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Who is Drew Scott?

Drew Scott ( Andrew Alfred Scott) is a Canadian reality television personality, he is well known as the Co-host along with his twin brother Johnathan, on the television series Property Brothers. The show is a home renovation program that was produced by Cineflix Media, features Drew as the realtor and Johnthan as the contractor.
As a result of the success of the show it has led to several spinoffs, including buying and selling, Brother vs brother, Property Brother: at Home, and Property Brothers: Forever Home. Scott ( together with his two brothers) is also co-founder of ScotBrothers Entertainment, which creates and produces TV shows, films, and digital content. In addition, the duo has also launched the home furnishings brand Scott Living and Subsidiary, Dream Homes.

Drew Career

Early Career.

Scott started his career while he was young where he started acting in theater improv, and sketch comedy. Scott and his twin brother trained as apprentice clowns. After that, they began performing at parties and events and Charging a much as C$ 100 per Hour. Moreover, the interest of his brother to do magic increased and Drew had to focus more on playing basketball. While he was still a teen he pursued acting which included roles on Smallville, Breaker High, and Madison. Even after the two wanting to be entertainers they didn’t want to be starving artists.

After they watched the Carleton Sheet they thought the real estate investment would ease the financial purgatory of being out-of-work actors. After that, they signed on the lease of a seven-bedroom rental property across the street from their university after conducting studies on the subject and during their first semester of college. The duo cleaned and restored it before subletting the remaining five rooms for $800 a month. They assumed the mortgage of the home with a $250 down payment by taking advantage of a seller take-back mortgage. The duo renovated the house using the rental money and they later sold the house with a profit 0f $50,000 profit. They continued to buy and “flip” homes with a good profit margin for the next 15 years.

Jonathan went to school for construction and design, finally, he got his license as a contractor. While Jonathan was making more extensive repairs, Drew’s work was mostly limited to installing siding and tiling. At the same time, they supported themselves with various jobs, including a flight attendant, personal trainer, bikini shop manager, waiter, website designer, and a male police officer. However, always planning a career in show business, the twins – along with their older brother – co-founded the Davidian Production Group in 2002. The company was an independent film production company, and Drew went on to act. , direct and produce in parallel. He had long since abandoned his aspirations to play professional basketball after a string of injuries, however, in 2003 he was recruited by a university in Alberta.

However, now at 25 and feeling like he was coming back, he left after a few weeks and met Jonathan in the real estate business. Having had several bad experiences with real estate agents, Drew decided to join a real estate program where he was licensed in 2004, shifting his focus to real estate transactions. Moreover, In the same year, the twins founded Scott Real Estate Inc., a company designed to provide customers, in their own words, with a “one-stop-shop” for property purchase, sale, and renovation services, as well as a design consultancy. . and keeping days open.

A Photo of Drew Scott
A Photo of Drew Scott

Television Career

Even after being successful as a realtor, Drew thought that the job as a realtor was taking over his true passion. In January 2006 Drew moved to Vancouver where he moved in with his friend Pedro, Scott gave himself one year to pursue his passion in earnest. However, his twin remained in Calgary to run the business. While he was in Vancouver, he began taking voice and acting classes.

As the year was almost ending Scott found himself over $100,000 in debt and not as far along as he had hoped. After that, since things didn’t go soo well he decided to email his twin brother Jonathan asking for Scott Real Estate’s Marketing template. Moreover, Drew took his realtor license in Vancouver and opened a Scott Real Estate branch in Vancouver. However, his brother and his wife moved to Las Vegas in 2008 where he began buying and renovating homes to use as a rental. After they have expanded and head offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Las Vegas the Scott Real Estate employed dozens of employees.

Scott started doing real estate-themed shows, but mainly featuring (often with Jonathan) as the host. Finally, Cineflix offered him a job as a host for a show called Realtor Idol, based on the American Idol format. However the show never materialized, but the company’s producers wanted Scott for a show tentatively called My Dream Home, with plans to find a co-host. When they found out that he had a brother who was also in the real estate business. They developed a show around the couple, and that company would later film the Property Brothers pilot. However, the show was later picked up by HGTV. Drew joined his brothers in Las Vegas in 2010 and bought a condo on “The Strip,” a highly concentrated urban area south of Las Vegas.

