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Who Is Kimberly Halkett?

Kimberly Halkett is a Canadian journalist, who has covered the American News and White House since she moved to Washington DC in 1998.

She started reporting for Global Television and after that, she moved to Al Jazeera after it launched its English Channel. Furthermore, she covered President Clinton, Bush, and Obama Administrations. Since the launch of Aljazeera, she has been the reporter and host for the channels.


She began her career at CJVI900 as a News Anchor. Before joining Al Jazeera, she served at Canada’s Global Television Network as a White House Correspondent. She has also worked at CBC TV as an Assistant Editor, then she served as a Producer at CBC Radio Canada for less than a year.

After that, she joined Al Jazeera in 1998 where she was covering the White House for the Channel. Moreover, she reported on the Clinton, Bush, and Obama, Donald Trump administrations. She is currently covering the administrations. At the moment she is covering Joe Biden’s administration. Some of the topics she is covering include United States politics, human rights, Middle East, Religion, Intelligence, and Security.

On July 21st she was caught in a hot mic moment during a press conference where she was caught on a camera scolding a White House press secretary McEnany by calling her ” a lying bitch”. What led to the confrontation between her McEnany was the Russian interference in the elections and mail-in voting. Moreover, Kayleigh cites Wall Street Journal op-ed while saying there are ” Queries about mass mail-voting,” prompting Halket to interject.

As a result of that, she lectured the reporter. However, Halkett later denied that she referred to McEnany as a “Bitch” after Breitbart’s who is a White House correspondent Charlie tagged her. She responded citing that she said, ” OKAY, YOU DON’T WANT TO ENGAGE. ”

Moreover, it was not the first time she was caught on in a cursing controversy. back in 2016, she was caught swearing while chasing an interview and Washington Post reporter Dalton Bennett posted a clip showing Kimberly yelling at a woman behind her, after she failed to chase down someone for an interview just before a presidential debate in September 2016.

A Photo of Kimberly Halkett
A Photo of Kimberly Halkett

How Old Is Kimberly Halket

She was born in 1970, currently, she is around 50 years old.

Kimberly Halket’s Family

Who are Kimberly’s Parents?

Her parents got married in 1968, however, the information about her parent’s name is still unknown. Her grandfather, Bill Halket was a newspaper photojournalist, and had he played a big role in Halkett’s decision of becoming a Television personality.

Does She Have Siblings?

She has two siblings

Kimberly Halket’s Spouse

Halkett is happily married though her husband name is still unknown we will update it soon

Kimberly Halket’s Kids

She has a daughter, Brooklyn Hope Rensberger, who graduated from high school this May

Kimberly Halket’s Height

She stands at 5feet 5inches tall and weighs 57kg

Kimberly Halket’s Net Worth

Her net worth is still under review and we will update as soon as possible.

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