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Who is Madison Cawthorn?

Madison Cawthorn is an American Politician. He is the U.S Representative for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional district after he won the 2020 election. He is a strong member of the Republican Party.

At the age of 18 Madison was involved in an accident while returning from a spring break trip in Florida. The official accident report listed Madison as being incapacitated.

Madison’s Career

From January 2015, Cawthorn started working as a staffer in the district office of Representative Mark Meadows. In August 2019 Cawthorn started a Real estate investment firm in Hendersonville but the firm reported no income. Cawthorn is also the owner of SPQR Holdings and LLC, SPQR was mostly used as a symbol of the Roman Empire, and its stands for Senatus Populusque Romanus(” The Rome Senate and People”). The initials SPQR has been embraced by the skin skinhead gang in Italy but also some white nationalist in the U.S. Cawthorn went ahead and claimed that he used the initial for his company name because it is “a Rome term” and that the initial “SPQR is warning to my generation from the ages against authoritarianism and tyranny”.

In March 2020 Republican primary for North Carolina 11th Congressional district, Madison Cawthorn finished second behind Lynda Bennett was highly endorsed by President Donald Trump and Mark Meadows who was Madison’s mentor in Politics. Bennett did not get the required 30% of the votes to avoid a runoff with Madison and in June 2020 Madison won the runoff. He was highly supported by many local leaders and endorsed by Mark Walker, who is the vice-chairman of the House Republican Conference. Madison gained from false and misleading claims that Bennett was Never – Trumper.


Cawthorn is one of the youngest members ever elected to the House of Representatives and also the youngest Republican. After being elected he said that he would like to be the face of the Republican Party when it comes to health care. On January 3, 2021, Madison took his seat as U.S representative at the start of 17th Congress, where he said that he will use his seat to be a messenger instead of a legislator, writing to his colleagues he said,” I have built my staff around comms lather than legislation.”

On January 6, 2021, Madison addressed the crowd where he said,” This crowd has some fight.” Madison didn’t vote to certify the Electoral College result in Congress and referred to those Republicans who voted to certify the result as “spineless cowards”. After the Riot, he denounced the violence and he said that “The Party as a whole should have been much wiser about their choice of words.” On January 20, 2021, during Joe Biden’s inauguration, Madison was one of the 17 newly elected members of House Republicans to sign a letter congratulating him and expressing hope of cooperation. On January 22, 2021, the government through the group Campaign for Accountability asked the Office of the Congressional Ethics to investigate Madison’s role in the January 6 capitol riot.

On January 23, 2021, on CNN Newsroom Madison was asked about his views of the election results and responded and said there was no voter fraud. Madison said, “You know, the Constitution allowed for us to be able to push back as much as we could and I did that to the amount of the constitutional limit that I had at my disposal. So now I would say that Joseph R. Biden is our president”.

Madison Cawthorn Age

Madison was born on August 1, 1995, and he is currently 27 years old. He was born in  Asheville, North Carolina, by his mother Priscilla and Roger Cawthorn who was his father.

Madison Cawthorn Education

Cawthorn was homeschooled in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The U.S. Representative Mark Meadows nominated him to United State Naval Academy in 2014. But his application was rejected before his 2014 car accident. Besides him being paralyzed in the 2016 semester Madison attended Patrick Henry College and studied Political Science, but mostly scored D grades and later drop out. Madison said that the grades were low because the accident had interfered with his ability to learn.

Madison Cawthorn Family

Madison’s Parents

Madison Cawthorn has both parents, Priscilla and Roger Cawthorn.

Madison’s Girlfriend

He is currently engaged to Christina Bayardelle, a college student and competitive Cross-Fit athlete

Madison Cawthorn Hobbies and Interest

While he was a teenager Cawthorn enjoyed playing football before the 2014 accident that left him paralyzed

Madison Cawthorn Height

He’s  5.7 feet and  1.7 m tall

Madison Cawthorn Net Worth

His Net worth is estimated to be about $1.5 million.

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