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Hunter Ellis Biography

Hunter Ellis born Charles Hunter Ellis is an American military veteran and television personality, actor, and producer.The former naval aviator was first noted for his participation on Survivor. He was also a recent spokesperson for Atomic Beam Magic Ear.

He went on to host several television shows for the History Channel, including Tactical to Practical; Man, Moment, Machine; and Digging for the Truth. Ellis later hosted The CW reality show In Harm’s Way. He is known for Adrenochrome (2017), 9 on the Town (2004) and A Grail of Two Idiots (2012).

He attended the University of Southern California where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. Ellis then joined the Navy as a commissioned officer and later being designated as a Naval Aviator following completion of flight training. Ellis graduated first in his flight training class and, in his ten-year military service, Hunter amassed 433 carrier landings and above two thousand hours of flight time in the F/A-18 Hornet.

Ellis worked for a time as a pilot for FedEx Corporation after resigning his commission.

Hunter Ellis Age

He was born Charles Hunter Ellis on July 5, 1968 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Hunter is 50 years old as of 2018.


Hunter Ellis Family – Charles Parish Hunter Ellis

He was born to Charles Parish and is part of a family with a strong tradition in the United States Navy. He is the grandson of Naval Aviator and Vice Admiral Donald D. Engen.

Hunter Ellis Wife – Meredith Ellis Hunter Ellis

Ellis has been married to Meredith Lee Thomas since May 25, 2008. Lee is a Texas Hill Country native. The couples has two children. Ellis resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and children.

Hunter Ellis Survivor

Hunter was a participant in the reality TV program Survivor: Marquesas. The program was filmed in 2001 and aired in 2002. Ellis, a member of the Maraamu tribe, became the third contestant voted off the show.

Hunter Ellis Television

Subsequently, Ellis became the host of several nationally televised programs. The first of these was Tactical to Practical which is also known as Tactical to Practical With Hunter Ellis. It aired on The History Channel as a program that took a historical look at the development of common consumer electronic products which had originated as military research projects. The program lasted for three seasons, with 38 episodes airing in 2003 and 2004.

Hunter began co-hosting 9 on the Town, a half-hour program airing five days a week on KCAL-TV (channel 9), an independent station in Los Angeles, California in 2004. He began hosting another show on The History Channel, called Man, Moment, Machine in 2005. Episodes of this program focus on the historical impacts of the momentary interaction between a particular individual and a specific technology.

In 2007, Ellis became the host of Digging for the Truth in 2007, and host of In Harm’s Way in 2008.

From 2011, he was a news anchor for KEYE-TV news in Austin, Texas until he left in 2014 to focus full-time on documentaries.

TV Shows And Films

TV Shows

  • Tactical to Practical (2003) (TV)
  • 9 on the Town (2004) (TV)
  • Test Drive (1 episode, 2005) (TV)
  • Extreme Yachts (2006) (TV)
  • In Harm’s Way (2008) (TV)


  • Survivor (3 episodes, 2002)
  • Man, Moment, Machine (13 episodes, 2005–2007)
  • Digging for the Truth (8 episodes, 2007)
  • A Grail of Two Idiots (2012) (short)
  • 0Misirlou (2013)

Hunter Ellis Net Worth

There is no current information about his net worth.

Hunter Ellis Awards

In 2003, Hunter received an Emmy nomination for hosting Countdown to Survivor: The Amazon for KCBS-TV. He later received a Los Angeles Emmy Award for hosting Hola! Survivor: Guatemala, also for KCBS in 2006. In an article published on December 1, 2003, he was named one of the 20 sexiest men on cable television by People Magazine.

Hunter Ellis Height

His height is not yet revealed.

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