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Who is Damon Wayans?

Damon Kyle Wayans is a television personality best known for his roles such as; writer, producer, actor, the comedian also among the Wayans family of entertainers.

He was an actor and a comedian in 1980. He was featured in Saturday Night Live in a comedy that was sketched. One of his greatest achievements was when he was a performer and writer of a FOX comedy sketch show called In Living Color from (1990-1992). Also had a tv series by the name Damon which he did in 1998.

Since then he has done several films being a starring on tv shows, some he was a co-writer, some a co-producer. They includeThe Last Boy Scout, Beverly Hills Cop, sitcom My Wife and Kids, and Major Payne. Later on, he was the starring in the series on tv called Lethal Weapon by the name Roger Murtaugh (2016-2019).

Having seen his character portrayed in shows such as Waynehead a short cartoon tv series, and My Wife and Kids series can be compared with his character back in Murry Bergtraum High School where he attended.


A photo of Damon Kayne Wayans
A photo of Damon Kayne Wayans

Wayans grew up in Harlem(New York City), where he was born he lived at Fulton housing projects. His parents were Howell Stouten Wayans who was a manager at a supermarket and Elvira Alethia who had various roles like a singer, social worker, and homemaker. His siblings were nine in total (four brothers and five sisters). His brother’s names were Dwayne, Marlon, Keenen, and Shawn. His sisters were Nadia, Kim, Diedra, Elvira, and Vonnie.


One of his first comedies in 1982 in a film called Eddie Murphy, in which he took a brief role as a cameo of 1984 alongside Beverly Hills Cop. He made several performances around (1985-1986), during Saturday Night Live, though got fired after only after doing eleven episodes. At those seasons acted as a cop who was gay, and were his improvised live sketches. Even after being sacked from his previous work continued taking his sketches acting the same role in a family show which he created In Living Color in 1990, on Fox tv show.

That was back in 1990 playing the character Blaine Edwards of the movie starring The Pink Panther. He later appeared in a broadcasted tv show where he was a comedian in a tv series Solid Gold. Wayans had once joined a team with his brother Keenen, at a comedy series sketch In Living Coloron Fox in April 1990 though later on Wayans left in 1992 to pursue his interests in the film business.

Later became starring in several films such as Bulletproof, The Great White Hype, The Last Boy Scout Mo’Money, and Celtic Pride. He was an author and starring of Blankman. Made appearances in video The Best Things in Life Are Free that was Janet Jackson video. Did a role in Batman Forever as The Riddler. In 1996, did produce Waynehead a cartoon that did not go very well since it got poor ratings, it was about how he grew up as a disadvantaged boy with a club foot.

In 1998, had a comedy series on Fox tv Damon where he did the role of a detective from Chicago. 1999, his book Bootleg was one of the best selling on The New York Times having David Asberry as the co-author. 2000, became the leader of comedy Bamboozled of Spike Lee’s in March 2001 to May 2005. In 2006 was a producer and starring in a comedy Showtime Sketch of series Underground where his son Damon Jr was also featured. During the month of June 2006 bet Awards, he was the host.

2011, was an author of a fictional novel where toke credits with Red Hats. 2014, he did develop applications like Diddeo, VHedz, and Flick Dat. November 12-2015, Wayans did announce that he would retiree from standup comedy starting from December-2015.
October-2016, on Lethal Weapon tv version, played Roger Murtaugh was previously played by Danny Glover. October 3-2018, after having filmed thirteen episodes of Season three it was announced that he would leave Lethal Weapon that did end in February-2019.

How Old is Damon Wayans?

Wayans is 61 years old as of 2021, having been born on 4th September in New York City US. He shares her birthdate with celebrities such as Beyoncé Richard Wright, Joan Aiken, John DiMaggio, Jocelyn Moorhouse, and Matt Nix.

Damon Wayans Family

Who are Damon’s parents?

His parents were Howell Stouten Wayans who was a manager at a supermarket and Elvira Alethia had various roles like a singer, social worker, and homemaker.

Does Wayans have siblings?

His siblings were nine in total (four brothers and five sisters) he was a third born making a total of ten. His brother’s names were Dwayne, Marlon, Keenen, and Shawn. His sisters were Nadia, Kim, Diedra, Elvira, and Vonnie.

Damon Wayans’s Education

Damon received his high school education at  Bergtraum High School, though dropped at his ninth grade.

Damon Wayans’s Wife

Damon was married to a beautiful wife Lisa Thorner though divorced in 2000. Had 4 children with her.

Damon Wayan’s Kids

Wayans has 4 children with Thorner Had 4 children with his former wife -Thorner, daughters-( Kyla Wayans and Cara Mia Wayans) sons-(Michael Wayans, Damon Wayans Jr).

 Damon Wayans’Height.

Adding up to his well-built body is a height of 1.88m.

Damon Wayan’s Net worth

Damon Wayans’s net worth sums up to $9 million.

Films involved

  •  Beverly Hills Cop (role-Banana Man)-1984
  •  Punchline (role-Percy)-1988
  •  Look Who’s Talking Too (role-Eddie)-1990
  •  Mo’Money (role-Johnny Stewart)-1992
  •  Blankman (role-Darryl Walker/ Blankman)-1994
  •  Bulletproof (role- Detective Jack Carter)- 1996
  •  Bamboozled (role-Pierre Delacroix)-2000
  •  Behind the Smile (role-Charlie Richman)-2004

Tv shows

  • Saturday Night Live (role- many)- 1986
  • One Night Stand (role-Comedian)- 1989
  • Damon (role- Damon Thomas)- 1998
  • The Underground (role-Various)-2006
  • Happy Endings (role-Francis Williams)-2011
  • Happy Together (role- Mike Davis)- 2018

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