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Who is Dan Rather?

Dan Irvin Rather Jr is an American tv journalist and former news anchor of the evening news, best known for saving lots of lives during a terrible cyclone by the name Hurricane Carla.

His career began in 1950 as a reporter of an Associated Press back in Huntsville, Texas. 1950-1952, became a reporter for the United Press, then at various radio stations of Texas. Later from 1954 to 1955 was at Houston Chronicles, the same year 1955, tried a story about heroin where he wnt an extent of taking a dose while doing Houston Police and categorized it as a special kind of hell.
In 1959, he was a radio announcer of League in Texas called Houston Buffs. Also same year he got promoted to a tv reporter for the KTRK-TV, also another promotion where he became director of news at the KHOU-TV.

September-1961, while broadcasting for the National Weather Centre in Galveston, covered Hurricane Carla for KHOU-TV. He showed how it would happen hence made many people to be evacuated thus saved. February-28-1962, left for New York City and was under probation for half a year at CBS. At CBS, one of his first reports was on the crash of American Airlines Flight 1 that happened in Jamaica Bay. Also did a report about children suffocation at a hospital in Binghamton, New York.

After a while in Dallas, he was made head of CBS’s Southwest bureau. August-1963 got appointed as head of the Southern bureau in New Orleans. During that time he got responsible for all news that was made in the Southern part of Central America and Mexico.


It was way back in September-1961, in Texas where he did his first career. The number of people that he helped saving by evacuation was 350,000. In November-1963, reported the assassination of the 35th US president John Kennedy. It is from his tremendous effort that he got a promotion at CBS News, then served as a letter writer at the White House starting from 1964. Two years down the line did letter writing in London and Vietnam then returned to his former work at the White House.


A photo of Dan Rather
A photo of Dan Rather

He did several covers for President Richard Nixon during his presidency, his trip to China, and about the Watergate scandal not forgetting his resignation as a president. Rather got a promotion to the CBS Evening News as the news anchor where he worked for 24 years. Rather had become a famous evening news anchor having been ranked among the top three in the US from (1980-2000).

During the death of Jenning and the retirement of Brokaw, he took part in contributing to the weekly news magazine of CBS by the name 60 Minutes. Rather got in controversy for presenting validated documents concerning Killian Documents controversy. It was a news report on President George Bush Vietnam War service era at the National Guard. Rather decided to leave the anchor desk in 2005. Later in 2006, he suddenly got fired by CBS where he was working.

September-19-2007, Rather did file a lawsuit case for $70 million against CBS, its President, and CEO Leslie Moonves together with its previous parent company called Viacom. Also chairman of both CBS and Viacom, previous CBS News president Andrew Heyward. He accused the network, management, and its ownership of making him like a scapegoat concerning Killian’s story. CBS spokesman went ahead claiming that the lawsuit was old news and without merit.

September-21-2009, Rather’s lawyers went ahead and claimed that they would prove that Bush’s military service would be put as fiction and Rather would be justified. September-29-2009, Rather’s lawsuit towards CBS was dismissed by the New York state appeals court. January-12-2010, the New York Court of Appeals refused to restore Rather’s lawsuit against CBS’s $70 million breaches of contract. May-18-2012, on Real Time With Bill Maher talk show, Rather made an appearance and claimed that he got fired for reporting concerning George Bush where the news corporation got concerned about running on the story.

In 2006-2007, Rather became a host of Dan Rather Reports in a cable channel called AXS TV(previously called HDNet), which was an hour investigating news program. Did other projects like Dan Rather Presents, also The Big Interview with Dan Rather. January-2018 began an online anchoring called The News with Dan Rather on The Young Turks.

How Old is Dan Rather?

Dan is 90 years old as of 2021, having been born on October-31-1961 in Wharton County Texas US. XYZ shares her birthdate with celebrities such as David Lumsdaine.

Dan Rather Family

Who are┬áRather‘s parents?

Rather was born to Daniel Irvin Rather Sr and Byrl Veda Page. His father was a pipe layer and a ditch digger.

Does Dan have siblings?

His siblings were two, a sister and a brother, (Patricia Rather and Donald Eugene).

Dan Rather‘s Education

Rather received his high school from John H. Reagan High School (Houston) then Sam Houston State Teachers College (Huntsville), where he got a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Later attended South Texas College of Law (Houston) shortly. While undertaking his journalism degree he became editor of a school newspaper called The Houston. Also worked for KSAM-FM radio (Huntsville).

Dan Rather‘s Wife

Rather has been married to the love of his life Jean Goebel (1957).

Dan Rather Kids

Rather has two children with Jean Goebeor from their marriage they both had a son (Dan) and a daughter (Robin). Their son was a district attorney and their daughter was a community activist and an Environmentalist.

Dan Rather Height

Adding up to his well-built body has a height of 5 feet and 10.5 inches.

Dan Rather Net Worth

Rather has an estimated net worth of $70 million.

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