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Who is Kelly Loeffler?

Kelly Lynn Loeffler is a businesswoman as well as a politician serving as Georgia’s United States senator since 2020. She was previously the chief executive officer (CEO) of Baktt which is a subsidiary of International Exchange, a finance and commodity service provider which her husband Jeffrey Sprecher is CEO.

In addition, she co-owns the Women’s National Football Association’s Atlanta Dream. Loeffler joined the senate on appointment by Brian Kemp, the Republican governor of Georgia. During Georgia U.S Senate special election in 2020, she ran for the senate seat. The winner would hold the position until January 3, 2023. On finishing second in the 3rd November elections, she advanced to a runoff with Democrat Raphael Warnock which took place on January 5, 2021.

Loeffler firmly supported President Donald Trump where she expressed her ” 100  per cent voting record” during the campaign. However, she later voted to override Trump’s veto William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 during the campaign. Additionally, Loeffler was subject to investigations regarding connection to the 2020 congressional insider trading scandal. This was after selling several million dollars worth of stock in companies that were vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, on the same day, she attended a private briefing regarding the disease of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions before the public was even alerted to its seriousness. However, probes of Loffler were eventually dropped by both the Department of justice and the Senate Ethics Committee on not finding any evidence of a violation of federal laws, standards of conduct, or Senate rules.

A Photo of Kelly Loeffler
A Photo of Kelly Loeffler


Loeffler worked for Citibank, William Blair & Company, and the Crossroads Group after earning her MBA. She then joined Intercontinental Exchange in 2002 which is an investor relation, commodity and service provider. She eventually got a promotion to senior vice president of investor relations and corporate communications. Later in 2018, she became the chief executive officer (CEO) of Baktt that was a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange. Loeffler, as per Salon‘s account, in 2009, helped Intercontinental Exchange to set up and market a credit default swap clearinghouse as an offshore tax haven in the Cayman Islands. Amazingly, it enabled the biggest banks to avoid paying tax on the repatriation of their income. Therefore, it allowed Intercontinental Exchange to use Ugland House as a registration address in the tax without requiring them to be physically present.

Loeffler then acquired a minority stake in the Atlanta Dream of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) in 2010. Later in 2011, in partnership with Mary Brock, she bought the team from Kathy Betty. Loeffler dedicated her time through arranging her schedules in order to attend all their games as well as meeting with the head coach to analyze the game, especially during halftime. She eventually left Intercontinental exchange to join the senate.

Political donations

Loeffler and her husband, Jeffrey Sprecher have donated an estimate of $3.2 million to political committees according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. The biggest chunk, specifically ninety-seven per cent was allocated to the Republicans while the remaining three per cent to the Democrats. In addition, she also donated $750,000 to Restore Our Future which is a super PAC that supported former governor Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential campaign. She also donated $247,500 to The National Republic Senatorial Committee. In fact, Loeffler’s husband provided $1 million to Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020 which is recorded the largest political donation as of today.

How Old is Kelly Loeffler?

Loeffler was born on November 27, 1970, in Bloomington, Illinois making her 50 years old as of 2021.

Kelly Loeffler’s Family

Who are Kelly Loeffler’s parents?

Loeffler’s parents are Don and Lynda Loeffler who raise her on their family’s soybean and corn farm in Stanford, Illinois. His father Don had a trucking business that moved farming equipment.

Does Kelly Loeffler have siblings?

Loeffler has a brother in law named Brian Loeffler and sister in law, Mary angela Loeffler. Brian is currently managing their farm in Illinois and a successful one.

Kelly Loeffler’s Education

Loeffler graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign’s Gies College of Business with a Bachelor of Science in marketing. She was a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. After graduating, she worked as a District Account Manager for Toyota. Later in 1999, she graduated from DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in international finance and marketing.

Kelly Loeffler’s Husband

Loeffler is married to Jeffrey Sprecher, Intercontinental Exchange’s founder and CEO as well as the chairman of the Newyork Stock Exchange. They married in 2004 and currently reside in Tuxedo Park, Atlanta in 15,000 square foot estate named Descante. The estate is worth $10 million, bought in 2013 and was at the time the most expensive estate transaction ever recorded in Atlanta.

Does Kelly Loeffler’s have Children

The answer is no. Loeffler and Sprecher have never had any children.

Kelly Loeffler’s Net Worth

When Loeffler first joined the Senate, her fortune was estimated to be $500 million but it is currently standing at $800 million. However, her marital status with Sprecher is taken into account thus combining their income. After Loeffler left International Exchange, the company awarded her $9 million worth of financial assets in addition to her salary and $3.5 million bonus.


Loeffler is 5 feet and 9 inches tall.