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Who is Kay Ivey?

Kay Ivey (Kay Ellen Ivey) is an American politician, currently serving as the 54th governor of Alabama since 2017. Moreover, she is also a member of the Republican Party, she was the 38th Alabama state treasurer from 2003 t0 2011 and the 30th lieutenant governor of Alabama from 2011 to 2017.

Following the departure of her predecessor, Robert J. Bentley. She became Alabama’s second female governor and the state’s first female Republican governor. Moreover, in the 2018 gubernatorial race, she easily defeated rival Walt Maddox to win a full term. Ivey is the oldest governor in the United States, at the age of 76.


Entry into Politics

She joined politics in 1979 after she was appointed to serve in the state cabinet by the then-Governor Fob James. After that, she, later on, she served as the reading clerk of the Alabama House of Representative between 1980 and 1982. In addition, she also served as Assistant Director of the Alabama Development Office between 1982 and 1985.

Furthermore, Ivey ran unsuccessfully for State Auditor as a Democrat in 1982. From 1985 until 1998, she was the Director of Government Affairs and Communications at the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.

State Treasurer

Kay took office as state treasurer in 2003, after winning against Stephen Black, the grandson of former the United States Supreme Court judge Hugo Black, in the 2002 general election, by a margin of 52–48 percent. Moreover, in 2006, Ivey was re-elected against Democrat Steve Segrest by a 60–40 percent margin. She was the first Republican elected state treasurer since Reconstruction.

In a position of the treasury, Kay supervised the near-complete financial collapse of the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition ( PACT) program. Under PACT over tens of thousands of Alabama, families were assured by the state that their investment in the program will give children four years of tuition at any state college.

After the introduction of the program, several of the state’s institutions raised tuition by three times the inflation rate (or more). This caused the program to become financially unsustainable and be bailed out by the Alabama state government. However, this unexpected and unanticipated tuition rise was not factored in when the program was designed.

A Photo of Kay Ivey
A Photo of Kay Ivey

How Old Is Kay Ivey?

She was born on 15, October 1944 and currently, she is 76 years old.

Kay Ivey Family

Who are Ivey’s Parents?

She was born in Camden, Alabama to Boafman Nettles Ivey and Barbara Elizabeth. Her dad was an army major in World War II, who later worked with Gees Bens Community. However, both of her parents are now deceased.

Does She Have Siblings?

She was born as the only child in her home.

Kay Ivey Education

She attended Auburn University, where she was one of the members of Alpha Gamma Delta and became the president of her first-year pledge class. Moreover, she served in the Student Government Association all four years. Furthermore, she participated in a black face skit while at Auburn, however, she later apologized.

Kay Ivey Husband

Currently, she is not married to seeing someone, however, we will update the details as soon as it’s available.


Ivey has been married twice, where her first husband was Ben LaRavia

Kay Ivey Kids

Despite her being married twice she didn’t manage to get a kid

Lieutenant Governor

Due to the Constitution of Alabama, Kay was not able to seek reelection to a third as a state treasurer in 2010. However, there was speculation that she was going to vie for a gubernatorial candidate in 2010.

Ivey confirmed her bid for the Republican nomination for governor in the 2010 elections in 2009. Joining a competitive field of seven Republicans. However, Kay dropped her bid for governor in March 2010 and qualified to run for lieutenant governor. She competed for the Republican nomination against Montevallo State Senator Hank Erwin and Baldwin County schoolteacher Gene Ponder. Kay won the election in June 2010 primary election where she got 56.6% of the vote.

in November 2010 election, in a Republican sweep of statewide seats, Ivey won against Democratic incumbent Lieutenant Governor Jim Folsom Jr., who had pursued an unprecedented fourth term. Folsom earned 718,636 votes, while Kay got 764,112 votes.

Furthermore, in 2014, pastor Stan Cooke of Jefferson County challenged her in the Republican primary. However, despite being challenged she had support from lobbying groups like the Business Council of Alabama Retail Association, Alabama  Farmers Federation, and Alabama Forestry Association.

Kay crushed Cooke in the primary, with 257,588 votes (61.68 percent ) to Cooke’s 160,023 (38.32 percent ). (38.32 percent ). Moreover, in the general election, she faced Democratic nominee James C. Fields, a former state legislator. In November 2014, she won reelection with 738,090 votes to Fields’s 428,007. This was the first time in the state’s history when a Republican was re-elected, lieutenant governor.

Governor of Alabama

On April 10th, 2017, Robert Bentley stepped down, and Kay was sworn in as governor. Her swearing-in made her the second woman governor in the states’ history. The first female governor was Lurleen Wallace, the wife of George Wallace.

Moreover, after taking the office in April 2017, she went ahead and approved legislation prohibiting judges from overruling a jury’s recommendation for the death penalty in capital murder cases. Initially, Alabama was the only state with a “judicial override” that permitted a judge to sentence a prisoner to death when a jury recommended life in prison without the possibility of release.

Prior to the passing of the bill, Alabama’s capital sentencing scheme was seen as likely to be struck down as unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. Furthermore, in May 2017, she went ahead and signed other laws including:

Bills She Signed

  • a bill disbanding crossover voting (the practice of casting a ballot in one party’s primary election and then casting a ballot in other party’s runoff elections).
  • Kay also signed a bill which was allowing faith-based adoption agencies to refuse to place children with gay couples. This bill was criticized by the Human Rights Campaign.
  • a bill to speed up death-penalty appeals and hasten executions in Alabama.
  • She signed a bill barring the removal of any monuments on public display, or the renaming of any public street or building, that had existed for 40 years or more—effectively protecting the state’s Confederate monuments.
  • a bill burning trans girl from competing in women sports in Alabama in April 2021.
  • a memo allowing Alabama school administrators to have guns at school if they are qualified under the Alabama Sentry Program.

Moreover, in  September 2017, she confirmed that she was going to run for a full term  in the 2018 gubernatorial election. In October 2018, she appointed Ruby Perry and Kevin McKinstry to the Alabama Environmental Management Commission.

Kay Ivey Height

Ivey stands at an average height of 5feets 6inches and weighs 60kg

Kay Ivey Net Worth

She has not yet disclosed her net worth, but according to her career, her net worth can be approximately $5million.

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