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Who Is Mark Geragos?

Mark Geragos (Mark John Geragos) is an American lawyer specializing in criminal law. In addition, he is also the managing director of Geragos & Geragos, in Los Angeles. Furthermore, he is a member of the A Armenia Fund Internation Board of Trustees since 2006.


After graduating from Loyola Law School he was called to the State Bar of California in 1983. Currently, he is the managing director for the Geragos & Geragos Law firm. At the firm, his role is to oversee criminal defense and civil litigation. Moreover, Mark was the lead attorney in a federal class-action lawsuit against New York Life Insurance. In addition, he was also the lead lawyer of AXA another class-action lawsuit against New York Life Insurance. The cases were for insurance policies issued in the early 20th century during the Armenian Genocide of over 1.5 million Armenians.  The two suits were settled for more than 37.5 million in 2004 and 2005.

In 2009, a lawsuit against three German Insurance companies was declined by the  United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit. The court of appeal cited that the Armenia Genocide is not legally recognized by the US government

Geragos Office

The law firm headquarters are on Figueroa Street in Downtown Los Angeles, in a former fire station department. The building is short-listed on the National Register of Historic Places listings in Los Angeles. In addition, the firm is co-owned by Geragos together with his investment partner attorney Brian S Kabateck.

A Photo of Mark Geragos
A Photo of Mark Geragos

Notable Cases

He gained national attention after he represented convicted Whitewater figure Susan McDougal, a former business partner to Bill Clinton, a former US president. Moreover, on January 20, 2001, Mark obtained a presidential pardon for McDougal. McDougal was later represented by Mark in a 12-count embezzlement trial in Los Angeles, where the jury found him not guilty.

Since then he has defended many notable clients such as Gary Condit, Jeremy Mayfield, Scott Peterson, however, Scott was sentenced to death. In the 2020 summer, Scott asked California Supreme Court to overrule his murder conviction and death sentence. In his defense, Scott stated that he was denied a fair trial due to massive public

How Old Is Mark  Geragos?

He was born on October 5th, 1957, and currently, he is 63 years old.

Mark  Geragos Family

Who are His Parents

He was born in Los Angeles, California, however, information about his family background is still unknown despite him being popular. But we will update it as soon as possible.

Mark  Geragos Education

He attended the Flintridge Preparatory School in La Canada where he graduated with honors., After that, he attended Haverford College where he graduated in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree, he majored in both anthropology and sociology. He went further and joined Loyola Law School where he acquired his Juris Doctor in 1982.

Mark  Geragos Wife

He is happily married to Paulette Geragos, however, much is not known about their marriage

Mark  Geragos’s Kids/ Children

The couple is blessed with two kids, Teny and Jake Geragos

Notable Clients

  •  Winona Ryder- Ryder is an actress and an Academy Award nominee. Mark defended her after she was accused of stealing over $5,500 worth of merchandise from Beverly Hills store in 2011. She was only sentenced to three years of probation and ordered to attend psychiatric and drug therapy thanks to Geragos’ assistance.
  • Michael Jackson – He defended Michael Jackson during the early stages of his molestation case. At the same time, he was also representing Scott Peterson and the two cases were best-known US trials at that time. However, on April 26th, 2004, Michael Jackson removed as his lawyer and he was replaced with Thomas Mesereau. Jackson, through his spokesman Raymone Bain, stated that Mark didn’t have the full attention to his case due to workload.
  • Roger Clinton Jr – The former President Clinton’s brother was charged with alcohol-based charges, however, he was able to win the dismissal of all charges.
  • Carradine Family- In the wake of actor David Carradine’s untimely death, he helped his family. Furthermore, in a recent class-action settlement, Mark represented actor Keith Carradine, his wife, actress Hayley DuMond, attorney Stephen Kolodny, and designer Donna Dubrow in a case involving private investigator Anthony Pellicano’s illegal wiretapping conspiracy and subsequent investigation.
  • Cameron Brown – He defended Cameron, who was charged with murdering his four-year-old daughter by throwing her off a Rancho Palos Verdes cliff. The trial went for twelve weeks and ended in August 2006, without a verdict. However the case was retried in 2009 this time by Pat Harris who is an associate at the Geragos Firm, but the second trial also ended in a hung jury. After the second trial, Mark and his firm handed over the case to Herbert Barrish due to financial issues. In the third trial, Brown was convicted
  • Victor Willis- He represented the Village People frontman on drug and gun possession charges in September 2006. Faced with prison time, Mark successfully secured a three-year probationary period and opioid abuse counseling at the Betty Ford Clinic.
  • Kazuyoshi Miura – In 2008, he was one of the attorneys who represented a Japanese businessman by the name of Kazuyoshi, however, Miura committed suicide before his trial.
  • Chris Brown-  Mark has also defended Chris after he pleaded guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend, Rihana. Mark and Chris attended the court on March 5th, 200d but they didn’t take the plea and requested arraignment until the next court date, April 6, 2009. Moreover, on June 22, 2009, Chris pleaded guilty to one count of assault and he was sentenced to 5 years probation and 6months of community service. However on the March 20th court date, with Mark’s assistance, the probation officer stated that Chris had completed his community service sentence. Judge James R, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled that Chris will no longer be under the watchful eye of the judicial system.
  • Jussie Smollet- Mark also represented Jussie in 2019, after an alleged false police report.  On March 12th, 2019 it was announced that the prosecutor had dropped all the sixteen charges against Jussie as part of a deferred prosecution agreement against him. However one of the conditions of the deal was for him to do 16 hours of community service and he forfeited his $10,000 bond to the city.

Media Appearances

When it comes to media, he has appeared in different shows such as Today, Good Morning America, 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper 360 degree, On the Record together with Greta Van Susteren and Larry King Live. In addition, he was hired by CNN in a collaborator role until March 25th, 2019. This was after allegation implicated him in an alleged plan alongside attorney Michael Aventti to extort over $20million from Nike Inc. Apart from his previous role as a CNN contributor he also hosted a 2014 legal show called Making the case together with  Sunny Hostin. Moreover, in June 2015 it was confirmed that he will be hosting Carolla which would be part of Carolla Digital.

Mark  Geragos Height/Measurement

He stands at an average age of 1.76m and weighs about 78kg.

Mark  Geragos Net Worth

Through his successful career, he has managed to earn $25million.

Mark  Geragos Twitter