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Who is Dick Clarks

Dick Clark (Richard Augustus Wagstaff Clark Jr.) was an American film actor, radio and television personality, and television producer.
He was also a cultural icon who was well known for hosting American Bandstand from 1956 to 1989.
Clark was born in Mount Vernon, New York, US. He hosted the famous Game Show $10,000 Pyramid,$20,000 Pyramid, and also the Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’s Eve, which transmitted Time Square’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Dick Clark Career

Dick Clerk started his career as a host of American Bandstand, where he introduced rock & roll to many  Americans. Many artists got their musical exposure to a national audience through American Bandstand Show. Which included: Ike & Tina Turner, Smokey Robinson, and the Miracle, Stevie Wonder, Simon & Garfunkel, Iggy Pop, Prince, Talking Heads, and Montana.
Most of the episodes he hosted were among the first in which white and Black performed on the same Stage. Paul Anker who was a singer said that the show promoted a ” Youth Culture”. Because of his youthful existence and his largely teenaged audience of American Bandstand. Furthermore, he was referred to as ” American’s Oldest teenager”.

Dick begun his career in television in 1945 serving in the mailroom at WRUN, an AM radio station in Rome, New York, which was owned by his uncle and his father was the manager of the station. He was then requested to fill in for a vacationing weatherman, and after few years he was announcing station breaks.
Dick also worked at WOLF-AM, which was a country music station. Soon after graduating, Clark came back to WRUN for a short time where he was known as Dick Clay. After that Dick acquired a job at the television station WKTV in Utica, New York. Cactus Dick and Santa Fe Rider were his first job in television. After that, he replaced Robert Earle as a newscaster.

Dick Clarks owned several radio stations from 1964 to 1978 including KPRO now known as KFOO in riverside California under the name Progress Broadcasting. In addition, he purchased KGUD-AM-FM now known as KMTS and KTYD respectively in Santa Barbara California.

Clark moved to Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania in 1952, where he got a job as a DJ( disk jockey) at WFIL radio station taking the Dick Clark title. WFIL had a television station which is now known as WPVI with the same call sign. The television was airing a show called Bob Horn’s Bandstand in 1952. Clark had the same program on the company’s radio station. He was also working as a subtitle whenever Bob was not available. On July 9, 1956, Clark became the permanent host of the show after Horn was dismissed due to an arrest of drunk driving.

The show Bandstand was later adopted by ABC television and it was renamed American Bandstand. The show began on 5th August 1957, the show picked due to Dick’s natural rapport with the live teenage audience. as a result he introduced many parents to rock & roll music. ABC added The Dick Clark Show on Saturday night lineup in 1958.

At the end of the year, the viewership had increased by 20 million and the artist who was featured in the show were guaranteed a huge sale boost.
During a surprise television tribute to CClarin 1959 on This Is Your Life, Ralph who was a host called him ” America’s Youngest Starmaker, ” and approximated the show to have a 50 million audience.
In 1964 he moved the show to Los Angels. His move was influenced by the popularity of the new “surf” group which was based in southern California.

The surf included The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean. The show was running from Monday to Friday until 1963 and on Saturday until 1988. Bandstand was then revived in 1989 but this time David Hirsch was the one hosting the show. By the time it was being canceled it was one of the longest-running variety shows in TV history .

Later the show changed its emphasis from playing records to adding live performances in 196os. After their transformation to live performance many of the 1960s music groups got their first time exposure to nationwide audiences. Tina Turner, Smokey Robinson, and the Miracle were a few of the many artists who were introduced by the Bandstand show.

Many of the groups who were introduced by Clark showed up during the 50th anniversary special to celebrate the American Bandstand in 2002. During the event, Clark confirmed that the Show was listed by the Guinness Book of Record as “the longest-running variety in Tv history”. At Daytime Emmy Awards in 2010, Clark and Bandstand were honored.

Many people described him differently where Hank Ballard who is the writer of ” Twist” described him as the Biggest thing in America during those days and bigger than the president!. As a result of good work on Bandstand Ann Oldenburg who is a journalist said that Clark deserved credit for doing something bigger than just putting a show.

A Photo of Dick Clerk.
A Photo of Dick Clerk.

Game Show

in late 1963, Clark branched out to host game shows, presiding over The Object Is. The show was later canceled in 1964 and replaced by Missing Links, which came from NBC. However, Clark took over as a guest, replacing Ed McMahon. Dick Clark as host of The $ 10,000 Pyramid Clark became the first presenter of the $ 10,000 Pyramid, which aired on CBS on March 26, 1973.

