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 Who is Jerry Zucker?

Jerry Gordon Zucker is a widely known American film producer, director, and writer. He is recognized for his role in directing comedy spoof movies including Airplane! and Top Secret!. As well as the Best Picture-nominated supernatural drama movie Ghost. Jerry and his older brother, David Zucker, collaborated on various movies.

Zucker’s initially started his career working alongside Jim Abrahams and brother David Zucker. The trio performed in Madison, Wisconsin as a sketch and comedy troupe known as ”Kentucky Fried Theater”. The three continued and co-directed Airplane! in 1980 and then went on to do Top Secret! in 1984. They later co-directed Ruthless People in 1986.

Jerry gave his directorial skills to the dramatic genre with Ghost in 1990. The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

His recent directorial works include the 2001 movie Rat Race. Jerry’s movies have been rated among the greatest comedies of all time. Airplane! was rated at the top of Entertainment Weekly’s list of best comedy movies and AFI listed it as No. 10. Also Top Secret! made it to the Entertainment Weekly Top 100 list.

Just like his brother David Zucker, Jerry frequently cast his mother, Charlotte (who died in 2007), and his sister, Susan Breslau in short roles in his movies. Together with Jim Abrahams, the Zuckers make up the ”ZAZ” team of directors.

A photo of Jerry Zucker

A photo of Jerry Zucker

How old is Jerry Zucker?

Aged 71 as of 2021, Jerry Gordon Zucker was born on March 11, 1950, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. He shares his birthday with famous people including Mark Rober, Grace Sharer, Bobby McFerrin, Flaco Jimenez, Jeffrey Nordling, Jimmy Iovine, Jodie Comer, John Barrowman, among others.

Jerry Zucker Family

Wh0 are Zucker’s parents?

Jerry Gordon Zucker was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Charlotte A. Lefstein (died 2007) and Burton C. Zucker. His father was a real estate developer while his mother was an actress who appeared in short roles in his movies. Zucker’s paternal grandfather was Leonard Zucker an immigrant from Russia to the United States and he became a naturalized citizen.

Does Zucker have siblings?

Jerry was born as the second-born son in a family of three children. He has an older brother, David Zucker, who is also a director, and a sister, Susan Breslau, who is an actress.

Jerry Zucker Education

Zucker joined and studied at Shorewood High School, where he graduated. More information about his educational background is not yet revealed.

Jerry Zucker Wife

In 1987, director Jerry married the love of his life, Janet Krausz. They are still happily married to date.

Jerry Zucker Children

Zucker and his loving wife, Janet have two children together. his firstborn was daughter Kate Zucker, born on March 10, 1988, and the second-born, son, Bob Zucker, was born on February 8, 1992. Kate is a producer and actress while Bob is an actor.

Jerry Zucker Height

The American director has a fit body despite his old age, however, his weight and height are not known to the media.

Jerry Zucker Net Worth

American film director, producer, and screenwriter has been active from 1972 to date. He has been successful in his career in comedy movies and has made a great fortune throughout his life. He has an accumulative net worth of approximately $40 million as of 2021.



Year Title Director Producer Writer
1977 The Kentucky Fried Movie No No Yes
1980 Airplane! Yes Executive Yes
1984 Top Secret! Yes Executive Yes
1986 Ruthless People Yes No No
1988 The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! No Executive Yes
1990 Ghost Yes No No
1995 First Knight Yes Yes No
2001 Rat Race Yes Yes No