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Who is Diane Sawyer?

Diane Sawyer ( Lila Diane Sawyer) is an American television broadcast journalist. She is well known for her anchoring major program on ABC World News Tonight,20/20 Primetime News magazine, and Good Morning America.
During her time at CBS News, she hosted CBS Morning and she was the first woman correspondent on 60Minutes. Before her journalism career, Diane was a member of US President Richard Nixon’s White House staff and assisted during his post-presidency memoirs. Sawyer currently works for ABC News producing documentaries and specials interviews. Sawyer was born in Glasgow, Kentucky.

Diane Career

Sawyer started her career in Kentucky when she was employed by WLKY-TV in Louisville where she worked as a weather forecast. She was later promoted to general-assignment post, though it didn’t sustain her interest for long. Sawyer moved to Washington, D.C., however, she was unable to acquire a job as a broadcast journalist, where she attended several interviews for a position in a government office.

White House

Diane later got a job as an assistant to Jerry Warren, the White House deputy press secretary. Diane was initially writing press releases and quickly promoted to other tasks like drafting some of President Richard Nixon’s public statements. After few months Diane became an administrative assistant to White House Press Secretary Ron Ziegler.

After that, she rose and became a staff assistant for U.S President Richard Nixon. When John Dean testified to the Senate Watergate Committee in 1977, concerning Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate coverup, Diane and Larry Speakes were delegated to the staff of Nixon’s lawyer J. Fred Buzhardt for a project to “prove ” that John Dean was lying. Later Speakes claimed that he came to a conclusion that John had not lied and convinced Diane, but persisted in their efforts.

Through Nixon’s resignation from the presidency in 1974, Diane continued to work on the Nixon-Ford transition team in 1974-1975. After that, she accompanied Nixon to California and assisted him to write RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon which was published in 1978. Diane also helped Nixon in preparation for his famous set of television interviews with journalist David Frost.

Years later, Sawyer was named as Deep Throat, the source of classified information leaks to journalist Bob Woodward during the Watergate scandal. In 2005, Deep Throat was named as W.Mark Felt, but before that, Rabbi Baruch Korff-a longtime Nixon confidant and defender known as “Nixon’s rabbi” said he believed Diane was Deep Throat. Diane laughed it off and become one of six people to request and receive a public denial from Woodward.

A Photo of Diane Sawyer
A Photo of Diane Sawyer

CBS News

When Sawyer returned to Washington, D.C. in 1978, she worked as a general-assignment reporter at CBS News. In February 1980, she was promoted to political correspondent and started appearing on Morning with Charles Kuralt weekday broadcasts. On May 13th, 1981, CBS president announced Diane as co-anchor when the news show was expanded from 60-90 minutes. She made her debut on 28th September 1981, Sawyer put her own stamp on the broadcast. After her arrival, the rating of the show started increasing, but the increase didn’t last long. After Kuralt left the show and replaced Bill Kurtis.

The show rating started decreasing further, due to this decrease Diane asked for reassignment in 1984.
Diane became the first female correspondent on 60 minutes in 1984, a CBC News investigative-television news magazine. She later moved to ABC News in 1989, where she was a co-anchor for Prime Time Live newsmagazine with Sam Donaldson.

ABC’s 20/20

From 1998 to 2000 she co-anchored ABC’s 20/20 also a newsmagazine, broadcast on Wednesday with Donaldson and on Sunday with Barbara. On January 18th, 1999, Diane went back to the morning news as the co-anchor of Good Morning America. NBC’s News Morning program sustained her in the position for nearly eleven years.

Sawyer returned to Primetime newsmagazine now Known as Primetime Thursday in 2000, where she served as a co-anchor. Diane was the first one to announce to the Good Morning America viewer that the first plane crashed into the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001. Sawyer later took over from Charles Gibson, who retired as the news anchor of ABC World News. On June 25th, 2014 It Was Confirmed That She Was Going To Stepdown from the anchor chair at ABC World News.

Diane remained with ABC News and focused on creating specials and conducting high-profile interviews. From 2010 to 2011, working with Katie Couric as the anchor of CBS Evening News, two of the three network news anchors on broadcast television were women. However, the show ended with a 14% rating below that of the prior year. Up to 2014, Diane was the anchor of ABC flagship broadcast World News and the Network’s principal anchor for breaking-news coverage and special events.

Career Timeline

1967-1970: WKLY-TV as Weather reporter and a teacher
1970-1974: Press aide at White House
1974-1978: Assistant to President Richard Nixon
1978-1981: Reporter and Correspondent at CBC
1981-1984: Co-anchor The CBS Mourning News anD morning with Charles Kuralt.
1984-1989: Correspondent 60 minutes
1989-1998: Co-anchor Primetime Live.
1998- present: Correspondent 20/20
1999-2009: Co-anchor Good Morning America
2000-2006: Co-anchor Primetime Thursday
2009-2014: Anchor ABC World News

2014-present: Special contributor ABC News.

Recognition and Awards

1987 awarded Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement
1997 posted into the Television Hall of Fame
2000 Emmy Award for excellence in morning programming
2001 Listed as one of the most powerful American Women
2007 Emmy Award for program achievement
2007 received a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award
2009 Awarded Peabody Award for her work on “A Hidden America”.
2010 Won the Walter Cronkite Award
2012 Awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Brown University
2019 Listed as a Disney legend

Diane Sawyer Age

She was born on 22nd December 1945 in Glasgow, Kentucky, U.S

Diane Sawyer Family


She is a daughter to Jean W Dunagan and Erbon Power “Tom Sawyer”. Her mother was an elementary school teacher. While her father was a County Judge

Sawyer Sibling

Diane has one Sibling Linda Sawyer, who is the co-founder and CEO of Skura Style which was launched in October 2017. She is also a former long-time North America CEO.

Diane Sawyer Education

She attended Seneca High School in the Buechel area of Louisville. Sawyer worked as an editor-in-chief for her school newspaper. She later joined Wellesley College in 1963 until 1967. After that, she joined the University of Louisville in 1967.

Diane Sawyer Husband

She got married to Mike Nicholas on April 29, 198. Mike Nichola was a film director, actor, and producer. Moreover, her husband Mike died in 2014 aged 83 years.

Diane Sawyer Children

The couple didn’t have any children. However, her husband Mike had two daughters and a son in his previous marriages.

Diane Sawyer Height

She stands at 1.75m tall

Diane Sawyer Net Worth

Sawyer has a net worth of $80 and in addition, she earns a salary of $22 million annually .

Diane Sawyer Twitter

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