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Who is Gerald Shargel?

Gerald Shargel is an American attorney based in New York City. Shargel has always been a member of the bar since 1969. In a 1994 article in The New Yorker by Fredrick Dannen, he referred to him as “quite possibly the finest of his generation”. He is one of the most recommended and best layers in America.
Gerald is well recognized as both trial and appellate lawyer. He mostly represents white-collar clients and common criminals defendants. Gerald is prominent for working with Bruce Cutler to acquire the acquittal of Mafia boss John J. Gott1 in i1990 on New York State charges where John had been alleged to order the shooting of labor union official John F. O’Connor. He is New Brunswick Native.


During the case against the Gambino crime family in 1991 federal case. He was first wigged to represent under-boss Sammy Gravano. However, Gerald and Bruce were forbidden by Judge I. Leo Glasser from defending Grovanno and Gotti respectively. The cause of their banned was because the duo was both “house counsel” to the Gambinos. The prosecutors at that time included John Gleeson, who Challenged the two lawyers suggesting that the two-layer knew about the criminal activities and they were “part of the evidence” and were countable to be called as a witness.

One of his high-profile clients includes Daniel Pelosi, who had been charged with the second-degree murder of East Hampton millionaire Ted Ammon. Daniel was found guilty and convicted, in the matter of Halderman’s blackmail of television personality David Letterman. From October 2009, Gerald was defending Halderman, however, on March 9, 2012, Halderman entered a plea-bargained guilty plea.

Gerald is commonly known in the courtroom for his dramatic presentation. During the murder Inc case, record label owners Irv and Chris Gotti where they were both acquitted on all charges. During this case, there were a number of lively exchanges between him and Gerald and NYPD detectives Anthony Castiglia during testimony.

He also represented “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, CEO of Czar Entertainment and a Hip-Hop mogul in a federal trial in Brooklyn, New York presided over by Judge Gleeson. However Rosemond was found guilty of all charges and he was convicted, some of his charges were: cocaine distribution, money laundering, firearms possession, and also witness tampering. All these charges led to life imprisonment on October 25, 2013.

Apart from his work in the trial, he is also a lecturer at Brooklyn Law School where he teaches criminal-law classes. He holds a position of Practitioner-in-Residence at Brooklyn Laws Schools, where he teaches courses on evidence, criminal procedure, and trial advocacy. Gerald is an often writer and commentator on legal issues that come up during high-profile criminal cases, which generate sustainable national and regional media focus.

A Photo of Gerald Shargel
A Photo of Gerald Shargel


Gerald Shargel Age

Shargei was born on 5th October 1944, currently aged 76 years in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States.

Gerald Shargel Family

Due to his secretive nature, he has managed to keep his private life private

Gerald Shargel Education

He attended the Rutgers University where he graduated in 1966 and after that, he joined Brooklyn Law School and graduated in 1969.

Gerald Shargel Spouse

Hunt has managed to keep his love life away from the limelight

Notable Clients

Shargel has defended a couple of prominent people including :

New York State Senator Malcolm A. Smith of Queens
Amanda Bynes
Texas Oilman Oscar S. Wyatt
Restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow
James Coonan
Co-founder of Murder Inc Records Christopher ” Irv Gotti” Lorenzo
John Gotti and also represented John Gotti’s Son John A. Gotti
Joe Halderman
Marc Dreier (convicted for 20 years)
Daniel Pelosi
Salvatore ” Sammy the Bull” Gravano
James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond
Johnny ” Machinegun Johnny” Eng

Gerald Shargel Heights

Adding to his trimmed black beard he stands at over 6feets tall.

Gerald Shargel Ner Worth

He has a net worth of $ 8million.

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