Gubler, Cyrus Dobre, and many more.

Mickey Gilley Family

Who are Mickey Gilley’s Parents?

He was born to Arthur Fillmore Gilley (his Father was born on November 27, 1887, but died on February 2, 1982). And Irene Lewis Gilley (Mother born on September 11, 1900, but died on August 14, 1985)

Does Mickey Gilley have Siblings?

He had three siblings namely; Edna Gilley Marquet (born on July 29, 1925, but died on July 10, 2012), Aubrey Gilley, and Ray Gilley.

A Photo of Mickey Gilley

A Photo of Mickey Gilley

Mickey Gilley Education

Information regarding where he received his high school/college education is not mentioned on the internet. In case of news regarding this matter, we will update it here as soon as possible.

Mickey Gilley Marital Status

He was currently married to Cindy Loeb Gilley. They married in June 2020. However, besides being married, he was previously married to Geraldine Garret, they married in 1953 but divorced in 1961, Geraldine died on March 6, 2010. His second wife was Vivian McDonald, they married in 1962, and she died in 2019.

Mickey Gilley Kids

He had four children. Three kids with his first wife Geraldine, two sons by the names of Keith Ray Gilley and Michael Gilley, and a daughter by the name Kathy Gilley. And another kid with his second wife Vivian, a son by the name of Gregory Gilley.

Mickey Gilley Career

An Early Career and Rise to Fame

Mickey for many years lived in the shadow of his well-known cousin, Jerry Lee Lewis, (a successful rock and roll singer and musician in the 1950s and early 1960s). Both he and his cousin sang both boogie-woogie and gospel music. But Mickey did not become a professional singer until his cousin Lewis hit the top charts in the 1950s. He then cut a few singles and played sessions in New Orleans with producer Huey P. Meaux. “Call Me Shortly” his record on the Dot label, sold well in 1958. Mickey in the 1960s played at many clubs and bars before gaining a following at the Nesadel Club in 1967. He joined in a partnership in 1970 with Sherwood Cryer.

A Recording Career in the 1970s

Mickey recorded in 1974 a song that was originally intended for fun entitled “Room Full of Roses”.The song was released by Astro Records that year, and then Playboy Records got ahold of the single and obtained national distribution for Mickey’s song “Room Full of Roses”. Since then, he was signed to Playboy Records thus working with his long-time friend Eddie Kilroy. “Room Full of Roses” became the song that put Mickey into prominence and hit the top of the country charts that year as well as reaching number 50 on the pop music chart.

Throughout the 1970s, he had a sequence of top tens and No. 1s. These hits included cover versions of songs like; Bill Anderson’s song “City Lights”, George Jones’ “The Window Up Above”, and Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home to Me”. For the rest of the 1970s, he remained a popular country act. His other hits in the 1970s include; “Chains of Love” (1977), “Honky Tonk Memories” (1977), “She’s Pulling Me Back Again” (1977), and “Here Comes the Hurt Again” (1978). He signed with Epic Records in 1978, when Playboy Records was bought by Epic.

A Recording Career in the 1980s

Mickey by 1980, decided to come up with a new sound to bring him the country crossover success. Just as other country musicians (including Eddie Rabbitt, Juice Newton, Kenny Rogers, and Dolly Parton) were experiencing at the time. When one of his recordings was featured in the box-office selling film Urban Cowboy, his career was given a second go-around. The song was a country remake of the soul standard “Stand by Me”. Just as the movie was becoming successful, so was “Stand by Me”.

In addition, the song rose in 1980 to the top of the country charts and hit the Top 5 of the Adult Contemporary charts, and also made the Pop Top 40. “You Don’t Know Me”, “True Love Ways”, and Room Full of Roses”, hit the Billboard Hot 100. Moreover songs like “Bring It On Home To Me”, “That’s All That Matters”, and “Talk to Me” bubbled under (at 101, 101, and 106, respectively). Following the success of the film Urban Cowboy, a series of six No. 1s on the country chart followed. Mickey’s other No. 1s include “True Love Ways”, “A Headache Tomorrow (Or a Heartache Tonight)”, “You Don’t Know Me”, and “Lonely Nights”.

Career Continuation

Nevertheless, he had no pop hits. Moreover, he had other country hits in 1983 like, “Fool For Your Love”; “Paradise Tonight”, a duet with Charly McClain; and “Talk to Me”. He was struggling to make it into the Top 10 up until 1986, As he was only releasing two singles in a year. 1985 brought him Top 10s with “I’m the One Mama

Warned You About” and “You’ve Got Something on Your Mind”. This got followed by a Top 5 with “Your Memory Ain’t What It Used To Be”, and a Top 10 with “Doo-Wah Days”. “Dooh-Wah Days” in 1986 was his last Top 10 hit on the Country charts. The 180s decade, saw him suffer as his chart success was fading, and also had a string of financial problems that saw him close his club in Pasadena, Texas. He signed with Airbone Records in 1988 and released an album Chasin’ Rainbows.

A Later Career

Because of his contribution to the recording industry, he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6930 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. Along with his two famous cousins, Lewis and Swaggart, on March 2, 2002, he was inducted into the Delta Music Museum Hall of Fame in Ferriday, Louisiana. Moreover, he has appeared on “Urban Cowboys” episode 9 in the third season of American Pickers which aired on September 5, 2011. In 2017, he returned to the studio and released Kickin’ It Down the Road. He teamed up with longtime friend Troy Payne in 2018 to record Two Old Cats, a CD containing 13 classic country duets.

Mickey Gilley Height and Measurements

Adding up to his well-built body he stood at a height of 5tf 6inches (1.68m) and a weight of 60kg (132lbs)

Mickey Gilley’s Salary and Net Worth

His salary is not indicated but he had a net worth of $20 million.