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 Who is Kathryn Reynolds?

Kathryn Taylor Reynolds is an American professional fine art photographer and artist.

Kathryn Reynolds Artwork

Reynolds work uses symbols, mostly in juxtaposition, to explore beauty, archetypes, paradox, the cycle of life, death and rebirth. She believes that we are on a journey to discover who we are, our deep roots of soul and spirit, and also what destiny holds for us.

Reynolds’ personal quest for self-exploration, and a deeper understanding of the human condition, is a driving force in her ethereal work. Her fine art photographs have become synonymous with her methodical expertise, deep knowledge of the use of visual symbols, and her obsessive attention to the smallest detail.

She does all her photographic styling and production, a thing that is not common for most photographers. Reynolds frequently appears as the subject in her photographs, portraying herself as the model, and avatar, to the bigger message she is relaying in her artwork. Just like Cindy Sherman, she is also a master of changing her image to reflect the deeper story, and message, to the viewer. Reynolds also compared herself to Harper Lee on at least one occasion.

A photo of Kathryn Reynolds

A photo of Kathryn Reynolds

How old is Kathryn Reynolds?

Kathryn Reynolds was born in 1977 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, U.S., and is aged 45 as of 2021. She shares the same year of birth with famous people such as John Cena, Kanye West, Tom Brady, Shakira, Gerard Way, Tom Hardy, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Kal Penn, Stephanie Grisham, among others.

Kathryn Reynolds Family

Who are Kathryn Reynolds parents?

Kathryn Reynolds was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina to Zachary Taylor Reynolds and his wife. Her father is an American motorcyclist. Her grandfather if Richard Joshua (Dick) Reynolds II, while her great-grandfather is R.J. Reynolds, the founder of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

She is the grand-niece of the pilot and aviation innovator Zachary Smith Reynolds, the founder of Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem and the charitable organization The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

Does Kathryn Reynolds have siblings?

Reynolds’ family life is also very private and she has not mentioned about her siblings to the media. It makes it unclear if she has siblings or not.

Kathryn Reynolds Education

Reynolds joined and studied at North Carolina School of the Arts, Voice/acting and theatre in Winston Salem. Later she attended Berklee College of Music and Voice in Boston.

Kathryn Reynolds Spouse

Reynold has kept her personal life very private and it is unclear if she has been married or not. She has not shared any information about her spouse to the media although she is currently single..

Kathryn Reynolds Height

The American fine art photographer has an incredible body with a height of 5 ft. 7 in (1.7 m) and a weight of 53 kg (117 lbs.).


Her educational background is not only in photography, but also English literature and religious studies. This has allowed her to execute complicated photographic tableaux filled with symbolic imagery. She has also proven herself in the literary community, besides her fine art photography.

Reynolds has written many technical essays, scripts for TV and radio. In addition to acting in television advertisements, doing voice over work, and hosting her own television show. ‘Teen Life Speaks’, where she interviewed high profile political people, and persons ‘of note’ in the community. The show was featured weekly on PBS television in North Carolina. Kathryn carried this talent into the poetic world, with her iambic pentameter poems, being published in national poetry anthologies.


Reynolds photography has won many awards across the United States and globally. Her honors include, winning awards at the prestigious ‘Lucie Awards’, ‘The International Photography Associations’ Annual Photography Competition. As well as awards from Serbin Communications, ‘Best of Photography Competition, and also being named the ‘Amateur Advertising Photographer of the Year’, in 2004, by the National Photography Association. Reynolds photographs have been exhibited in galleries internationally and her limited edition prints are looked after by collectors.

Kathryn Reynolds Net Worth

American professional fine art photographer, Reynolds has become famous for her artwork over the years. She has also won numerous awards for her photographs and has garnered up an estimated net worth of $1-5 million as of 2021.