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 Who is Marília Mendonça?

Marília Dias Mendonça was a well-recognized Brazilian singer and songwriter (July 22, 1995- November 5, 2021). She launched her eponymous debut EP in 2015 but only gained fame after releasing her initial eponymous live album in 2016.

The album received a triple platinum certificate for the 240,000 copies sold. One of the songs included in the album ”Infel” became one of the most played songs in Brazil and obtained a triple diamond disc certificate, thus Mendonça gained national visibility.

In 2017, Mendonça released her second album Realidade and got a Latin Grammy nomination in the Best Sertaneja Music Album. She launched the album Todos os Cantos, a project scripted with shows recorded by the singer in all capitals in the country in 2019. Mendonça earned a triple-platinum, certificate for the 240,000 copies sold through the album, and got the Latin Grammy award in the Best Sertaneja Music Album.

A photo of Marília Mendonça

A photo of Marília Mendonça

How old is Marília Mendonça?

Marília Dias Mendonça was born on July 22, 1995, in Cristianópolis, Goiás, Brazil and died on November 2021 in Piedade de Caratinga, Minas Geras, Brazil aged 26. She shares her birthday with famous people including Selena Gomez, Larray, Madison Pettis, Alexander Calder, Bob Dole, Sonny Liston, Louise Fletcher, Alex Trebek, Danny Glover, among others.

Marília Mendonça Family

Who are Marília parents?

Marília Dias Mendonça was born in Cristianópolis, Goiás, to Mário Mendonça and Ruth Dias as the only child. Her parents have Latino descent and she was brought up in Brazil, having Latino ancestry. She also has an uncle with whom she died along in the crash who was also her manager.

Does Marília have siblings?

Mendonça was born as the only daughter and child to her parents and does not have any siblings.

Marília Mendonça Education

Marília’s educational background is not known to the public because she had not revealed it to the media and kept it as part of her private life.

Marília Mendonça Interests

Mendonça’s interest in music began at an early age as a member of a church and was able to compose her own music at the age of 12, and is very good at vocals and guitar. She also endorsed and promoted brands which include Eudora through her social media.

Marília Partners

Mendonça began dating businessman Yugnir Ângelo in March 2015 and got engaged in December 2016. However, she ended their relationship in August 2017, claiming she was still too young for such a commitment.

Marília Mendonça Husband

Marília maintained casual relationships till May 2019 when she revealed she was in a serious relationship for five months with fellow musician and songwriter Murilo Huff. They got engaged and moved together and in June the same year she revealed she was pregnant. On December 16, 2019, she gave birth to her son, born eight weeks premature via normal labor in Goiânia.

Marília Mendonça Children

On December 16, 2019, in Goiânia, Mendonça gave birth to her son, Léo Dias Mendonça Huff who was born eight weeks premature through normal labour.

Marília Mendonça Residence

Mendonça and her lover, fellow singer and songwriter Murilo, resided together in Goiânia, Brazil.

Marília Mendonça Height

Mendonça had a stunning and hot curvaceous body with a standing height of 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m) and a body weight of 82 kg (181 lbs).

Mendonça Career

2011-16: Marília Mendonça

Mendonça started her profession as a singer in January 2014 via her first namesake EP. The track ”Impasse” was launched, the singer’s initial single which featured the participation of the duo Henrique & Juliano. She launched her first album named Marília Mendonça: Ao Vivo in 2016, featuring tracks ”Sentimento Louco” and ”Infiel” and the participation of duo Henrique & Juliano. Infiel became the fifth most performed track on the radio in Brazil that year, hence the musician gained national popularity. A live acoustic EP titled Agora É Que São Elas was launched with previous successful songs and having as a track-only with the song ”Eu Sei de Cor”.

Realidade e Todos os Cantos: 2017-2021

Mendonça launched another eponymous EP with four new tracks in January 2017. She launched her second album titled Realidade in March. It had tracks including “De Quem É A Culpa” and “Amante Não Tem Lar” and counted again with the participation of the duo Henrique & Juliano. Marília launched the single ”Transplante” in partnership with the duo Bruno & Marrone in November. She won the post of the most heard Brazilian artist on YouTube, ranking 13 in the world ranking in July.

The first volume of the musician’s third live album was launched in February 2019. It was titled Todos os Cantos whose singles are the songs ”Ciumeira”, ”Bem Pior Que Eu”, ”Todo Mundo Vai Sofrer” and ”Supera”. It was revealed by the streaming service Spotify in March, that Mendonça occupies the first position in the TOP 10 of the most heard women in Brazil on the platform. The second volume of the album Todos os Cantos was launched in May, and the third volume of the live album was launched in August. The album received the Latin Grammy Award for Best Sertaneja Music Album in 2019.


Mendonça boarded an air taxi on November 5, 2021, along with 5 people towards Caratinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil, where she was going to perform in a local concert. The plane crashed killing her, her uncle, who was also her manager, her producer, and two crew members. Mendonça and the other passengers’ deaths were officially confirmed shortly after a live coverage by TV Globo.

Marília Mendonça Net Worth

The young and hot Brazilian singer and songwriter, Mendonça has been active from 2011 to 2021 and is among the famous singers in Brazil. She has a YouTube channel under her name and has garnered up an accumulative net worth of more than $16.88 million as of 2021.