Khadijah Farrakhan Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Children and Net Worth

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  7. How tall is Khadijah Farrakhan?
  8. How much money does Khadijah earn?
  9. What is Khadijah Farrakhan’s net worth?

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Who is Khadijah Farrakhan?

Khadijah Farrakhan is the wife of the Nation of Islam Supreme Leader Louis Farrakhan. She is known as the Islam Nation First lady.

Khadijah Career

Mother Khadijah is a political activist. She was promoted to be the minister of Boston’s Temple No. 11. Between 1956 AND 1965, Khadijah served in Boston vigilantly in that post with her husband building the New England area into one of the Nations of Islam’s key developments. Minister Louis, her husband was promoted to the National Representative of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad in 1965.

The couple relocated to New York City Mosque No. 7. Mother Khadijah and her team started working and converting their followers. They extended the Nation of Islam’s influence from Harlem to New Rochelle.

Mother Farrakhan and her family relocated to Chicago in 1975. In 1977, her husband decided to rebuild the Nation of Islam under the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. She became the “new” Nation’s first treasurer and secretary in 1977 when they opened their Chicago home to host “study group” meetings. Mother Farrakhan developed the secretarial department assisting in the launching of more of the Nation of Islam’s programs and thrusts.

Her responsibilities expanded as her husband’s popularity grew. Khadijah started fund-raising and converting more people to Muslims, offering humanitarian aid for the flood victims in the south, receiving and hosting visiting First Ladies of African countries, among others. Minister Farrakhan described Mother Farrakhan as his best friend at a Saviour’s Day Believer’s meeting.

A photo of Khadijah Farrakhan

A photo of Khadijah Farrakhan

How Old is Khadijah Farrakhan?

Mother Khadijah was born in the US. Despite being a public figure for many years, Khadijah has a very secretive nature. She has kept her date of birth and age a secret. In case there is any news on this matter, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

Khadijah Family

Who Are Khadijah Farrakhan’s Parents?

Khadijah’S secretive nature has shown up in her personal life. She has managed to keep her family background very private. In case there is news regarding Khadijah’s parents and siblings, we shall update it here as soon as possible.

Khadijah Farrakhan Education

Since she became a Supreme Minister’s wife, Khadijah had to enroll in the Muslim Girls Training (MGT) and General Civilization Class (GCC). She enrolled in New York City under the direction of Sister Captain Anna Lois Muhammad.

The Muslim sisters in her class included the late wife of Malcolm X Dr. Betty Shabazz. Mother Khadijah was an eager and vigilant student who quickly rose to the top of her class. Farrakhan was taught and trained by Elijah Muhammad.

Khadijah Farrakhan Husband

Mother Khadijah is a married wife of the leader of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan. The couple got married in 1953 and converted to the Islam Religion two years later in 1955. The couple has stayed in the marriage for 68 years.

Does Khadijah Farrakhan Have Children?

Mother Farrakhan is a happy mother of 9 children inclusive of Mustapha and Donna. Mustapha is a former US basketball player who played for Virginia. She has a famous grandchild known as Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. The couple announced the demise of Louis Farrakhan JR, their eldest son on 2nd June 2018. He passed away at the age of 60 years.

How Tall is Khadijah Farrakhan?

Her height is not known to the public despite having a well-curved body.

Khadijah Farrakhan Net Worth

Mother Farrakhan has managed to keep her personal life private. There is no trace of her net worth except from her husband’s net worth of about $5 Million Dollars.