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Who is Doug McKelway?

Doug McKelway( Douglas B. McKelway) is a television journalist. He works as a general assignment reporter for the Washington, D.C. bureau of the Fox News Channel. In November 2010 is when Doug joined the station. Before joining Fox News Doug was working at the Washinton, D.C ABC affiliate WJLA-TV.
Doug was born and raised in Washinton D.C. where his grandfather was an editor.

 McKelway Career

He started his career in 1980 where he acquired his first television job in Charlotte, North Carolina at WPCQ-TV which is now known as WCNC-TV until 1982. Doug has also served in Kansas, Missouri, and Florida, prior to his return to Washington. He worked as a reporter at WRC-TV until 2001. After that he Doug joined WJLA-TV.

McKelway conducted a live interview with blogger Michael Rogers on May 13, 2009, as co-host of Washington, DC’s Let’s Talk Live on local cable’s TBD TV (Formerly News Channel 8), where they discussed Rogers’ efforts to “out” secretly gay lawmakers who oppose gay rights. “I’d take you outside and give you a punch across the chest,” McKelway told Rogers at one point. I believe you are hurting innocent people.

In July 2010, McKelway provided live coverage for the midday news of a rally by religious and environmental groups protesting BP’s response to the Gulf oil spill. Furthermore, McKelway commented on BP’s contributions to Democratic President Barack Obama. After the broadcast, McKelway met with WJLA station manager Bill Lord, who opposed to BP’s contribution being released in the live report. After a heated exchange, McKelway was suspended. From Washington News Show.

However, the Washington Post later reported, on September 17, 2010, that McKelway had been fired. After he was fired Doug was hired by Fox News Channel, for which he is now a journalist.

After a long time in Washington as a correspondent for Fox News Channel. He announced his retirement on 11th September 2020, through a Facebook video where he praised and thanked Roger Ailes. In the Video, Doug said ” I want to thank Roger Ailes,” Doug said. ” Yes, I’m going to repeat that. I want to thank Roger Ailes. Much maligned, generally through errors of Omission in reporting by people who had it out for him”.

A Photo of Doug McKelways
A Photo of Doug McKelways

Doug McKelway Age

McKelway was born in 1954 ( age 67 years) in Washington, DC United States.

Doug McKelway Family


He is a son to William Prentiss McKelway and Elizabeth Locher McKelway. His father was an obstetrician and a clinical professor at George Washington University Hospital and his mother was an accomplished painter and active member of the George Washington University Hospital Women’s Board.


McKelway has four siblings: William McKelway Jr, Martha Stringer, David McKelway, and Margaret Clark.

Doug’s  Education

He attended the London School in Bethesda, Maryland where he attained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Skidmore College.

 McKelway Wife

McKelway got married to Susan Ferrechio, Susan is a former Washington Times reporter. She also previously worked as a Congressional Quarterly reporter.

Doug McKelway Children

The couple has four children: Doug, Eliza, Chris, and Alexender.

 McKelway Interest

The 66- years old really love playing the Banjo and Also performs Bluegrass music at a local tavern every now and then.

Doug McKelway Height

McKelway height is estimated to be around 5feet and some inches

Doug McKelway’s Net Worth

After a long successful career as a journalist, Doug’s Net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

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