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Who Is Mark Kelly?

Mark Kelly( Mark Edward Kelly) Is an American politician, businessman, a retired  US Navy Captain. He also a former astronaut, currently he is serving as junior US senator for Arizona from 2020. Kelly is a member of the Democratic party, where he won the 2020 special election defeating a Republican nominee Martha McSally.

Kelly is also an author and he has written several books. While he was an astronaut he flew combat missions during the Gulf war as a naval aviator. After that, he was appointed as a NASA Space Shuttle pilot in 1996. In 2001, he flew his first space mission as a pilot of STS-108, 2006 he piloted STS-121 and in 2008 commanded STS-124 and STST-134 in 2011, which was the final mission of space shuttle and endeavor.


Early Career

He became a naval aviator in December 1987, he received his training on the A-6E intruder attack aircraft. After that, he was assigned to Attack Squadron 115 (VA15) in Atsugi, Japan. He made two deployments Persian Gulf on the aircraft carrier USS Midway, flying 39 combat missions in Operation Desert Storm. While at navy he has received two Defensive Superior Service Medals, one Legion of Merits, two Distiguist Flying Crosses. He also received four Air Medal, two Navy Commendation Medal, one Navy Achievement Medal. In addition, Mark received two Southwest Asia Service medals, one Navy Expeditionary Medal, two Sea Service Deployment Ribbons, a NASA Distinguished Service Medal, and an Oversea Services Ribbon. On June 21st, 2011, he confirmed his retirement to the US Navy and NASA which took effect on October 1st, 2011.

A Photo of Mark Kelly
A Photo of Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly’s Age

He was born on 21st February 1964, currently, he is 57 years old

Mark Kelly’s Family

He was born in Orange, New Jersey to Richar and Patricia. Both of his parents were police officers.


He has one twin brother by the name of Scott Kelly who is also a former US Navy and Astronaut. Together with his brother, they served at NASA.

Mark Kelly’s Education

He attended Mountain High School where he graduated in 1982. After that, he joined the United States Merchant Marine Academy where he graduated with the highest honors in Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering and Nautical Science in 1986. He went ahead and acquired a Master of Science in aeronautical engineering from the US Naval Postgraduate School in 1994.

Mark Kelly’s Spouse

He got married on November 10th, 2007 to Gabby Giffords who is the US Representative for Tucson, Arizona.


He married his first wife on January 7th, 1989. however, things between them didn’t work out and they decided to have a divorce in 2004.

Mark Kelly’s Kids

Together with the first wife, they share two daughters Claudia and Claire Kelly.

NASA Career

HE joined NASA in August 1996 after he was selected together with his brother to be a Space Shuttle pilot. Kelly has stayed for over 54 days in the states He took his first trip as a pilot of STS 108 in 2001. In July 2006 he piloted STS-121 Discovery the second “Return to Flight” Mission following the loss of Columbia in February 2003. As a result of the weather delay, STS-121 became the first Shuttle Mission to launch on July 4th. The aim of the Mission was to test new safety and repair techniques that were introduced after the Columbia incident. STS-124 was his first mission as commander in 2008. However, the attempts to launch STS-134 on April 29th, 2011 was scrubbed. He was a commander of the Mission which was the Space Shuttle Endeavour final. Together with his crew, they derived the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the ISS.

Political Career

On February 12th, 2019, he declared his interest to run as Democrat during the 2020 US Senate special election in Arizona. He hopes to take over the seat from Republican Marth McSally. the seat became vacant after the death of John McCain in August 2018 and held by governor Doug Ducey’s appointee Jon Kyl until he steps down on December 31st, 2018, Mark refused any campaign contribution from corporate political action committees. However, he accepted wholeheartedly the contribution of thousands of dollars from corporate executives and Lobbyists.

The 2020 election was his first time election, Arizona has had two Democratic senators. Since the election was special, he took office during 116 Congress, shortly after Arizona certified its election result on November 30th. Other senators and representatives elected in 2020 took office at the opening of 117 Congress on January 3rd, 2021. Unlike others he was sworn in on December 2nd, 2020, Mark’s term will end 2023 after which his seat will be taken by the winner of the 2022 election.

Other Careers


Together with Giffords co-authored a book called A Story of courage; Love & Resilience. The book also gives biographical information about a couple and describes in more detail the assassination trial on Gifford and her initial recovery. The second book of Kelly, Mousetraunaut: which is based on a (Partially ) True Story in 2012, the book mainly targets kids and it is illustrated by C.F Payne. The book became the No.1 bestseller in New York Times. Furthermore, the following year it was followed by a sequel Mousetronaut Goes to Mars. After that, Mark and Gifford co-authored another book called Our Fight to Keep American Safe from Gun Violence in 2014.

In 2015, Mark alongside Martha Freeman co-wrote Astrotwins known as Project Blastoff, fictional stories about twin Scott together with Mark who build a space capsule in their grandfather’s backyard and they tried to send the first kid into orbit. He dedicated the book to his twin brother Scott Kelly. In 2016, The sequel Astrotwins-Project Rescue was published.

Political Activism

In January 2013, Mark together with Giffords begun a political action committee, American for Responsible Solution. The target of the organization was to promote solutions to gun violence with elected officials and the general public. In addition on March 31st, 2013, Mark stated that any bill that does not include a universal background check was a mistake. He went further to say that it was the most common-sense thing that they can do to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from having access to weapons. Giffords organization was formed after American for Responsible Solutions joined hands with Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence in 2016.

Mark Kelly’s Height

Kelly stands at 5.8 feet tall and weighs 80 kgs

Mark Kelly’s Net Worth

He has a net worth of $20 million.

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