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Who is Kate Brown?

Kate Brown (Katherine Brown) is an American politician currently,  serving as the 38th governor of Oregon since 2015. In addition, she is also an attorney and a member of the Democratic Party. Before she was elected as the governor she served as the state representative for the 13 districts of the Oregon House of representatives.

She served in that position for three terms from 1991 to 1997. From 1997 to 2009, she started serving as state senator for the 21st district of Oregon. In addition, she also served as Majority Leader of the Oregon Senate from 2003 to 2009 for three terms.

Moreover, from 2098 to 2015, she was serving as Oregon Secretary of State. She took over the gubernatorial position from John Kitzhaber in 2015 after his resignation. She was elected in a special election to complete the remainder of John’s term and after that, she was elected for a full term in 2018.


Oregon Legislative Assembly

Her journey to the Oregon House of Representatives started in 1991, after she was appointed in a Portland seat which was left vacant by her predecessor Judy Bauman. After completing Bauman’s term she was elected for a second term in 1996. Moreover, in 1998, she was elected as Senate Democratic Leader. From 2003, she started serving as Majority Leader of the Oregon Senate.

Moreover, she was among the top fundraisers for her caucus, where she was helping the Democrats tie the Republicans in the Oregon Senate in 2003. Still, in 2003, she won the position of caucus leader.

In addition, she also assisted in rounding up votes to pass a bill that year reforming the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System, however, she subsequently voted against it in order to preserve her relationship with a labor union.

In July 2007, she announced she was going to step down from her seat in the Oregon Senate. Instead, she was going to vie for Oregon Secretary of State the following year. On May 20, 2008, she went ahead and won the Democratic nomination. After that, she defeated Republican candidate Rick Dancer in the general election with 51% to 46% of the votes.

A photo of Kate Brown
A photo of Kate Brown

How Old Is Kate Brown?

Brown was born on June 21, 1960 (age 61 as of 2021)

Kate Brown Family

Who are His Parents?

She was born in Torrejon de Ardoz, in Francoist Spain to Dr. James Paterson Brown and Sally Brown. In addition, her father was serving in the United States Air Force, at Torrejon airbase as an aye doctor. Moreover, she was raised in Minnesota.

Does She Have Siblings?

Brown has not revealed yet any information about his siblings, in case of any details, we will update it as soon as possible.

Kate Brown Education

She attended View High School in Arden Hills, Minnesota, where she graduated in 1978. After that, she acquired her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Conservation with a certificate in women’s studies from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1981. Moreover, she received her J.D. degree and certificate in environmental law from the Lewis & Clark College Law School in 1985.

Kate Brown Height

She has not yet revealed any information about her actual height.

Kate Brown Husband

She is happily married to Dan Little, in addition, she is the first openly bisexual in the country.

Kate Brown Kids

She does not have biological kids but she lives with her two stepsons Dylan and Jessie.

Secretary of State

After taking the office her main aim was to perform a thorough audit in order to help and balance the budget. In 2008, every dollar the state was spending on the performance audit brought $8 in cost savings. After two years she reported she had delivered $64 in cost-saving and efficiencies for every Dollar invested in the division.

in January 2015, she submitted a letter to the Federal Communication Commission. The FCC was supporting the purchase of Time Warner Cable by Comcast, which was almost shadow written by Comcast, a company.


Governor of Oregon

Governor John Kitzhaber was caught up in a public corruption scandal, three months after his re-election. This led to his resignation on February 18, 2015. after his resignation, Kate took over the office as per the constitution. She went ahead and appointed Brian Shipley, a former deputy chief of staff of Governor Ted Kulongoski, as her chief of staff. She then appointed Jeanne Atkins as secretary of state.

As the new governor, she extended the moratorium which her predecessor had enacted. Moreover, in 2015 she signed a motor voter bill which she was endorsing while she was still the state secretary. The bill was to automatically register voters using their driver’s license information.

In 2016, she signed HB3402, which constantly raised the speed limit to 70 MPH on I-82 and section of I_84 and US-95. Before passing the bill maximum speed limit which was allowed on the highway was 65. Moreover, the bill did not only raise the speed on the highway but also on non-interstate highways in eastern Oregon from 55 to 65.


Oregon law mandated a special election in November 2016 to fill the two years left on John’s unfinished governorship. By April 2016, Brown had funded more than $800,000 for her campaign 2016. On the other hand, her closest Democratic primary opponent, Julian Bell, had raised only $33,000. For the Democratic nomination, she won against Bell, Chet Chance, Kevin M. Forsythe, Steve Johnson, and Dave Stauffer.

Kate went ahead and won the general election defeating Republican candidate, Bud Pierce, and other candidates. She received 51 % of the vote cast After taking the office, she appointed Nik Blosser as her third head of staff in January 2017.

This was after the departure of former chief of staff Kristen Leonard. In addition, she signed the Oregon Equal Pay Act into law in June 2017, banning companies from considering job applicants’ past pay in hiring decisions.

2018 election

After she completed John’s term, she was elected for a full term in November 2018. She defeated Republican candidate Knute Buehler receiving 50% of the vote cast. In addition, during the primary, he had received 82% of the votes.

Moreover, during the November 2018  budget plan, she proposed a 30-year plan. This plan was going to limit Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions via a cap-and-trade system.

Moreover, she authorized state troopers to search for and retrieve 11 Republican state senators on June 20, 2019. This was after the Oregon Senate directed the Sergeant-at-Arms to compel them to attend a Senate session. The senators had departed in order to obstruct a quorum in the Senate and, as a result, the approval of a comprehensive climate change law.

Following a measles outbreak in Oregon in 2019, Brown advised parents to vaccinate their children.

Brown has publicly advised Oregonians to stay home to avoid spreading the virus in response to the current global COVID-19 pandemic. However,  was criticized for not issuing a shelter-in-place order. On March 23, 2020, the order was formally issued.

Kate Brown Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be more than $ 5million

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