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Who is  Jack Paar ?

Jack Paar ( Jack Harold Paar) was an American author, talk show hosts, radio and television comedian and a great movie actor. Paar was the second, most popular host of The Tonight Show from 1957 to 1962

Jack Paar Career

Jack Career started near his home where he worked a radio announcer in WIBM, in Jackson Michigan. He later worked as Disk jokey(Dj) at the Midwest station including WJR in Detroit , WIRE in Indianapolis, WGAR in Cleveland. In his book P.s Jack Paar, he recalled doing utility duty at WGAR when Orson Welles Broadcast his famous simulated alien invasion, The War of the Worlds. The war of the Worlds was aired in the CBS network ( and its WGAR affiliate).

During World War II in 1943 Paar drafted into the military, and he interrupted his tenure as a host of WBEN’S morning show The Sun Greeter’s Club. He was assigned to the U.S.O in the south Pacific to to entertain the troops . Paar was a Wisecracking master of ceremony whose impersonation of officers nearly got him into trouble. Jack decided not to return to the WBEN at war’s end, instead seeking opportunities in network radio and films.


Paar worked in radio as a fill-in on The Breakfast Club show. He appeared as a host of Take It or Leave It after the World War II. Jack got his big break when Jacky Benny, who had been impressed by Paar’s U.S.O work and suggest that he serve as his 1947 summer replacement. He was enough of hit on Benny’s show that Benny’s sponsor, the American Tobacco Company, decided to keep Jack on the air. He was moved to ABC  for the fall season and later on refused American Tobacco’s suggestion that he come up with the weekly running gag.

Paar signed as a contract player for Howard Hughes’ RKO Picture studio in the immediate postwar period. He later recalled that RKO producer had trouble figuring out what kind of screen characters he could play until one of the executive dubbed him, “Kay Kyser”. Jack also appeared in the 1950 film Walk Softly, Stranger starring Joseph Cotten.

In 1951, he played Marilyn Monroe’s boyfriend in the 20th Century Fox film Love Nest. He returned to radio in 1950, hosting The $64 question for one season, he later left the show in wage dispute after the show sponsor’s pulled out and the NBC insisted everyone involved to take a pay cut. Later in 1956 he tried radio again as Disk jockey effort on ABC called the Jack Paar show .

A photo of Jack Paar
A photo of Jack Paar


Jack got his first job on TV in the 1950s, appearing as a comic on The Ed Sullivan Show and hosting two game shows, Up To Paar in 1952. In 1953 he hosted the Bank on the Stars, before he hosted The Morning Show in 1954 on CBS. He guest-starred twice in 1958 on Polly Bergen’s short-lived NBC comedy/variety show, The Polly Bergen Show. After the success of Steve Allen’s Tonight Show, NBC gave him his own primetime  variety hour in June 1956. Over the next 7months Allen’s Tonight duties were limited to 3 night a week. Due to his load work and his success of the new show, Allen departed Tonight in January 1957 .

After the NBC  tried the moltihosted, mulcity-based talk show failed terribly. NBC needed a hit and the network revived the Tonight Show and hired Jack Paar. When Paar hosted the show it generate annual advertising sales of $10-$15 million. The show was then named Tonight Starring Jack Paar after 1959 and it was officially named Jack Paar Show . Paar received a national attention when he walked off from the program the following evening in the protest. He later returned  to the show after the Network apologized after they had cut a joke about a “water closet”.

When the show was near the end, Abel Green of Variety named him as “the most vivid person in the Tv since Milton Berle become the minister television” he also said that he was the first popular entertainer since Amos ‘n’ Andy.

In the end 0f 1960s, Jack was living in Maine where he owned and operated television station WMTW, it was an ABC network affiliate on Poland Spring  in Maine. However in 1973 Parr returned to TV with a show called Jack Paar Tonite .The show aired one week per month as one of the several rotating show on the ABC’s Wide World of Entertainment .

One year later Paar left the show due to dissatisfaction with the rotation scheme. Jack complained that even  his mother could not tell when he was on. In the 1980s and 1990 he made appearance a guest on Donahue, The Tonight Show which was being hosted by Johnny Curson and Late Night with David Letterman, as well as on Charles Grodin’s CNBC talk show.

Jack Paar’s Family


Paar was the son to Lilian M.(Heine) and Howard Paar. He was in born Canton, Ohio and later they moved to Jackson Michigan

Wife and children

Jack married Miriam Wagner in 1939 and they got one kid namely Randy Paar. Miriam died in 2004.

Jack Paar’s Age

He was born on May, 1st, 1918 ,in Canton, Ohio, United States. Paar died on January, 27th, 2004 in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States at the age of 86.

Jack Paar’s Books

He wrote several books including: P.S Jack Paar, I Kid You Not, My saber is bent and many others

Jack Paar’s Height

He was 1.83 m tall.

Jack Paar’s Salary and Net Worth

His Net Worth is estimated to be roughly $3 million and a salary of $250,000 based on  his investment and and Income as host of Tonight Show .