Moreover, the show, a word association game created and produced by the daytime television producer Bob Stewart, moved to ABC in 1974. The year which followed, the jackpot changed several times. Also, the name of the show changed several times and several primetime spin-offs. When the show returned to CBS in September 1982, Clark continued to host the daytime version. As a result of his good job, he won three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show Host.

In addition, in all, Pyramid he has won nine Emmy Awards for Outstanding Game Show during its run, only a minuscule score compared to the twelve won by the syndicated version of Jeopardy !. His last gig as Pyramid presenter, The $ 100,000 Pyramid, ended in 1988. Dick later returned to Pyramid as a guest in subsequent incarnations.

During the premiere of John Davidson’s version in 1991, he sent a pre-recorded message wishing Davidson the best as the show’s presenter. In 2002, Clark starred as a celebrity guest for three days as Donny Osmond. Previously, he was also a guest on Bill Cullen’s version of The $ 25,000 Pyramid, which aired at the same time as the daytime version of the Clark show. Entertainment Weekly attributed Clark’s “silent and dominant presence” as an important factor in the game’s success. Clark was the host of the syndicated television game The Challengers, during its only season (1990-1991).

The Challengers was a co-production between Dick Clark and Ron Greenberg’s production companies. During the 1990-1991 season, they also co-produced a remake of Let’s Make a Deal for NBC with Bob Hilton as the host. However, Hilton was later replaced by the original host Monty Hall. Clark then hosted Scattergories on NBC in 1993, and The Family Channel’s version of It Takes Two in 1997. In 1999, along with Bob Boden, he was one of the executive producers of the Fox television program Greed, which aired from November 5, 1999, to July 14.

2000 and was hosted by Chuck Woolery. At the same time, Clark also hosted Winning Lines, created by Stone-Stanley, which aired for six weeks on CBS from January 8 to February 12, 2000.
In 1972, he produced his first New Year’s Rockin’ Eve which was a New Year’s Eve special music for NBC. His aim was to challenge the dominance of Guy Lombardo’s which was a New Year’s special for CBC. Two years later the program was moved from NBC to ABC and Clark continued with hosting duties.

After the death of Lombordos in 1997 the Rockin’ Eve gained popularity and even became the most-watched annual New Year’s Eve broadcast. Moreover, he also worked as a special correspondent for ABC News’s ABC 2000 where he was covering the arrival of 2000.

Dick Clark suffered a stroke that made him miss the 2004 and 2005 editions. In late 2005 and 2006, Clark returned for the 2005 – 2006 edition leaving the majority of hosting responsibilities to Ryan Seacrest. Ryan remained the host and executive producer and later took all the duties after the death of Clark.


Dick Clark’s longest-running radio show began on February 14, 1982. Dick Clark’s Rock, Roll & Remember was a four-hour program named after Clark’s 1976 autobiography. Production ended when Clark suffered a stroke in 2004. Replay since 1995 – The 2004 era continued to circulate in syndication until USRN withdrew the show in 2020. United Stations Radio Networks continues to run since 2020. Clark hosted the American Top 40 until March 25, 1972.

 Dick Clark Age

Clark was born in 1929, in Mount Vernon, New York, however, Clark died in 2012 due to coronary artery disease.

 Dick Clark Family


He was the son of Richard Augustus Clark and Julia Fuller Clark.


Clark had only one sibling namely Bradley who was a World War II p-47 Thunderbolt pilot, However, he was killed in the Battle of Bulge.

Dick Clark Education

He attended the A.B Davis High School in Mount Vernon. After that, he joined Syracuse University and graduated in 1951 with a degree in advertising and a minor in radio.

Dick Clark Wife

Clark has married three times. He married Barbara Mallery in 1952, then Married Loretta Martin, and his third marriage he married Kari Wigton

Dick Clark Divorce

Clark divorced his first wife Barbara Mallery in 1961 and after he remarried in 1962 he divorced his second marriage in 1971.

Dick Clark Children

with his first wife, Dick had one son namely Richard A. Clark and with the second wife, they were blessed with two children including Duane and Cindy.

Dick Clark Height

He had a height of 1.75m.

Dick Clark Net worth

His net worth is about $200 Million.


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