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Who is Jim Fowler?

Jim Fowler (born April 9, 1932 – died May 8, 2019)  was an American professional zoologist and also the host of Emmy Award-winning television show Mutual of Omaha’s the Wild Kingdom.

Fowler was also an actor and writer, known for The Lion King (1994) and Little Laura and Big John (1973).

He spent his youth in the town of Falls Church, Virginia exploring all things in nature in the stream valley of Four Mile Run near his family home. Fowler graduated from Westtown School, a Quaker college prep school in Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1947.

Jim Fowler Age

He was born James M. Fowler on April 9, 1932, in Albany, Georgia, U.S. Fowler died on May 8, 2019, aged 87 years.

A photo of Jim Fowler
A photo of Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler Cause of Death

Though the Host of ‘Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom’s family confirmed his death at his home in Norwalk, Connecticut, the cause of the death is not yet disclosed.

Jim Fowler Wife

Jim was married to Betsey Fowler. Together they have two children, a son called J.Mark Fowler and a daughter known as Carrie H. Fowler.

Jim Fowler Wild Kingdom

He first served as the co-host of the Wild Kingdom with Marlin Perkins, and later became the main host in 1986. While he was serving as host of Wild Kingdom, Fowler received four separate Emmy awards and also an endorsement by the National PTA for family viewing.

Marlin Perkins Jim Fowler

Marlin Perkins hosted the television program Mutual of Omaha’s the Wild Kingdom alongside Fowler. He hosted the show from 1963 to 1985. Unfortunately, Perkins succumbed to lymphatic cancer on June 14, 1986.

Jim Fowler Animal Park

Chehaw Wild Animal Park was originally designed by Fowler. The Wild Animal Park boasts over 288 specimens, which represents 87 species of wild animals. Its exhibits include African black rhino, American bald eagle, lemurs, meerkats, zebras, cheetahs, and many more.

Johnny Carson Jim Fowler

He was the official wildlife correspondent for NBC’s The Today Show since 1988 and was also regularly seen on The Tonight Show which starred Johnny Carson. He made forty appearances in total as he brought various wildlife animals on the show.

Jim Fowler Seinfeld

In 1997, Jim joined Discovery Communications Animal Planet as a wildlife expert. He later launched the television program Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild in 2000. He also made an appearance on The Merv Griffin Show episode of Seinfeld, where he was a guest on Kramers talk show.

Jim Fowler Net Worth

The Host of ‘Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom’s net worth has not yet been revealed.

Jim Fowler Height

His height is not yet revealed

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