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Who Is John Hagee?

John Hagee ( John Charles Hagee) is an American evangelist and a pastor. In addition, he is the founder of the John Hagee Ministries. John’s ministries are aired in the US and Canada.

Furthermore, he is also a founder and a chairman of the Christian-Zionist organization Christian United for Israel. Moreover, he is active politically and he is well recognized for his activism regarding the State of Israel. As a result of his remarks on Catholicism, Jews, Islam, and promoting blood moon prophecy, ended up attracting controversy.


From 1966, he has founded series of churches in San Antonio, Texas. Each church he founded outgrew its previous building and as a result, he ended forming the Cornerstone Church in 1987. Furthermore, starting in 1981, in San Antonio, following Operation Opera. John planned “A Night to Honor Israel” events aiming to show support for the State of Isreal.

In 1996, he campaigned for Republican presidential primary candidate Alan Keyes, who lost the Illinois Senate seat to Barack Obama in 2004. Moreover, in 2002, Hagee backed conservative State Representative John Shields in his unsuccessful Republican primary campaign for the Texas Senate District 25 seat. Furthermore, he went ahead and dubbed John Shield’s opponent and the sitting Representative Jeff Wentworth ” the most pro-abortion” of 181 legislators in both houses of the Texas legislature.

Christians United for Israel was founded on February 7, 2006, by John Hagee together with 400 leaders from the Christian and Jewish communities (CUFI). This organization aims to pursue members of Congress to support Christian Zionism by taking a biblical perspective. Moreover, he employed bodyguards for safety after receiving death threats for his advocacy on the support of the State of Israel at the time.

During the 2008 presidential election, he supported Senator John McCain who was running against Barak Obama. However, after endorsing McCain, people reacted to a statement he made which was seen by some as anti-catholic and antisemitic. As a result of his comment, McCain distanced himself from Hagee.

John was the one funding the Israeli Zionist group Im Tirtzu primarily. However, in 2013 he decided to cut the tie with the organization. In addition, he endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

 A Photo of John Hagee
A Photo of John Hagee

How Old Is John Hagee?

He was born on April 12th, 1940, and currently, he is aged 81 years.

John Hagee Family

Who are John’s Parents?

He was born in Goose Creek, Texas to William Bythel Hagee and Vada Mildred. However they are both deceased, his father died in 2018 while his mother died in 2012.

Does he Have Siblings?

He has a brother by the name of Jack Hagee, though much is not known about him.

John Hagee Education

He attended the Southwestern Assemblies of God University and Trinity University.

John Hagee Wife

Currently, he is married to Diana Castro, the two tied the knot in 1976.

John Hagee Kids/Children

The couple has been blessed with three kids, Matthew, Christopher, and Sandy.

Views on other Religion

In his opinion, he has stated that he believes that the bible instructs Christian s to support and embrace the State of Israel. In addition, John also said that he does not believe in global warming. He went ahead and stated that he sees the Kyoto Protocol as a “conspiracy” aimed at manipulating the US economy. He made these claims in 2007. Since he is anti-abortion, he ceased donating to Israel’s Hadassah Medical Center when it started performing the practice.

For comments on Jews, the Catholic Church, and Islam, Hagee has been criticized. Moreover, leaders like Reform Rabbi Eric Yoffie, for example, have condemned Hagee for being “extreme” on Israeli policies and insulting other faiths.


John claimed that Adolf Hitler’s antisemitism came from his Catholic background. He went further and claimed that Adolf Hitler was a spiritual leader in the Catholic Church. In addition, he also claimed that the Catholic church under father Poe Pius XII supported Nazism. John also accused the Catholic Church of causing the Dark Ages, saying that it permitted Crusaders to rape and kill without fear of retaliation.

However, his remarks, as well as Hagee’s justifications, were declined by William Donohue, head of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights. John later met with Donohue and other Catholic officials. After that meeting he published an apology letter on May 12, 2008, apologizing for “any words that Catholics have found painful.” William Donohue accepted the apology.


His criticism focused mostly on Adolf Hitler, where he purported that Hitler was born from a lineage of ” accursed genocidally murderous half-breed Jews”. Furthermore, while referring to Jewish tradition, he claimed that the persecution of Jews in the whole history implicitly includes the Holocaust. This was because the Jewish people’s disobeyed God. In 2008, Hagee asserted that the anti-Christ will be “a homosexual” and “half Jewish, like Adolph Hitler,” and that a reference to “fishers” and “hunters” in Jeremiah 16:16 was indicative of positive drive (Herzl/Zionism) and negative as well. He cited that both men were sent by God with an aim of returning the Jews to Israel.


Furthermore, he is accused of making defamatory or disparaging remarks against Islam. “Islam not only condones violence; it requires it,” Hagee claims. He’s also asserted that Islam’s “aggressive character” and Christianity’s “loving nature” are diametrically opposed. The Quran instructs Muslims to slaughter Jews and Christians, and Muslims have a duty to do so.

John Hagee Height

He stands at an average height of 1.7m tall and weighs 80kg

John Hagee Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $7million as of 2021.

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