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Jonny Fairplay Biography

Jonny Fairplay born Jon Dalton is an American former art consultant, Reality television personality, and professional wrestler. He has competed twice on the reality competition TV show Survivor.

On the seventh season, Survivor: Pearl Islands he was in third position and in last at twentieth place on the sixteenth season, Survivor: Micronesia.

Dalton attended George Washington High School, and subsequently attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He then moved to Washington, D.C. and Portland, Oregon after college before settling in Los Angeles.

Jonny Fairplay Age

He was born Jon Dalton on March 11, 1974 in Danville, Virginia, U.S.

Jonny Fairplay Wife

Jonny is married to Caryn Finkbeiner with whom he has a daughter Madilyn Jane born 2017.

Dalton had married Michelle Deighton a contestant from WWE’s Tough Enough 2011 and the fourth season of America’s Next Top Model. Jonny and Deighton have a daughter together, Piper Addison born 2008. They lived in Providence, North Carolina. On June 28, 2011, Jonny annonced that he was separating from his wife via twitter and divorced that same year.

Jonny Fairplay Survivor

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Jon constructed what host Jeff Probst called “the greatest lie in Survivor history.” Before he left to compete on the show, he told a friend of his, Dan, that if the friend were ever invited to Panama as part of a loved-one-related challenge to tell him that his grandmother had past away. Actually, there was such a challenge, and Dan told him according to plan, that his grandmother had died.

Survivor: Micronesia

On January 3, 2008, it was announced that Fairplay was the only pre-All-Stars castaway who accepted an offer to join the tribe of returning contestants in Survivor Micronesia on January 3, 2008. It was a Fans vs. Favorites season which was the show’s 16th season. However, Jon asked his tribe to vote him off in the first episode so that he could return home to his girlfriend who was pregnant.

Danny Bonaduce Jonny Fairplay

At the Fox Reality Really Awards on October 2, 2007, Jonny was booed while speaking on stage. When he asked the audience about this, political commentator and actor Danny Bonaduce walked up to Fairplay and told him, “They’re booing because they hate you.” Jon subsequently jumped onto Danny who then flipped Fairplay over his head. He slammed him to the floor, bloodying his face, and reportedly causingteeth loss.

In an interview with website TMZ, Jonny stated he had filed a police report and that authorities were waiting for a copy of the video before they could press charges against Bonaduce. On October 5, 2007, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey Boxer announced on October 5, 2007 that Danny Bonaduce would not be charged in the incident. He stated that there was “insufficient evidence” that Bonaduce had committed battery. He also added that Bonaduce’s “actions fell within the realm of self-defense” because Jonny had initiated contact and acted offensively toward him.

Fairplay and Bonaduce joked about the previous year’s altercation at the 2008 Reality Awards, with Fairplay kissing Bonaduce on the lips. Danny then spit out an object that he jokingly said was another one of Fairplay’s teeth. He picked him up again, wishing the audience a good night, and carried him off stage.

Jonny Fairplay Wrestling

In 1998, Dalton started in professional wrestling in North Carolina and then moved to Oregon where, as Jonny Fairplay, he started his own promotion, New Dimension Wrestling. He served as promoter and commentator there. At this time, he also ran his own weekly online professional wrestling radio talk show, having various wrestlers on as guest commentators. He also worked as a personal assistant for the professional wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper for a year and a half before Survivor.

After his first Survivor appearance, he was signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. There, he appeared under the Jonny Fairplay moniker. Promo began airing hyping his debut in the company in mid January. On January 21, he made his debut but was interrupted by A.J. Styles. After two feuded for several weeks, Fairplay brought in Lex Luger to get revenge on Styles on February 25, and cost him the NWA World Tag Team Championship. He then made brief, non-wrestling appearances in 2005 at both Final Resolution and Destination X.

Fairplay was defeated by Molly Holly after a low blow and quick pin fall at a WCWA event on October 7, 2006. Fairplay and the Hardkore Kidd defeated Frankie Kazarian one month later. On March 31, 2007, Jonny also made an appearance in Ring of Honor, an American professional wrestling promotion, in Detroit, Michigan.

Fairplay made an appearance for Dragon Gate USA on April 1,2011, endorsing Jimmy Rave as the promotion’s next breakout star. After Arik Cannon defeated Rave in a match, Fairplay entered the ring, confronting Cannon and got on the receiving end of his finishing maneuver, Total Anarchy.

Fairplay appeared on the debut televised event of WFX Wrestling in a backstage scene on May 3,2011. He swindled U-Gene out of pocket money with a trick reminiscent of his famous Survivor lie.

Jonny convinced U-Gene to sign a contract the following week making Fairplay his ‘manager slash best friend’ promising to make him the biggest star in reality television. Fairplay is overheard by U-Gene on the third episode of Overload while bragging about having stole all of his money. After chasing Fairplay to ringside, U-Gene was physically attacked by Fairplay.

This was before he revealed he had used his money to help Jessie Godderz a male bodybuilder and former Big Brother contestant join the roster of WFX.
Fairplay has appeared in the West Coast Wrestling Connection as the on-screen manager of Ashton Vuitton in May 2014.

Jonny Fairplay Fear Factor

Dalton featured in the three-episode series in which five teams of Reality TV stars competed in six stunts for various cash and prizes. It included a grand prize of $150,000. It featured teams from other reality shows such as;

  • Tana and Craig from the Apprentice
  • Jonny Fairplay and Twila from Survivor
  • Carmen and Anthony from American Idol
  • Mike the Miz and Trishelle from Real World
  • Jonathon and Victoria from The Amazing Race.

Fairplay Net Worth

The former art consultant has a net worth of $500 thousand.