However, Drew and his brother bought a joint home in 2011. Its renovation was the subject of the twins’ fourth television series, Property Brothers: At Home, and premiered on HGTV in the United States, as well as on W Network in Canada. The show became one of the most popular HGTV series since 2009. As a result of the success of Property Brothers at Home. The Scott Brothers Entertainment went on to create another spin-off series called Property Brothers: At Home on the Ranch. On this show, the brothers decided to return to their old homeland of Alberta, Canada, to perform a 10-week renovation for a family friend’s Rocky Mountain estate.

As part of the show, the duo wrote and recorded two country singles that debuted during the third and fourth episodes of the series. The singles “Hold On” and “Let the Night Shine In” have been released on various music platforms, including iTunes, Amazon.com, and Google Play. Both songs were written by the brothers alongside Nashville-based songwriters Victoria Shaw and Chad Carlson. The song “Hold On” peaked at number 38 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. After that, they did a music video that got more than three million views from Vevo. Moreover, the Scott Brothers released a third song, “My House,” with Eric Paslay on January 12, 2017.

Shot at the brothers’ home in Las Vegas. The song’s music video shows a noisy party at home and includes cameos. by Carrot Top, RaeLynn, and Lindsay Ell. All earnings from the individual sales of “My House” were donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Drew and his fiancee, Linda Phan, filmed a five-episode chronicle of their 12-week home revamp. Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House aired on November 22, 2017, on HGTV. Drew and Johnthan co-sponsored the 2014 Rose Parade with Nancy O’Dell. The two showed up as guests at the chef’s table in the sixteenth season of Hell’s Kitchen. Moreover, they decorated home for America’s Next Top Model. The twin were guest presenters of the Grand Ole Opry in March 2016. The brothers also hosted the annual Top 50 Country Countdown on December 22, 2013. They co-hosted the show in 2013 and 2014.

Other projects

In 2013, Drew, Jonathan, and J.D. They hosted the Off-Topic radio show with Scott Brothers for Corus Entertainment of Canada. In Addition, they also launched their first line of outdoor furniture, Scott Living, at QVC. By the end of 2016, the line had surpassed $ 100 million in revenue. Dream Homes offers high-end custom homes and architectural elements for homeowners with a million-dollar budget. In 2017, Scott and Johnathan brought all of their brands together under the umbrella of Scott Brothers Global.

Moreover, the duo has written three books and has a children’s book that was coming out in 2018. The Scott Brothers themed cruise series is called Sailing with the Scotts and has another scheduled for December 2018. Scott has also directed several episodes of Property Brothers and Purchasing and Selling, as well as the web series produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment, Toddler Vs. Toddler. Drew and his twin brother both starred in the USA network comedy Playing House in 2015. Moreover, Scott was announced as a contestant on season 25 of Dancing with the Stars in September 2017, together with season 24 pro champion Emma Slater as his partner.

On the October 9, 2017, episode, Jonathan shocked the audience by joining Drew’s jive performance in the middle of the routine. However, he was removed in November 2017, during the first night of the finals, coming in fourth for the season. Scott was to host Rock and Block, a competition show of home renovation between HGTV television personalities Leanne Ford, Jasmine Roth, Mina Starsiak, and Alison Victoria.

Drew Scott Age

Scott was born on 28th, April 1978 together with his twin brother Jonathan Scott( age 42) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Drew Scott Family


Drew is a son of Jim Scott and Joanne Scott. His parents thought they were going to have a single child but to their surprise they got twins. Their father Jim had emigrated from Scotland as a teenager with dreams of being the kind of cowboy. His father worked in the film industry as an actor, assistant director, and Stuntman until the late 1970s.


Scott has two siblings, James Daniel and his twin brother Jonathan Scott.

Drew Scott Education

Scott and his brother attended Thomas Haney Secondary School, where drew perfected in coaching and playing basketball and volleyball teams. After that, they graduated and later moved back to their hometown in Alberta. The two of them joined the University of Calgary where Scott studied Kinesiology.

Drew Scott Spouse

Scott meets his wife, Linda Phan, at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010. In 2014 Drew and his wife stayed in Las Vegas a House that was owned by Scott and his brother. On December, 13th 2016, they got engaged and on 12, May 2018 the couple wedded in Italy. The wedding incorporated elements of their Scottish and Chinese Heritage respectively and was the subject of a show. The show was called Drew and Linda Say I Do that premiered on June 2nd, 2018.

Drew Scott Children

Scott and Linda’s don’t have children currently

Drew Scott Height

In addition to his good build body, the 42-year-old stands at 1.9m tall.

Drew Scott Net Worth

Scott has a net worth of $100milion.

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