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Who is Irving Picard?

Irving Picard is a partner in the law firm BakerHostetler. He rose to fame after the Madoff fraud scandal where he plays a huge role in recovering funds from the Madoff investments from investors.


In the 1970s, he was working as an Assistant General Counsel, Acting Chief Counsel, and Trial Attorney in the Division of Corporate Regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission. After that, he was admitted to the New York Bar in 1982 and since then he has been in the private practice sector. In 2008, he joined the law firm of BankerHostetler as a partner.

Recovery of funds

His name is well known for the recovery of assets, especially during the Madoff Scandal. In 2008, United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York, Lawrence McKenna, appointed Picard as trustee of the assets confiscated by the court from Bernard Madoff. Since then, Picard has led the recovery of funds from the Madoff investment scandal. Picard and his team oversaw the liquidation of Bernard Madoff’s company in bankruptcy court and have so far recovered more than $ 13 billion, about 76% of the approved claims, suing those who benefited from the plan. if they knew about the plan or not.

Kathy Bazoian Phelps, a Diamond McCarthy attorney, cited “that kind of recovery is extraordinary and unusual,” as recoveries in such schemes range from 5 to 30 percent and many victims get nothing. Picard was successful in prosecuting not only investors, but also spouses and the properties they benefited from, such as Bernard Madoff’s wife (Ruth Madoff), the widow and estate of the late Stanley Chais, and the widow and the assets of the late Jeffry Picower, with whom he settled $ 7.2 billion (the largest civil confiscation payment in US history). “You don’t take this job if you have thin skin,” Picard said.

A Photo of Irving Picard
A Photo of Irving Picard

Irving Picard Age

He was born on June 26, 1941, and currently, he has 79 years and he will be turning 80 years this year in June.

Irving Picard Family


He is the son of Julius Picard and Claire Dreyfuss. His father was a doctor, his parent immigrated from Mainz in Nazi Germany to the United State. After they reached the U.S they settled in Fall River


He has two siblings, however, their names are not known at the moment.

Irving  Education

There is no much information on where Picard started his junior education. However, in his senior education, he attended the Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a B.S degree in Economics. After that, he joined Boston University School of Law where he attained his J.D degree in 1966. He then joined New York University School of Law and graduated with an LL.M degree in 1967.

Irving Picard Spouse

Picard has managed to keep his love more private but we will update you about his love life as soon as possible

Irving’s  Height

His height is not available at the moment but we will update it soon.

 Picard’s Net Worth

The information about his earning and net is still private at the moment.