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Who is Fiona Bruce?

Fiona Bruce (Fiona Elizabeth Bruce ) is a British Tv presenter, journalist, and newsreader. Fiona became part of BBC as a researcher for Panorama in 1989.

Since 1989 she became the first female newsreader on the BBC News at Ten and she also presented many flagship programs for the corporation, including BBC News at Six, Crimewatch, Real Story, Antiques Roadshow, and Fake Or Fortune?. On January 10, 2019, she became the presenter of the BBC One TV program Question Time.


Fiona began her career in 1989 when she was hired as a researcher at BBC News and after she became an assistant producer on Panorama she made a change to reporting in 1992 on Breakfast News. After that she moved to BBC South East she appeared as a random presenter and reporter on Newsroom South East and Weekly’s current affair program, First Sight. In 1994 she became a reporter on the BBC2 current affairs program Public Eye until 1995.

After that she reported for Panorama and Newsnight.
In 1999, as part of a major debut BBC News production review, Bruce was selected second-level presenter for BBC News at six o’clock. Moreover, Fiona hosted the show as the cover of lead presenter Huw Edwards and ran it regularly on Fridays until the presenter reorganized in January 2003 to coincide with the retirement of Michael Buerk and the transfer of Peter Sissons to the BBC news channel.
Edwards and Bruce moved on to the BBC ten o’clock news and continued to host the show. However, Bruce was the first presenter of the ad. In 2007, Bruce came back to broadcasting at BBC News at six o’clock. However, Bruce resigned after 11 years, in January 2019. Since 2003, Bruce appeared and reported on the BBC current affairs series “True Stories” until 2007.

After Jill Dando’s murder, Fiona took over together with Nick Ross as presenter of Crimewatch, until the end of 2007 however they were later replaced by Kirsty Young. In 2001, Fiona became the first presenter for the BBC’s General Election Results Project. In 2006, the British court filed a lawsuit. The airline asks Christian employees to hide their cross because it violates the airline’s dress code.

Furthermore, the BBC revealed that although Fiona is not forbidden to do so, the fact that Fiona often wears a necklace with a cross makes people a bit worried. On January 10, 2019, Bruce was the first female presenter to be the long-term presenter David Diem on the BBC talk show “Question Time” Bray (David Dimbleby). Her tenure as moderator almost immediately turned into a controversy. In May 2020, Bruce said: “There is no question that QT is the hardest job I have ever done.

 A Photo of Fiona Bruce
A Photo of Fiona Bruce


Fiona Bruce Age

She was born in Singapore, Malaysia

Fiona Bruce Family


Bruce is a daughter to John Bruce and Rosemary Bruce. Her father was Scottish who worked hard from being a postboy to being a regional managing director.


Fiona has two siblings Alasdair Bruce and Neil Bruce

Fiona Bruce Education

She attended the Gayton Primary School Wirral, the International School of Milan. After that, she attended the Haberdashers Aske’s Hatch College in New Cross, London. She later joined the University of London Institute in Paris.

Fiona Bruce  Spouse

Fiona met her partner Nigel Sharrock when he was a director where she was working. In July 1994 the two lovebirds tied a knot in Islington.

Other Programme

1998 September, Fiona became the host of BBC Two’s Antiques Show, which was airing for the fourth episode of the series. Moreover, Fiona presented it for another two series, showing her interest in the antique display plan for nearly a decade before the traveling antique show. However, It was later confirmed on June 22, 2007, that Bruce would replace Michael Aspel, who was about to retire. As host of the Antique Roadshow in the spring of the following year; It initially caused some dispute. However, during Fiona’s first year as host, the average ratings raised. In 2007, when Tony Blair left office, Fiona wrote and presented the BBC documentary on Cherie Blair.

She randomly publishes special editions of The Money Plan. In it, she introduced businessman Alan Sugar (Alan Sugar). In addition, she said of this experience: “It’s a bit like sitting in front of a hairdryer very close. Your opinion has not wavered.” In the documentary, Bruce, who has always come out publicly as a feminist, challenges the views of Sugar’s believes that women should openly disclose their parenting commitments to potential employers. Her view is that if men are not required to declare that they are competent for the job, women should not.

“Victoria: A Royal Love Story” (2010) is a documentary by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It was written and also hosted by Fiona. It represents the love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and records the gift between them. Yu’s collection of paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. Moreover, since 2011, has also co-hosted the BBC television series “Fake or Fortune?”.

In 2011, Fiona wrote and hosted The Queen’s Palaces, a three-part BBC documentary that tells the story of the queen. The three official residences of Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and Holyrood Palace. In 2012, Fiona wrote and presented the BBC documentary on Leonardo da Vinci. In 2015 and 2016, Fiona hosted the BBC’s four-question show, Hive Minds.

Parody and Humour

Bruce got a role in an episode of Top Gear (series 10, episode 3), where she shared a lift with one of the presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, and then had to push him out (due to being stuck in Peel P50, which has no reverse gear). As Fiona left, Clarkson unknowingly commented before the show aired, “she has got quite a nice bottom … I said it out loud, didn’t I?” Fiona in the next series (series 11, episode 4). Kate Silverton (Kate Silverton) returned to “Top Gear” as a star in “Affordable Cars.”

As a counterattack to the “good background” comment, he took Jeremy’s and announced that he “needs some work.” Since then, he has occasionally greeted Clarkson over the holidays in his “Sunday Times” car review column. She called this the ultimate revenge: “Make my bottom great, otherwise leave it alone.” The two versions of the satirical print on the BBC is “Ring to the Dead”. Bruce is a parody of Jan Ravens, who cruelly exaggerated it through sexual innuendo. For example, “Hello, my name is Fiona Bruce sitting in the luckiest chair in England”, and “Hello, my name is Fiona Bruce; do not touch things that you cannot afford.”

Fiona Bruce Children

The couple welcomed their first child Sam in 1998 and three years later they welcomed their second-born child Mia Rose in 2001.

Fiona Bruce Height/ Measurement

The 54-years-old stands at 5feets and 7inches also weigh 60kg.

Fiona Bruce  Net Worth

Bruce has a net worth of $3million.

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