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 Who is Jim Hagedorn?

James Lee Hagedorn, also known as Jim Hagedorn was an American professional politician from the state of Minnesota. A Republican, Jim was the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 1st congressional district from 2019 until his demise in February 2022. The district covers most of the southern third of the state and consists of Rochester, Mankato, and Austin.

Jim Hagedorn career

Government career

Jim worked as a legislative aide to U.S. Representative Arlan Stangeland from 1984 to 1991. He then served from 1991 to 1998 in the United States Department of the Treasury as director for legislative and public affairs for the Financial Management Service. Hagedorn was also a congressional affairs officer for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing until 2009.

Mr. Conservative blog

Hagedorn authored a now-deleted blog, Mr. Conservative from 2002 to 2008. Mother Jones described the blog as making Native Americans a ”favorite punching bag”, as well as containing comments about female Supreme Court justices and Barack Obama‘s ancestry ”in ways many voters won’t appreciate”. However, Jim said the blog was intended to be humorous and satirical. His blogging history led the Washington Examiner to run an editorial labeling him ”the worst midterm candidate in America” in 2018.

U.S. House of Representatives



Jim lost the Republican nomination for Minnesota’s 1st congressional district in the 2010 election.


In 2013, Hagedorn went back to Minnesota and won the Republican nomination. However, he lost to Democratic incumbent Tim Walz.


Hagedorn won the Republican nomination again, and once more lost to Walz in a closer race.


Jim got the Republican nomination, despite the National Rifle Association endorsing another candidate, Carla Nelson. She received funds from Representatives Richard Uihlein, Elise Stefanik, and Paul Singer. Jim described himself as the most conservative candidate, who was loyal to Donald Trump.

Following Hagedorn winning the primary, then-head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Representative Steve Stivers, stated ”that is news to me” about the viewpoints expressed on Hagedorn’s blog. The NRCC spokeswoman said the posts were inappropriate and not condoned by the group. In the general election, Walz gave up the seat to make a successful run for governor of Minnesota. Jim then defeated Democratic nominee Daniel Feehan, a former Department of Defense official, in a very close race.


Jim was later reelected in 2020, defeating Feehan in a rematch.

A photo of Jim Hagedorn
A photo of Jim Hagedorn

Health and Death

In 2019, Hagedorn was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer and subsequently received immunotherapy to treat cancer. He underwent surgery to remove the diseased kidney in December 2020, but he revealed that his cancer had returned in July 2021. A recording of Carnahan started circulating on social media, saying ”Jim’s gonna be dead in two years. So be it”, the next month. She then apologized, stating she was speaking ”in grief”. Hagedorn was admitted to the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, in January 2022, following testing positive for COVID-19. He then died at the age of 59, on February 17, 2022.

How old is Jim Hagedorn?

James Lee Hagedorn was aged 59 by the time of his death on February 17, 2022, having been born on August 4, 1962, in Blue Earth, Minnesota, U.S. He shares his birthday with famous people including Cole Sprouse, Barack Obama, Dylan Sprouse, Meghan Markle, Lil Skies, Louis Armstrong, Maurice Richard, Sheldon Adelson, David Lange, Jeff Gordon, among others.

Jim Hagedorn Family

Who are Jim Hagedorn’s parents?

James Lee Hagedorn was born in Blue Earth, Minnesota, to Tom Hagedorn and Kathleen Hagedorn. His father was a former U.S. Representative, serving in Congress from 1975 to 1983. Jim was brought up in his family’s farm near Truman, Minnesota, and in McLean, Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

Does Jim Hagedorn have siblings?

Hagedorn had not shared any information about any of his siblings, although was born in a family of three children. However, the other two siblings are not well-known to the public and have also not come out to the limelight.

Jim Hagedorn Education

Hagedorn attended Langley High School, where he graduated. He then attended George Mason University, where he graduated in 1993, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in government and political science.

Jim Hagedorn Wife

Hagedorn married his sweetheart and first wife, Jennifer Carnahan in 2018. The couple was happily married until his time of demise in 2022. Carnahan is the former chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, and both lived in Blue Earth, Minnesota.

Jim Hagedorn Kids

Hagedorn had no children with his wife, Carnahan, since they married in 2018. The couple has been living together and no information is available about any children in their family of three years.

Jim Hagedorn Height

Congressman Hagedorn died at the age of 59 with an amazing and well-built body with an impressive height and moderate weight. However, his specific height and weight measurements are not available to the media.

Jim Hagedorn Net Worth

American congressman for Minnesota district, Hagedorn has been active in his position from 2019 to 2022. He was a member of the Republican Party and served under Donald Trump and Joe Biden throughout his career. Jim had gathered an accumulative net worth of $140 million as of 2022, by the time of his death.