Koraun Mayweather Bio, Age, Family, Father, Mother’s Death, and Siblings

Who is Koraun Mayweather?

Koraun Mayweather alias King Koraun is the eldest son of former professional boxer and professional promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his former longtime girlfriend, Josie Harris.

Unlike his father, Koraun does not have that much interest in sports. He is establishing his rap career.

How Old is Koraun Mayweather?

He is 20 years old as of 2019. Koraun was born on November 17, 1999, in the United States.

Koraun Mayweather Family

King Koraun was born to boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and actress, author, and entrepreneur Josie Harris. He was born as the first child of their children together. Mayweather and Harris were in a long-term relationship but they never got married.

His father has been accused of physically abusing his mother and at a time, Koraun was a witness to the abuse.

A photo of Koraun Mayweather
A photo of Koraun Mayweather

Being an actress, his mother was featured in the horror video Exit 38. Harris was also cast in the TLC series Starter Wives Confidential (2013).

Koraun Mayweather Father

Koraun and his father have not been in a very good relationship in the past. The father-son bond was damaged due to his father’s abusive behavior towards his mother Harris. In 2010, Koraun was a witness to the abuse. His father had asked him to stay inside his room and lock the door while he proceeded to physically abuse Harris.

Koraun was able to escape through the window of his room ran to the guard and told him to call an ambulance and the police. Floyd was arrested but later released on bail of $3, 000. He was charged with 3 counts of misdemeanor harassment, 1 count of felony robbery, and 2 counts of felony coercion. A year later, he was sentenced 90 days in prison but after pleading guilty was made to perform a hundred hours of community service, attend a 12-month domestic violence program, and pay a fine of $2,500.

Koraun also publicly called his father a coward for his behavior and expressed his displeasure at the fact that his father had denied those allegations.

Koraun Mayweather Mother’s Death

Koraun’s mother was found dead on Monday 9, March 2020. She was found unresponsive in a car when the police arrived at her residence at approximately 9:30 p.m. PT Monday night.

Koraun Mayweather Siblings

Koraun has a brother Zion Shamaree Mayweather and a sister Jirah Mayweather. He also has a halfsister, Iyanna Mayweather, from his father’s relationship to Melissia Brim.