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Who is George ‘Tyrus’ Murdoch?

George Tyrus Murdoch professionally known as Tyrus “wrestler” is an American cable television political commentator, actor, and professional wrestler. During his time in WWE, he was famously known as Brodus Clay and in total Nonstop Action as a Tyrus.

George trained in WWE farms territories Deep South Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling. After that, he debuted during the fourth season of WWE NXT, a WWE TV show where several rookies were paired with WWE wrestlers as mentors. George began on the main roster as his pro-Alberto Del Rio’s bodyguard. In 2014, he left after taking part in several WWE storylines and feuds. Tyrus teamed up with Lord Tensai and he went for a while undefeated and later turned heel.


George began her career in September 2006 and started using the ring name G-Rilla and adopted the gimmick of a street thug. In his first match for the promotion, he defeated Big Bully Douglas in a Dark march on September 7, 2006. After that G-Rilla became the enforcer for Urban Assault, the team included Eric Perez and Sonny Siaki. However, on October 26, Tyrus got in a Feud with The Bag Lady, which cost Urban Assault a match for the DSW Tag Team Championship against The Major Brother( Brian and Brett). On November 30, the group won the Championship. However on December 21, when G-Rilla in and Freakins Deacon went head to head Tyrus was defeated by the Deacons and the group lost the match to the Major Brothers. G-Riller lost that night and his group member attacked him and threw him out of the group.

After he was throw out of the group, at the beginning of January 2007 he feuded with Urban Assault attacking the member during the match. After that, he joined hands with his former enemy Freakin’s Deacon and the Duo defeated the Urban Assault in their first match together. The duo continued to defeat teams including Frankie Coverdale and Bob Hoskins and others. In March, the two defeated the DSW Tag Team Champions, Team Elite which included Derrick Neikirk and Mike Knox in two successive non-title matches. However, Deacon was hit with a steel chair by Elite Team in March 2007, and that incident sent him into a mental breakdown. After that, the group dissolved.

In June 2007, he made his Debut at FCW’s inaugural show where he was using the G-Rilla and he defeated Shawn Osborne. On September 15 he eliminated Teddy Hart and he won the Royal battle becoming the number one contender to the FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship. After that on September 25, he challenged Harry Smith for the championship. However, he lost through disqualification thus Smith retaining the championship. In December 2007 he formed an alliance with Robert Anthony, however, on 4th February 2008, his contract with WWE came to an end.

A Photo of George Tyrus Murdoch

A Photo of George Tyrus Murdoch

George Tyrus Murdoch Age

He was born on February 21, 1993( age 48 years) in Boston, Massachusetts, United States

George Tyrus Murdoch Family


His father is a black Americans while his mother is white. Tyrus was born when his father was a teenager aged 19 years and his mother 15 years. His father was abusive and recounted a scenario where his father damaged his eye and due to this his parents separated and his mother went back to her parent’s house. However, George and his younger brother were not welcomed since their father was black because of his parent’s differences he and his brother were forced to be raised by foster


He has a younger brother

George Tyrus Murdoch Education

George joined Quartz Hill High School in Los Angeles in 1990. After that, he attended Antelope Valley College in 1992. Murdoch then joined the University of Nebraska at Kearney where he majored in teaching.


George Tyrus Murdoch Spouse

Tyrus is not yet married but he is currently dating Ingrid Rinick

George Tyrus Murdoch Children

He is a father of three kids he has two sons from his former relationships. Also has a daughter together with Ingrid Rinick

2010-2011 (Return to WWE developmental)

George resigned from WWE in January 2010 and after that, he was assigned to FCW. In March formed a group with The Uso Brothers Tamina and Donny Marlow where he retained his name as G-Riller. In May 2010 he changed his name from G-Riller to Brodus Clay which is derived from Snoop Dogg’s real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus. Clay and Marlow challenged Los Aviadores for the FCCW Florida Tag Team Championship. However, the duo was defeated and in the same month, they started calling themselves the Colossal Connection. Clay appeared at a WWE house show but he lost against JTG.

Alliance with Alberto Del Rio

Clay was named as part of the fourth season during the final season three of NXT. In the fourth season, his pros were going to be Ted DiBiase and Maryse. On December 14, 2010, he made his debut to the NXT where he teamed up with DiBiase and the duo defeated Byron Saxton and his mentor Chris Masters. During the January 25 episodes of the NXT, clay won a four-way elimination much where he earned the right to select his pros.
After that, he chooses Alberto Del Rio as his new Pro, and after that, he attacked DiBiase. On March 1, he became No.2 where he lost to Curtis during the season finale.

After his stay at NXT, On the March 7 episode of Raw, Clay debuted as a new Del Rio’s bodyguard from the river and replaced him in his party against Christian in a losing effort. Moreover, as the river was confusing with Edge and Christian, the clay faced individual matches against them, and in addition, he partnered with the river to face Edge and Christian.

However, he accompanied the river to the Ring in Wrestlemania XXVII by the game of it with Edge. In the episode of April 25, Raw, Raw was drafted, while Clay remained in Smackdown. The final aspect of Clays with the river occurred on May 1 in the extreme rules, when it interfered on behalf of the river since from the river he faced Christian in a staircase game for the heavyweight championship of Vacant World. In spite of this, the River was not successful in winning the game.

The Funkasaurus

Clay reappeared in the August 4, 2011 episode of Superstars, where he defeated Pat Silva. WWE published cartoons promoting Clay’s return to television in the November 7, 2011 episodes of Raw and Superstars. Clay came back to television in the January 9, 2012 episode of Raw as a heroic character with a funny funk dance track, nicknamed “The Funkasaurus” and started using Ernest’s theme song “The Cat”. Miller “Somebody Call My Momma” . Clay has incorporated twists and dance moves into his various squash wins on both Raw and SmackDown. However, at WrestleMania XXVII, Clay appeared on stage, calling and dancing with MommA Clay. In addition, he started fighting with Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger when he saved Santino Marella from them.

On May 28, 2012, the famous Big Show attacked Clay at ringside and brutally assaulted him. The Big Show attack made Clay promise to be more aggressive in the ring. During the No Way Out, Clay defeated David Otunga in the pre-show match. In January 2013, Clay took part in the 2013 competition of Royal Rumble and he was eliminated by five men. Moreover, in March, Clay and Tensai joined hands and later the duo defeated established teams like Primo & Epico, 3MB’s Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal, and Team Rhodes Scholars.

During the March 22 episode of SmackDown, Tensai and Clay lost to Team Rhodes Scholar after interference from the Bella Twins. Moreover, Clay was knocked out of the Survivor Series pay-per-view in the 10-man tag team elimination match after being knocked out by his mate Tensai. Clay has a feud with Damien Sandow, who was attacked by Clay after a video of Sandow’s beating at the hands of DX. Clay and Sandow eventually met on the August 20 episode of Raw, where Sandow won but was attacked after the match. Brodus is a WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

In November 2013, Clay began a storyline in which he became angry and jealous of newcomer Xavier Woods, who “borrowed” the music of Clay and The Funkadactyls for his contribution. Clay started to show more evil tendencies, such as repeatedly attacking Woods, after defeating him in one match. On June 12, 2014, Clay was released from WWE.

George Tyrus Murdoch Height

Adding to his well build body the 48-years-old stands at 6feets and 9inches and also weighs at 170kg (175lb).

George Tyrus Murdoch Net Worth

Murdoch net worth is estimated to be around $2million and still counting.

George Tyrus Murdoch Twitter