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Who is Ken Starr?

Ken Starr ( Kenneth Winston Starr) is a known American Attorney, he also served as a U.S circuit Judge and 39th solicitor general of the united states. In addition, Ken is known for conducting an investigation on members of Clinton’s administration dubbed as the ” Whitewater controversy”.

Furthermore, he also served as a federal Court of Appeals judge. In addition, he also served as solicitor general for George H.W. Bush. Ken came to public attention during his time as independent counsel while Bill Clinton was the President of the US.  Ken was previously appointed to lead the investigation of the suicide of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster and the Whitewater real estate investments of Bill Clinton.

The three-judge panel in charge of enforcing the Ethics in Government Act. Expanded the investigation to include alleged perjury concerning Bill Clinton’s sexual conduct with Monica Lewinsky. Moreover, Ken also produced the Starr Report after more than four years of inquiry, alleging that Bill Clinton lied about the existence of the affair during a sworn deposition. As a result of the investigation President Bill Clinton was impeached and Clinton’s Law license was suspended for five years.

Starr was the head of Pepperdine University’s Law School. From June 2010 until May 2016, he served as president and chancellor of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and as the Louise L. Morrison chair of constitutional law at Baylor Law School.

Following an inquiry of Starr’s mismanagement of many sexual assaults at the institution. Baylor University’s board of regents declared on May 26, 2016, that Starr’s time as university president would expire on May 31, 2016.

A Photo of Ken Starr
A Photo of Ken Starr


Legal Career

He began his legal career after he graduated from the University. He worked as a law clerk for the US circuit judge David W. Dyer of the United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit from 1973 to 1974.

After that, he subsequently worked as a clerk for Chief Justice Warren Burger of the United States Supreme Court from 1975 to 1977.

In 1977, he joined the Los Angeles–based legal firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher’s Washington, D.C. branch. In 1981, he was hired as a counselor to US Attorney General William French Smith.

How Old Is Ken Starr?

He was born on 21st July 1946, currently, he is aged 74 years old

Ken Starr Family

Who Are His Parents?

He was born in Vernon, Texas, and raised in Centerville. Ken has not yet revealed the identity of his parents, however, his father worked as a barber and was a minister in the Churches of Christ.

Does He Have Siblings?

Despite him being a public figure he has not yet disclosed any information concerning his siblings but we will update the details as soon as they are available.

Ken Starr Education

Starr attended Sam Houston High School in San Antonio. After that, he joined Harding University in Searcy Arkansas, a school affiliated with the Churches of Christ. In addition, he subsequently transferred to George Washington D.C where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He went ahead and acquired his Master of Arts degree in 1969 at the Brown University and acquired his JD at the Duke University in 1973.

Ken Starr Wife

He is happily married to Alice Mendell, a Jewish who later transformed to Christianity. The two got married in 1970.

Ken Starr Kids

Starr together with his wife has been blessed with three adults, Cynthia Starr, Carolyn Doolittle, and Randy Starr.

Federal Judge and Solicitor General

On September 13, 1983, Ronald Reagan nominated him to seat on the United States Court of Appeal for the District of Colombia Circuit. The seat was left by George MacKinnon. Moreover, on September 20, 1983, he was confirmed by the United States Senate and received his commission.

However, due to his resignation, his service was terminated on May 26, 1989. From 1989 through 1993, Starr served as the United States Solicitor General under George H. W. Bush.

The early 1990s

Ken was appointed by the Senate Ethics Committee when they needed someone to review Senator Bob Packwood’s diaries. Moreover, during the US Supreme Court nomination in 1990, he was the leading candidate. The nominations were held after the retirement of William Brennan’s retirement.

He faced stiff opposition from the Department of Justice’s leadership, which felt that Starr would not be a consistent conservative on the Supreme Court. Moreover, despite being the leading candidate, George H.W. Bush opted to selected David Souter instead of Ken.

In addition, Ken also considered entering into politics and vie for the US Senate, from Virginia. He was going to face the sitting senator Chuck Robb. However, he changed his mind and decided to oppose Oliver North for the Republican nomination.

Independent Counsel

Ken was appointed by a three-judge panel division to continue the DC Circuit to continue with the Whitewater investigation. Moreover, he took over from Robert B. Fiske was earlier appointed by attorney general Janet Reno.

Tarr accepted the job on a part-time basis while continuing to work at his legal firm, Kirkland & Ellis. This was allowed by legislation and was also a nom with previous independent counsel investigations. However, as time passed, Starr became more chastised for potential conflicts of interest deriving from his continued affiliation with Kirkland & Ellis. Kirkland’s.

Moreover, the firm itself was being sued by the Resolution Trust Company. The company was a government agency involved in the Whitewater matter. Furthermore, his action was criticized as he one time talked with the lawyer for Paula Jones, who had sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment. Ken went ahead and outlined to them the reason he thought that sitting US president is not immune to a civil suit.

Post Independence Counsel activities

After working as an independent counsel for five years, Ken decided to resign and go back to the private sector. In addition after stepping down, he became a visiting lecturer at New York University, Chapman University School of Law, and the George Mason University School of Law. Moreover, he also worked as a partner at Kirkland & Ellis, specializing in litigation.

In addition, he was the lead lawyer in a Class-action case, which was filled by a coalition of liberal and conservative groups. These groups included American Civil Liberties Union and National Rifle Association against McCain-Feingold Act created by Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act.

Ken was named head of the Pepperdine University School of Law on April 6, 2004. In 1996, he took a post at Pepperdine as the first dean of the newly formed School of Public Policy. However, he resigned from the job in 1998, some months after the Lewinsky scandal occurred. Critics claimed that there was a conflict of interest since billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife. Who was Clinton’s adversary and financed several media sites critical of the president, made significant gifts to Pepperdine.

Ken Starr Height

His height, weight, and body measurement are not available at the moment but we will update it as soon as possible.

Ken Starr Net Worth

A successful lawyer, Ken has a net worth of $3million.