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Who is Lorne Michaels?

Lorne Michaels born Lorne David Lipowitz is a Canadian-American eminent actor, comedian, film and television producer, and screenwriter. He is best known for creating and producing Saturday Night Live (1975 to 1980, 1985 to Present) and producing the Late Night series (since 1993), The Kids in the Hall (from 1989 to 1995), and The Tonight Show (since 2014).

Because of his exemplary performances, he has received 20 Primetime Emmy Awards from 94 nominations, thereby holding the record for being the most nominated individual in the award show’s history.

How Old Is Lorne Michaels?

He is 77 years old as of August 2022, having been born on November 17, 1944, in Toronto, Canada. Michaels shares his birthdate with celebrities such as; Logan Thirtyacre, Danny DeVito, RuPaul, FGTeeV Shawn, Rachel McAdams, and many more.

Lorne Michaels Family

Who are Lorne Michaels’s Parents?

He was born to Henry Abraham Lipowitz (Father) was a Furrier, and Florence Lipowitz (Mother).

Does Lorne Michaels have Siblings?

He has two younger siblings, a brother by the name of Mark Lipowitz and a sister by the name of Barbara Lipowitz.

A Photo of Lorne Michaels
A Photo of Lorne Michaels

Lorne Michaels Education

He received his high school education at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. After high school, he attended University College, Toronto where he majored in English and graduated in 1966.

Lorne Michaels Marital Status

He is married to the love of his life, Alice Barry, they married in 1981. However, despite being married, he was previously married to Rosie Shuster (born on June 19, 1950, a Canadian-born comedy writer and actress), and they were married from 1971 to 1980. Also, he was married to Susan Forristal, they were married from 1981 to 1987.

Lorne Michaels Kids

He has three kids with his wife Alice Barry. A daughter by the name, of Sophie Michaels, and two sons by the name Edward Michaels, and Henry Michaels.

Lorne Michaels Early Career

He began his career as a writer and broadcaster for CBC Radio. In 1968, he moved to Los Angles from Toronto to work as a writer for Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show. Next, he starred with Hart Pomerantz in the early 1970s, in The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hur, a series of comedy specials that ran on CBC.

A Career at Saturday Night Live

He created (with fellow NBC employee Dick Ebersol and president of the network Herb Schlosser) the TV show NBC’s Saturday Night Live in 1975. In 1977, the show changed its name to Saturday Night Live (initially there was a name conflict with an ABC show titled Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, which debuted on September 20, 1975, but was canceled on January 17, 1976). The show being performed live in front of an audience, immediately established a reputation for being cutting-edge and unpredictable.

Thus it became a vehicle for launching the careers of some of the most successful comedians in the United States. Michaels was originally the producer of the show and also a writer, and later he became executive producer. Occasionally, he appears on-screen as well, where he is known for his deadpan humor. Throughout the show’s history, SNL has been nominated for more than 156 Emmy Awards and has won 36. And has been consistently one of the highest-rated late-night television programs. Furthermore, Michaels has been with SNL for all seasons except for its hiatus n the early 1980s (seasons 6 to 10).

Moreover, his daughter Sophie has appeared in episodes one of which was during the show’s 30th season hosted by Johnny Knoxville during the monologue when Michaels introduces Johnny Knoxville to his daughter Sophie shocks Knoxville with a teaser. Her daughter also appeared in a sketch about underage drinking when Zac Efron hosted the show. On the November 20, 1976, show, musical guest George Harrison appeared but Michaels told him the offer was conditional on all four members of the group showing up, not just any Beatle.

A Career in Other Work

Besides working at SNL, in 1979, he founded the production company Broadway Video which has produced SNL since 1981. Moreover, as well as other shows such as Canadian sketch-comedy The Kids in the Hall which began airing on CBC in 1988 in Canada. And in 1989 debuted in the US market on cable television network HBO until moving to CBS in 1993. During his SNL break, he created another sketch show titled The New Show which debuted on Friday nights in prime time on NBC in January 1984. However, the show failed to garner the same enthusiasm as SNL and was thus canceled after 9 episodes.

In the 1980s, Michaels went on to appear in an HBO mockumentary titled The Canadian Conspiracy about the supposed subversion of the United States by Canadian-born media personalities, with Lorne Green as the leader of the conspiracy. Moreover, Michaels is also the executive producer of the NBC show Late Night and was the executive producer of 30 Rock and Up All Night during their runs. It was announced on April 3, 2013, that Michaels would be taking over as the executive producer for The Tonight Show. In early 2014, The Tonight Show consequently moved to New York as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Lorne Michaels Height and Measurements

Adding up to his well-built body is a height of 5ft 7inches (1.7m) and a weight of 75kg (165lbs).

Lorne Michaels Salary and Net Worth

He has a salary of $30 million and a net worth of $500 million.